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For Self: The True Idea of Selfishness

Updated on August 26, 2016

In a Word....

The meaning behind egoism
The meaning behind egoism | Source

To thine own self....

Selfishness as a concept in today’s world remains to be superficial, narcissistic, and false. From Kim Kardashian West’s Selfish book of self-taken photographs to the ubiquitous misuse in other books, films, music and television of the word selfish and its true meaning, selfishness has gotten a perverse rap. As the shining city on the hill, America, she emanates the best thinkers and philosophers. Sadly, these intellectuals fill the young minds of tomorrow with the tripe of putting others before oneself. They do this without asking the question, well if others are supposed to be put before the self, then what do others put first? If the answer is others, then that is blatantly wrong. And if the needy is the answer, then it disallows an individual to prize himself or regard his own life as his top value. That claim against his person is the real root of all evil in the world. In physics, no two objects can fill the same space at the same time. Regardless of quantum mechanics, the individual is the prime object and all others follow that singularity. The same can be said for selfishness. Notice that everything which exists occupies its own space and is an irreducible whole and an entity unto itself.

Louis C.K.'s Take


With selfies everywhere on the Internet and out in the physical realm, it appears that more and more people have connected with their self. While the fact that more of these types of photos seem like a sure sign of appraising oneself, they are ultimately caricatures of selfishness. They emit a sense of self-absorption. What could be seen as a healthy activity translates as individuals who seek meaningless fame and attention on social media platforms.

A Primary

In the HBO series Girls the three supporting characters discuss the future plans of the lead character Hannah Horvath to "help people" by becoming a teacher. They regard her intentions in a cynical manner, stating that she really is in it for herself and does not actually wish to help others. But this is a disastrous viewpoint. While it is okay to want to help others, it ought to be a primary that you benefit from such assistance. And not to mention, the word cynical literally means contemptuous consideration of someone's actions as for one’s own self-interest. This definition ought to reflect that acting in one's own self-interest is a positive.

Is Britney Selfish?

How superficial is Britney?
How superficial is Britney? | Source

Is it a Virtue?

What is it about  being selfish that is so controversial?
What is it about being selfish that is so controversial? | Source

Excel, Accomplish, Achieve

In the Gillian Flynn novel and its adaptation, Gone Girl, the word selfish is used to disparage the behavior of the husband who seeks to find his missing wife. Instead of seeing selfishness as long-term consideration for one's interests, Flynn decides to use it as a pejorative.

What nearly everyone seems to get wrong is that the ego is the central part of each individual. The sacred "I" is what drives mankind to excel, accomplish, achieve and succeed.

Joyce Meyer wants a War?

Harmony and Goodness

Even the late great King of Pop Michael Jackson obliterates the concept of the self with his ode to introspection “Man in the Mirror.” As he finds himself to be “a victim of a selfish kinda love” it is clear that Jackson nor his writers Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard understood the sanctity of being selfish. Apparently, Jackson was hurt by a family member, lover, or friend who most likely abused his trust, cheated on him, or robbed him of joy, respectively. All of these signal not selfishness but a sadistic path toward self-destruction. To be in love is the most selfish of all emotions. It means to value someone else in a profound way and trade virtues to promote a meaningful relationship. There are no victims in a purely selfish arrangement. Only harmony and goodness spring from both parties in a couple recognizing that each one is an end in him or herself and that the worship, devotion, and care that they feel for one another is real. Only selfishness can permit people who love to experience a complete kind of connection.

On the Side

Selfishness is demeaned, denounced, and discredited so much within the culture that it is difficult to fight for it. But that battle ought not be fought without the knowledge that reality is on the side of self-interest. It is man’s true nature to protect what he values. But this is by choice. What man does not automatically come equipped with is the programmed and innate senses of other animals. Instead, he must rely on reason and his capacity to regard himself as a figure that must take care of himself and his values if he is to live as a man. And selfishness is the only way for him to achieve his values. That’s why he ought to always go for self.

Dr. Brook Delivers a Radical Message


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      No, I haven't read her works. I have seen The Fountenhead.

    • Skyler Saunders profile image

      Skyler Saunders 2 years ago from Newark, DE

      Robert Sacchi,

      I thank you for your estimation of my work. And yes. I've read all of Miss Rand's fiction and most of her nonfiction. What about yourself? Have you read her oeuvre?

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      A well presented argument for "selfishness". Have you read any of Ayn Rand's works?

    • Skyler Saunders profile image

      Skyler Saunders 2 years ago from Newark, DE

      Alas, it is a symptom of our bizarre culture which says that we need not be selfish. The narcissism is confused with being self-interested and very few recognize that living for oneself is a virtue. But I must say, that not only "time to time" do we need to "take care of our own self interests," but all the time. Thank you, JS Pailly for your comment and feel free to read and share my other works.



    • profile image

      JS Pailly 2 years ago

      We do need to take care of our own self interests from time to time, although I worry that pop culture promotes narcissism even over self-interests.