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Free Islamic Wallpaper for Download

Updated on May 2, 2013

I was tired of my existing desktop wallpapers and wanted a change. I decided to create some Islamic wallpaper with inspirational quotes.

These Islamic wallpapers are free for you to download and use on your desktop.

I have separated these wallpapers into 4 different categories:

Islamic Wallpapers for your computer
Islamic Wallpapers for your computer
Islamic desktop - Patience
Islamic desktop - Patience

These four attributes are very important for every human being especially for Muslims who profess to follow the commands of Allah.

The first one is Patience – where would we be without having this quality.

Islamic desktop - Time
Islamic desktop - Time

As a society we are edging closer to collapse simply because most people tend to be less patient in this 24hr world were everything is available at the click of a button (so we like to think). In reality this impulsive characteristic is not good for the individual or the society, it is therefore imperative that we all take a sweet dose of patience.

The second Islamic wallpaper is Time – another very important characteristic of a good Muslim is his or her ability to manage time.

Islamic desktop - Anger
Islamic desktop - Anger

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for someone to turn up for an agreed meeting or worse still not keeping their word. It is said that those who cannot keep their agreements (as in agreeing to meet someone and then not turning up) has a detrimental affect on ones Imaan. I hope this Islamic wallpaper will remind us of that at all times.

Third free Islamic wallpaper is on Anger – We all get angry from time to time and that is normal, however it wise to channel that anger in the correct way so as not cause harm to others or our selves.

Islamic desktop - Taqwa
Islamic desktop - Taqwa

There is a Hadith from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in which he states that the strongest is not he who overpowers his opponent but he who controls his anger.

When in a state of anger, often people make decisions which can have a profound impact on themselves or those nearby. Sometimes leading to irreversible damage which is why the quote in this wallpaper should act as a reminder to control ones anger.

The final wallpaper for you to download is on Taqwa – God consciousness, how often do you remember God?

It is very easy to live our lives devoid of any thought for ‘God’. In reality God does not need us to remember Him, it is the direct opposite we need to remember God in times of ease and more so in those times when we are burdened with pain.

Take for example if you have a friend who always keeps in touch and joins you in all their happy occasions, would you not join them shoulder to shoulder in times of distress?

The same principle applies with Taqwa, remembers Allah in all your actions and He will remember you in a greater gathering.

These four free Islamic wallpapers can be downloaded from the link below:

You should see a +Google screen like that shown:

Press – More, then Click ‘Download album’. While you are downloading the free wallpapers why not consider voting the images up (+1) and join me on +Google.

After pressing download the next screen is displayed below:

Select ‘Save File’, Press OK.

How to change the desktop background?

After you finish downloading the images, you can then set the Islamic desktop following the instructions:

The above instructions provide you with step-by-step process of changing the background image.

If you like the free Islamic wallpapers please do share them with your family and friends; also consider voting them up in +Google.


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