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Forgiveness for Our Happiness and Abundance

Updated on November 30, 2013

Why are we not able to forgive?

It is a well known fact. Any kind of experience always leaves us with feelings. Some are good feelings and some are not. When we experience traumatic things or things that hurt us, we are not able to forget those things. It is human nature to get stuck to something very strong. But it depends upon people as well. Some can move on and some don’t. It depends upon their experience and lessons they learned in their life.

Once we are betrayed by someone or hurt by that person, we can’t seem to forget it. That means you are not able to forgive. Of course, forgetting is not easy but we should try to forget. Each and every experience is recorded in our soul and it wounds us if it is too much painful. We can’t forgive because we can’t accept the fact that we were easily betrayed. We can’t forgive because we don’t like to accept pain and suffering as a part of life.

Not just others but we are not able to forgive even ourselves. No matter it’s us or others forgiving is very important.

Forgiveness sets you free
Forgiveness sets you free | Source

Why am I saying this?

It is definitely not easy to forgive. Do you think I have never been broken? Do you think forgiving was so easy for me too? Definitely not! I had a hard time. People I have trusted have broken my trust. My faith in them was destroyed. I am not here to blame anyone.Everything happens due to a situations created. No one is good or bad. Deep inside everyone has a soul that is clean. It’s just that complicated things change people. Some change and some don’t.We learn to tackle with those things slowly.

I decided to forgive because it would help me. Getting angry with someone and having feelings of revenge is never going to benefit anyone. Feeling of revenge can only destroy ourselves. Why is this world in this chaos? I’m sure you all must have heard about the popular universal law ‘Law of attraction’. Uh! Don’t worry I a not going to talk about it too. But see the thing. Like attracts like that’s why particles are connected.The feeling of revenge can only create chaos and destruction.. It will destroy us and everyone around us.

We are made of energy. When we can’t forgive the flow of energy is blocked.

Yes. Those who are into meditation and stuffs like that they know that our body is not solid. Neither our thoughts are. In a molecular level, they are formed of small particles which are vibration.Under the microscope if you observe cells, 99 percent is space.It means can we modify things?

Anyways, lets talk about our flow of energy. Our body is not at ease when the flow of energy is blocked. Why is this energy blocked? This is because of negative thoughts and emotions. Our emotions and thoughts are energy. They are vibrating and they can manifest into things. The field created by our heart is stronger than the one created by out mind. That’s why be careful what you think and more than that what you feel. We feel because we think. We think negative and we end of feeling hurt. That’s why the flow is energy in us is interrupted leading to problem in our mind, body and the environment,

Bring light to your life
Bring light to your life | Source

If you can't forgive just pretend

This was told by one of the guests in Darius’s program. If we can’t forgive then we can at least pretend that we are able to forgive. I think that if we keep pretending we can succeed.

How is it related to abundance? The important part- Don’t miss this!

I listened to one of the programs of my favourite host.His name is Darius Barazandeh and he invites great people on his show. You can check out my youtube channel to connect to his show.

One of his guests said “For- give” is formed of two words ‘For’ and ‘Give’. According to law of attraction we know that the more we give the more we get. But of course, we can give only if we have. Let me make it clear on this.

The main reason why we give things is to make us feel good. We give because we have. And once we give we should feel content.If we feel like we are sacrificing when we give things ,law of attraction will work the opposite way. Do you know the reason why? This is because you are making yourself feel like you did not have something and yet you gave it away.In other sense, you are poor. You are not thankful to the universe for what you’ve got because you have nothing. That’s why the universe won’t give you more.

Now let’s come back to forgiveness and law of attraction. When you forgive, you are releasing the anger, hurt, frustration and all those negative feelings that you don’t need. When you forgive, you are saying you don’t want tor remember the bad things anymore. When you forgive, you are saying that you are fine with the person who did it and you want to be in peace with him.

See? You are throwing away all the negative emotions and moving in the path of peace. You are being thankful to the universe in a way. So,law of attraction works in creating peace for you. It also gives you abundance, because your heart was full of love that you were able to forgive someone.

Buddha wanted us to forgive and forget
Buddha wanted us to forgive and forget | Source

Have you been able to forgive someone who's hurt you?

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How to forgive

Definitely not an easy task. The more we grow older the more we can’t forgive. But from all the reasons I have told you I am sure now you want to forgive. If you came to this page, then the universe has something for you. Everything is law of attraction. You need this in your life.

Either you learn how to forgive or teach others. There is a releasing technique I do to forgive myself and everyone. In the program of Darius, I also learnt that even if we can’t forget we can try it. Below is a youtube video that I created for myself and everyone who has a hard time forgiving.

About me

I am not an expert on these things but I have been able to learn few things. I just want to share things I have learnt. I have seen that a lot of people are unaware of this fact. Even me, a year back. I want to be happy. I want to love. I want to live my life to the fullest.

This is the reason I decided to give up all the negative emotions and feelings I had. It is not easy but I am trying slowly.

With time everything is possible. If you have any other problems and would like some help then please let me know. I am not a master or a guru. But I have been able to learn a lot from books and shows.

Love and light


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    • jirel profile image

      jirel 4 years ago from Philippines

      @annart Thank you so much for reading. Yes, forgiveness if for our own soul. To set us free :)

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 4 years ago from SW England

      An interesting hub. It's not always easy to forgive but you're right that it makes you feel better. If you get rid of the negative and the bitterness it's much better for your soul and for your health. Thanks for a good read.