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Friend or Foe for Jesus.

Updated on September 18, 2013

He wants none to perish.


They know not what they do.

Today while I waited for an appointment, I used my phone to scroll facebook. More often than not, the Holy Spirit moves from the pages of facebook and stirs my heart with His wisdom, inspiration and humor.God is so amazing He does not cease to amaze me. With technology, we can reach all the corners of the earth with the truth of Jesus Christ. His children are on it,sharing the gospel message and rising up to the occasion. All Glory to God. His face smiles favor on His saints.

I understand people from all lifestyles can slip into our facebook or other social media sites. If a word from God helps one to grow in effectiveness or understanding, OK by me. We never know what seed might be planted for a hurting soul. We do need to use caution, which I am sure I do not need to preach to you. JK. Where there is good there is also evil.

Scrolling facebook I stopped in my tracks at a very disturbing post. I wish I had not seen it. It bothered me most of the day. The post was ---k Jesus. Then there was a cartoon sketch of man with man. Under the sketch it said, ‘yes ---k Jesus’. I was so angry. Those awful words tugged at my heart, I wept. This was an abomination towards Christ. How could one hate Jesus so much? Have they no clue to what He has done for us? They are clueless and lost, as I once was. I think of Jesus when He said from the cross, ‘forgive them Father for they know not what they do.’ Then to my shock, there were 42 likes on the post. I could not believe the amount of scoffers who gave this demeaning post a thumbs up. I did report the post as vulgar and unacceptable. I wanted to rip at the heart of the person posting such a vulgar and wicked word about our precious Lord and Savior. Our creator. The King of Kings who gave His life so we could be forgiven our sin and be made free into all of eternity.

It is yes or no for Jesus.


For Him or Against Him?

Is Jesus your Friend or Foe?

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Nothing new under the sun.

All through time, man has spit upon Jesus and cursed Him. There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastics 9:1) Jesus loved man so much He went to the cross for us. He has paid the price for our sin once and for all. He was willing to die for us wretched sinners who scoffed and spit at Him and scorned His very name. Is my sin any better or worse than when I said, ‘God damn it’ the other day. No, it is not. The good news is this I am forgiven. The Holy Spirit convicted me, not condemned me. I knew in my heart that was wicked and I pleaded forgiveness. I was truly sorry. I let it go. God has put our sin as far as the east is from the west, when we repent. Even the sin we are not ‘aware’ of. The grace of God abounds on His children. Amen. How many times a day are my thoughts, words, or deeds harmful? How many times do I mumble or grumble? I do not care to count. Yet, Christ forgives me. When born again we are new creatures in Christ. It is what God has done for us. It is nothing we have done for ourselves.

When we do not believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior our hearts will become hard in time. As many times as God comes to us and pleads for us to come to Him He will let us have our way. He does not twist any arms to come to Him. He gives plenty of signs that He is alive.Planet earth and its beauty is sign God is alive. Many will deny His name to the very pits of hell. It will be too late when Jesus returns to come to Him. He is calling to His people. He has commissioned His children to share the good news of the Gospel.

The devil hates that we can share the good news to the ends of the earth with technology. His evil demise is ramped in cyberspace. He is trying to stop any from coming to Jesus. His distractions are evil and wicked. He lies all across the board. He is out to take our families and rob us of any joy.

For those that do not believe and avoid the name of Jesus or deny His name may God help you. I too was sinner. I so needed His mercy. He saved me from the mud pit I dug for myself. He tried many times to reach me. Now I look back and can see. He literally saved me from hell. I should be under the earth buried. His grace was on my life. Do not be too late. You do not know about tomorrow.

If you so love Jesus then tell others. I do not need to tell you what is happening in the world. The prince of this world Satan deceives man. Jesus Christ saves man. Not even the gates of hell can prevail against Jesus. Jesus has already won the battle. Satan knows he has a doomsday coming soon. He is working double duty. Do not kid yourselves. Do not let your heart become so hard that it is waxed, cold. When Jesus returns it is not going to be on a donkey but on a, White Stallion, in the Clouds of Glory. He is coming for His church. Do not be left behind. The Prnce of Peace will rule this earth. He will wipe out the sin. He will dry the tears. He will heal the sick.

