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Forecast for Libra in 2018

Updated on March 2, 2018

Have you been longing for attention? Libra, 2018 is definitely your year people will be turning up to you for all sorts of advice. You’ll be their leader and everything will come naturally to you. People will be respectful towards you, so be generous in guiding creative and elegant in August, pace yourself for November and get ready to holiday in December. Starting from June end till August end, your career plans will go off track however it will end with a stabilized career. During October until mid-November, your love life will be in control. So expect a better, smarter, stronger and hotter 2018 and be ready to experience something that you’ve never before.


January will be good for you in terms of finding good health. Those with bronchitis, asthma or other chronic illnesses will find relief. Balance your life so you don’t over-exert yourself as it may take a toll on your health. Career wise, you may face some difficulties. Most of your travel work plans will end in unfavorable results. Stay self-sufficient and asking for help from your friends or colleagues, your work environment won’t be positive either. Play safe and don’t panic in a difficult situation. Avoid getting into an argument with your loved one. You might be overburdened with some expenses however if you just let this time pass by, you will find romance. You will also find it difficult to manage finances for home. Chances of clashing with your brother are quite high and you need to pay close attention to your children. Creative people will face difficulties in terms of incoming finances. Even the planned profits won’t be as expected.


The month of March will bring you a sound soul and health. You will be managing several things all at once career wise and socially. You will focus on keeping everyone else happy but instead you should be focusing on yourself. The first week of March is expected to bring you romance and new love. In the second week you might face difficulties with your lover and struggle in the relation. Workplace won’t be as rewarding however your career will be. Your professional travels will reap excellent results if you stay away from travelling towards the East. Follow your heart because most of your friends and family won’t be around to help you out. Your finances aren’t that great either during this month. It is likely that in a case of a conflict, the verdict will not be in your favor. Avoid investing during this time and make careful decisions.


Your guardian angel Venus is finally moving out Capricorn and into Aquarius. This month will provide you with the chance to grow as a person, make better health, career, money and relationship far as your career is concerned, all your dreams are about to get true. All your hard work will be recognized at office and you will feel a positive atmosphere around yourself. You might also secure a promotion by impressing a female boss. You won’t have a lot of workload so it’s time to get started on your domestic chores. Your love life is about to be shaped, I will mature during this time and everything will fall into its place. You will share emotions, feelings and passionate intimacy. Your spouse will find satisfaction in the relationship and things will be smooth. If you are a transporter then you might suffer some losses. Avoid travelling for business during this month as it may end up in a loss.



You need to take care of your health and well-being during this month. If you already have a chronic disease then the chances of it worsening are quite high. Go for regular checkups, watch your diet and pay close attention to details. The stars are positioned favorably for you, thus things might not be favorable for you at all ends. There are high chances that you will excel at the career front. People in the artistic fields will gain massive popularity. However, travelling shouldn’t be on your plate as it won’t give you the desired results. Postpone new business plans and don’t invest during this month. Your love life doesn’t seem good either, you will face some serious issues. Avoid getting into arguments so you can dodge the bullet. You might also take loans to run the house. If you want to avoid that, we would suggest that you pre-plan your finances. You will face financial issues during this month and you will struggle.


May will turn out to be a progressive month for your spouse. They will experience extraordinary development. As far as business travels for you are concerned, they will turn out to be profitable. You need to manage your finances as there will be some disappointments. Travelling to west for your career will be profitable for you. Someone from the female gender will favor you with career advancement. You will be in a romantic relationship with your lover until 17th and afterwards things will turn physical. You will get a surprise from your lover. If you are married you might get the news of a new baby or if you want to move things forward with your lover, you’ll be able to do that.


You finance charts seem to be going up. Your income will increase and you will have a good luck in increasing your fortunes as well. You can overspend during this month without worrying a bit. However you will struggle a bit for lent retrieval money but you’ll succeed. Your health seems to be doing great during the month of June as well. If you’ve had a temporary illness in the last few months then you will recover from it. You won’t experience any serious health issues during June. Furthermore, the ones with chronic illnesses might continue to follow the old treatments. Your relationship will remain smooth and tension free. You will also notice that you are calmer and preferring harmony over conflicts. The time spent with your lover/spouse will be warm and social. You will be travelling a lot during this month for business purposes. If you are travelling for new income methods then chances are that you will be successful. You will also travel for spiritual and religious reasons. You will be tempted into emending some legal rules but we advise you not so do so as it will not bring you any profit.


