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Forever Home

Updated on June 30, 2016

Home is where the heart is, so it has been said

But Jesus never owned a house, not a place to lay his head

Now we're all so busy trying to make ends meet

There's no time for us to gather

No time to talk and hug and laugh

And do all the things we'd rather

It seems we're separated here on Earth

By distance, time and duty

But someday we'll gather 'round His throne

And then we'll know true beauty

We're gonna walk on streets of purest gold

And dance in fields of flowers

Then look up friends we've missed so long

We'll sit and talk for hours

There'll be no pain, no sickness there

Where there is no night, just day

And tears of grief we've shed for years

Will all be wiped away

The Great Master's precious, nail scarred hands

Will reach and greet each one

Then we'll know peace we've never known

'Cause our hearts are finally Home


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