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Freedom of Speech, maybe it only protects the words of things that shouldn't be encouraged.

Updated on September 25, 2014

You believe in God, then show more love.

If you are a spiritual person, you show more love and less hate. You are suppose to help others and lift them higher.
If you are a spiritual person, you show more love and less hate. You are suppose to help others and lift them higher.

I guess it is certain people's rights but not all.

The way we are suppose to express ourselves in America, we are suppose to be able to do it freely.

I think it is good when it doesn't hurt anyone but indeed to help others.

But I see in America, what grows is the fact that certain things get to be outspoken more and it amazes me.

With places like the Westboro Baptist Church, I for one are so stumped on how these people can have such a privilege to go out and picket people's funeral homes.

I for one, kind of grew up going to church and was even an altar girl and no nothing happened, and yes I for one am outspoken in certain things.

First I must say, I am not "pushing" religion onto anyone, and just wanted to state something.

If and foremost you are indeed a religious person, you are suppose to show more love and less hate.

If you indeed believe in God, you don't sit around and condemn people for their lifestyle.

If you are religious your suppose to help others more and not hurt them physically or verbally.

No one in this world is a saint.

Yes I admit I am not perfect and I won't be.

We are human, period.

But if you have such abundance of hate, you must feel kind of sick inside, right?

I mean I really think it must be some form of disease to hate that much. Really think about it.

If your consumed with that much hate in your life, and you spread the word of "hate", it really is like some sort of contagious disease that needs an anti-dote.

I believe in God and once, I am not on this earth to push what I believe on to others and growing older I feel as though it is better to focus on myself and realize what is more important in life.

Not everyone will see the way I see things, but I for one will never understand for the life of me, if you believe in God, how you can sit around and hate people?

It is not our job to just sit around and condemn people.

Actually I rather spend more time going up mountains and visiting the oceans then to worry about anyone else's life or lifestyle.

For me believing in God, it is helping me to see that in this world, I know at a certain point in my own life I am going to be able to help others.

When I look at a person and see their eyes and if they are hurting, am I really thinking about their lifestyle or sexuality?

If you really are a REAL human being, you are going to look past many things when looking at other people.

Where I live and go and see many people at the homeless shelter and go to where there is a soup kitchen, or whatever it is called, there are many people hurting.

When you look upon the masses of hungry and homeless people, do you not see living human beings that just want to just live their lives and just have a roof over their heads?

How can anyone see anything other than a human being when they are looking at a person at a salvation army store buying discounted clothes just to have clothes on their back?

Wouldn't it be better to spend your time helping and feeding the homeless and hungry and uplift a fellow human beings situation, rather than to cast down others?

Being a spiritual person and once again, yes I have to repeat, remember this is social media-Yes I believe in God and I am learning about Buddha and yes, I am starting to try and read my King James Bible, BUT, BUT, BUT, I will not push what I believe onto anyone else.

I try to speak about what is in my heart about what I believe but sometimes when it comes to talking about God, it angers people and sometimes I feel like maybe it is better not to talk about it.

I mean, if I see real issues about homelessness and the hungry and the poor, and been around it, but if I have love in my heart and believe in a higher power and not push it upon others, is it just so wrong to talk about something I see good?

People take and twist the bible for their own personal agenda.

I got a King James Bible am trying very hard to read it.

You know I tried skim through it and when people say certain things are in the bible, meaning the things that are against people and their ways of living, where does it say that?

People talk about how vengeful God is, really?

We are doing a pretty good job messing up the world, that God could actually sit back and watch.

I mean it may sound crazy because religion vs. science and such.

But I mean, I believe yes maybe God created life, but somehow science and religion was "blended" together to where we are today.

Look at what happens with our foods, atmosphere, and water. We, US, are doing a pretty good job destroying things on earth, and I possibly don't see God putting God's hand in it to destroy us anytime soon because we are destroying the planet ourselves.

I think religion and science really can go hand and hand. I know people are going to think I am so nuts to think of this concept.

Instead of just sitting and arguing over things, we should be taking "BOTH" science and religion to help bring the human race together.

In this day and age, we should be brilliant enough to be able to have the mindset to cure things in this world.

A few things I been looking at for homelessness on the internet are very small "homes". These homes, some are less than 3 thousand dollars equipped with heat and water.

Other things I been thinking about is, there is so much trash in the world and thinking more so to not just "save" the planet, but take all the trash and just convert it into "fuel", and maybe there would be less fighting over fuel, clean up the planet at the same time.

Actually there are very simple solutions and you can't say there aren't smart enough people who would be willing to make things happen.

You think that car companies would like the idea, in this day and age that cars could be designed with more fuel tanks that have intake of "garbage" type fuel, well they still would be making tons of money and so many people would still be buying cars.

But who am I to say.

More likely all the simple things I look into, and people are going to tell me that people are actually going to lose money or something and that's why those things aren't going to happen.

But if we don't start doing things and changing things for the better, the end of the earth is going to come alot sooner and it will have nothing to do with God, because we are doing a great deal to help the earth to end faster than anything.

There is something that is called "free will".

I think at a point in time we really need to start deprogramming our minds and reprogramming things.

It is too bad there really is no politician in this world that really can help us.

All these political parties, all they ever do is blame the other political parties for all the wrongs in the world and nothing gets done.

Honestly I think ALL politicians and ALL political parties just want to have a pay check.

It doesn't seem like whomever you vote in office for your state nothing ever gets done and things remain the same, and the poor get poorer.

I think we, as people ourselves are smart to know we can change things and it may take time in this world.

With Freedom of Speech there should come a little bit of responsibility, with your actions.

Of course people are going to say, everyone has a right to speak whatever they want because it is protected by laws even if it is bad.

Once again who am I to say, I just observe and see things in the world.


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