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Fort Chaffee, A haunted destination?

Updated on August 19, 2012

Fort Chaffee in Arkansas was originally Camp Chaffee and construction of the camp began in September of 1941 originally to house more troops that were needed for WWII. By December of that same year the troops began to arrive at Camp Chaffee, 15 years later in March of 1956 the name was changed to Fort Chaffee to recognize the permanent nature of the base.

Fort Chaffee has unfortunately had to be much more than just a military base, it has housed 3,000 prisoners of war and housed several thousand more refugees from Cambodia, Vietnam and later Cuba, the most recent use of the Fort was made after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when evacuees were housed there temporarily. Perhaps the most famous occupant of Fort Chaffee was Elvis Presley, in 1958 he received his first military haircut on base in building 803.

Unfortunately when the Cuban refugees were at Fort Chaffee there was a riot with over 80 Cubans being jailed. Now for movie buffs, there were several movies filmed on the base including, Biloxi Blues and The Tuskegee Airmen, and for avid Travel Channel watchers the show Ghost Adventures filmed an investigation there in 2010. The bad news for those of us who were not able to get to Fort Chaffee before 2011, there was a fire in August of that year that devastated the hospital complex and upwards of 120 buildings. There had been a previous fire there in 2008 that had destroyed or damaged upwards of 150 buildings but investigators have said that the hospital complex itself held many of the paranormal events that happen at Fort Chaffee and now it is leveled.

Fort Chaffee is said to have been a hive of activity where evps could be caught and apparitions would be seen. Some have claimed that you can hear music or singing in some of the buildings and women talking seems to be common place near the ob/gyn building. Was anyone able to go to Fort Chaffee and experience anything while there? I would love to hear about it!


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