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Free Dream Analysis - Low Cost Dream Interpretation

Updated on October 6, 2009

Many people like to analyse their dreams, which can be an endless source of inspiration, intrigue – and insight. Although there are people who claim will do the job for you, you are really the best person to analyse your own dreams, as you have the most knowledge of your own mind and life. And it doesn't have to be expensive either – if you're looking for free dream analysis options, here are some suggestions.

Free Dream Analysis Resources Online

As with most topics, the internet provides a wealth of information to those seeking to understand what their dreams mean. There are sites providing online dream dictionaries (as with everything else online, these vary greatly in quality), as well as forums where you can discuss your dreams with others. There are even some sites where you can submit a dream for free analysis – there's no harm in doing this, although bear in mind that the reading you get is not likely to be completely accurate, since everyone has their personal biases and ways of looking at things. But if you're just getting started with analyzing your dreams, input from others who are more experienced can be helpful.

Dream Interpretation Books

Books such as dream dictionaries and other books on dreaming provide another great resource which can help you to find the hidden meanings of your dreams. Strictly speaking these aren't free, but they're a pretty cheap option, especially if you buy from a site such as Amazon, where you can find third party sellers with books at greatly reduced prices. There are also book exchange sites, where you can swap unwanted books for different titles. And for truly free books, don't forget your local library! Even if they don't have the books you want, they can usually order them in for you for a nominal fee.

Create A Personal Dream Dictionary

Dream dictionaries provide a good starting point for figuring out your dreams, but everyone is different, and the commonly accepted meanings of popular dream symbols won't apply in all cases. For example, dreaming of your teeth falling out is often interpreted to mean the dreamer has a fear of change, aging and/or death, or has a feeling of powerlessness. But your own subconscious mind could attach quite a different meaning to this, and to any other dream symbol or event. If you become serious about dream interpretation, you may want to start compiling your own dream dictionary, and figure out what these things mean to you, personally. A good way to do this is to keep a record of your dreams, and note any recurring themes. Then enter a meditative state, after mentally asking for further insight into the meaning of the dream symbols. Further insights may come during the meditation, during further dreams, or just at random times during the day.

These free dream analysis ideas should get you started on interpreting your dreams with little or no expense. Chances are you'll get hooked pretty quickly – dream analysis can be very rewarding, and fun too!


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