This month you are inclined towards spirituality, religion and pilgrimage. You will find success at the professional front and generally you will be fortunate. Family business and government jobs are promising recognition so you should stay there. While your public figure is on the rise, you will face some problem in your domestic life. You need to pay more attention to education and acquiring assets. You will succeed professionally; the ones in the technical field are to benefit from this month the most. Someone from the female gender will do you a favor and you will achieve greatly from it. There will be a lot of traveling during this month; most of the west bound travels will turn out to be successful. All the single people will find love interests in humanitarian and religious places. At the start of the month you and your spouse will indulge in romance but as the progresses, things will get sensual. You will remain dominant during this time and your spouse will do everything to keep you happy. If you want to get pregnant, this is an excellent choice of time. Your business is expected to be profitable, you’ll be travelling and make profits in a reasonable short time. However, you should stay away from new collaborations and investments.


Individuals suffering from chronic illnesses will notice signs of relief. You should not, under any circumstance, ignore changes in your health. August will be all about love, you will be receiving a lot of surprises and your partner will sweep you off your feet. Your partner will be doing everything in their power to keep you happy so now it is up to you appreciate them every time they do something special. Your relation will go smooth as long as you give a thankful gesture. Your professional performance and the outcome will be the talk of the town. Your career is about to go on its peak. You have a lot of travelling coming up with fruitful results. Travel south, it will bring you the maximum profits. You will also be receiving an increment in your pay. Overall, August will be great as far as your career is concerned. Furthermore, a lot of you will find it difficult to sail your financial boat. You will notice financial difficulties and even be forced to use the reserves. Plan before hand and wait for the right time to invest. Your family is secure as well you will find both, respect and harmony, at home. Your kids might act out in terms of their academics. You need to guide them and keep an open eye on them.



This month has a lot in store for you; you will be faced with some life changing experiences. Your friends and family will motivate you. You will perform amazingly and rise with confidence. Your business situation will be crucial during September so you need to find an alternative income source and stay away from investments. You might face some losses, your income will decrease but you need to be patient. Your relation with your spouse will be smooth however it is a crucial time for you so you need to make all personal decisions with your spouse’s advice. All work procrastinations will go away and either one of you will deliver good news. You need to separate your professional life from personal life. You also need to talk to your friends and be confident as your friendship might be at stake. Health wise you will be fine this month but you will definitely be overthinking a lot. If you have planned for travelling this month, we are afraid it’s going to have to wait as travels aren’t happing in the month of August for you.


This month your entire focus will remain on finding emotional happiness. You’ll prioritize yourself and finding happiness and pleasure in life. You will be aggressive and independent during October. 90 percent of your stars are moving forward after moon’s 14th, which means you’ll be progressive and more focused on achieving your goals. If you are married, you’ll be able to find time for each and make things work perfectly. You will be connecting on an emotional level and realize the true important of your wife/husband. Singles will be looking for romantic partners who aren’t too glamorous. You can even find your lover online. You will more of a help for other’s career growth and you will be more focused on finding personal happiness. This month your finances will also stay stable, money will come in from unexpected sources.


You will remain dominant and independent throughout this month because most of the stars are in the eastern half of the chart. You will have control over people and situations. You will be more focused towards enhances your personal appearance, home and family, academic growth, financial increment, joy and fun. Career wise, you will also progress because you’ve been helping others in their career so naturally your paths are also clearing. During the first and last week you will achieve the most career wise. You love life is all about balancing passion and romance. You and your lover will be focused on getting involved in intellectual and academic activities.


December isn’t the right month for you and your loved one. Both of you will show each other signs of love but neither one of you will understand. The inability of not understanding each other will disappoint you both. As far as your family is concerned, the atmosphere at home is going to be great. Children will enjoy spending time with you and because there aren’t any financial issues, you won’t your spouse wouldn’t fight with you either. Those with chronic illnesses will see betterment and relief whereas others will get caught up in the seasonal flu and fever. Career wise your stars aren’t in your favor. The work environment isn’t exactly supportive this month because of which you won’t be able to achieve your goals. Your financial situation however is going to be great. You will find profits, the ones you have been anticipating for a long time. Your investments will reap positive outcomes and the money inflow will be positive this month.

Before you head out, here is a video for you to take a look at your yearly horoscope:


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