Children of God we need to rise up and stand for our Savior. He has given us all the tools. He has already given us the armor. We must suit up each day and show up. When the devil lies to us then speak scripture, tell him he is a liar. Jesus gave us His name above all others to use. If you spit it out then you too will be spit out of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is Gods power in us. It is not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit. (Zechariah 4:6) That means our flesh is not what moves the mountains. It is by the Holy Spirit of God that mountains move out of the way for us.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17) The Bible has sold over 5 billion copies. More than any other book every sold. There are 888,000 words and 66 books of God inspired written truth in the Bible. The Bible is not a fairy tale or fable. Much of the prophecy written has come to pass, to the T. Jesus wants none to perish. No not one. Ask Him into your heart if you do not know Him. Repent of Sin and get a new life. (Romans 10:9-10) Jesus will do the construction on your new heart.

Please leave your comments.

I love you and pray each day the grace and favor of God abounds on you and yours.

Skye Tudae

© Copyright Skye Tudae

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    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Minnetonka Twin, I am always blessed by your visits sister. Thank you so much for stopping in. Let us pray that they are not too late for Jesus. Today is the day of salvation, Amen. May Gods favor continue to shine on you precious woman. Love ya, Skye

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 4 years ago from Minnesota

      Dearest Skye-I completely understand your reaction to what you saw on face book. How sad that people were hitting the like button. Our Lord still has love for those who have not yet found him. I pray for all those lonely and lost souls that may find the Lord and the hope he gives.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      My Faithful daughter, Hello precious woman Your warm comment so touched my heart. I know you so love the Lord and yes it really hurts our hearts for Him. I know He weep over those that are lost. He will allow them to live in their iniquities and let their hearts remain hard. One day soon child of God He will return!!! Yea and Yeah. Not as Savior of the world but Lion of Judah to rule and reign.. Evil and wickedness will be no more. All those that spew Jesus from their mouths and hearts will be exposed. The day of salvation is today!

      The time is getting shorter for His return. Keep going girl. U will I know it. Phil 4:13. Keep your eyes on all that is lovely and pure Amen. I thank you for stopping in to my block and I shall be over to your neighborhood soon. Love you precious sister. Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Jackie Lynnley, No need to apologize. I know it is difficult to make it all over the hubs and keep on it. You came when it was time. Amen. You are a rare gem. You are humble sister and so precious indeed. My heart goes to those that are lost. I get so upset and sad when people disregard OUR LORD and Savior.. Amazing grace how sweet it is. Some are a stiff necked lot and God will allow their hearts to remain hard, but there is hope until there is none. That is why we gotta keep going.. All for His Glory. We are talking eternal life. You are so right sister, it is difficult to pray for those but we must. Someone prayed for us. Thank you for your heartfelt comment and your love. I am touched to know you. Skye

      You keep em coming girl you will Phil 4:13

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 4 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I am hurting with you also my dear sister in Christ. What child of God likes to hear or see our Lord demonized and His holiness perverted? I've also seen ugly deprived pictures wicked people use to demean Him, only to fill me with tears and grief. If we are so disconcerted with these images and words, then imagine how God is feeling, the pain it gives Him to see His creation reject Him. We can only pray for those who reject Him because we know who really is behind this evil, don't we?

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I never got notice of this and I looked to see if it says I follow you and it does, so I am sorry. This is truly so sad and I know the hurt you feel from things like that said and how we want to defend our dear sweet Lord; for even knowing He is King of kings and all powerful he still touches those who are His by that act He performed to give us life ever after. I think of His father though and ours and He is looking at these offenses to His son and I am sure we cannot even imagine He will ever look over even one. I know we should pray for these awful people and that is not an easy thing to do. It will all be over one day soon though with all of eternity in good things and not these haters of Christ and even worse maybe is ones who claim to love him living in such sinful lives and convincing many it is OK. It is so hard looking at America wax worse and turning her face against what this nation was built on; dear sweet Jesus and our freedom to put Him in our schools and government and even on our money. Now we have allowed Him to be pushed out and there will be such a price for that in this country to pay and I think we are beginning already to see it.

      Didn't mean to go on but I am saying I understand those feelings and they had better wake up soon for too late is coming quickly.

      Up and sharing.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      jeusmyjoy. Hello my precious sister and child of the king! It is so nice to see you on the block. Back at you jesusmyjoy, Happy New Year!!!! There is much work to do Amen? Holy Spirit power is going to pour out more so! Keep going dear and sweet friend. Stay on Focus. His grace is amazing love. His mercies new everyday. Praise to God. All Glory to our Lord and Savior. Hugs Galore jesusmyjoy. I will step into your rooms real soon. Love you. Skye.

    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 4 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      Happy new year sis..God bless you

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Deborah K Ogins Thank you so much for coming in for a read. I am always blessed by your gracious comments and encouragement. I am troubled when I see such disrespect for our Lord and Savior posted anywhere. May God touch those lost souls dear girl. I too remove those kind of posts from my page along with the writer as well. I pray for the writer.

      There is so much of disreguard and disrespect happening for our Lord God as your so know. We know where that comes from, amen. Satan has been defeated and the times are surely pointing to the return of Jesus. Oh Jesus do not tarry. It is in Gods good timing lest any should perish amen.

      Let us keep the fire flamed dear girl. I love you Deborah. I do hope all of yours are doing well in these days. I hope your children's book has done very well. I have not had the chance to get it yet but I intend to very soon. May each day abound in the love of Jesus Christ my dear sister and friend. You are a gem. Love, Skye

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 4 years ago

      Sky, Wonderful inspiring post. My dear sister this is quite thought provoking! We are livng in some interesting times! I use my facebook page to post daily devotionals, songs, etc. I am still quite often surprised at some of the things that I see posted. I do not allow any derogatory, obscene or disrespectful posts on my page in reference to the Lord! If you don't "STAND for something you will fall for anything!" It is quite frightening some of things that some will say in reference to the Lord! It is clear they have no reverence for the Lord! Truly God is patient, loving and kind. Each day is a precious GIFT from the Lord and we do not always know what it will bring... But truly I know that GOD is FAITHFUL! We CAN ALWAYS & FOREVER TRUST GOD! I cannot imagine life without the Lord! I am a friend of GOD! Thank You Lord!!!

      In HIS Love, Grace, Mercy, Joy, Peace & Blessings! Be ENCOURAGED! We CAN ALWAYS have HOPE in the LORD! May our Heavenly Father Bless You with the desires of your heart that are in HIS WILL in JESUS NAME! Take Care!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Knightheart You are so precious. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I am so glad you came in for a read. May Gods Blessings shine on you today and always dear brother. Lots of work to do. We may be out numbered but we are not out powered. I love you bro. You are the bestest ever. Talk at you soon. Skye

    • Knightheart profile image

      Knightheart 4 years ago from MIssouri, USA

      Hello Sis' in Christ,

      I read this post of yours with a heavy heart and surely these kinds of vulgar and evil posts are running rampant on the Internet. The computer age has definitely become a huge, powerful tool for Satan to drag more souls to himself to destroy. Yes, there are many good websites on the web, many true Christians battle daily with Satan's forces, and sadly, I believe the bad outweighs the good by a large margin. Just the pornography sites that seem to be all over the web are disgusting enough, but now Facebook, Tweeter, and who knows what else is coming down the line that will further our Enemy's lies and destruction.

      Skye, you know we are in the end times or are rapidly approaching it. This all began in our country in the 1960's when this country really started turning from God and taking Him out of our schools, our government, well, everything. And look where we are now...a country that doesn't trust its own corrupted leaders, greed and evil everywhere, in our courts, our police, you name it.

      As you know the Bible has MANY examples of what happens to a nation that turns from God and tries to take His place...disaster, destruction, pain, suffering, and all the rest. My hub on Which Way America sure backs up what you have said here.

      False prophets abound, people are so unhappy and mislead by Satan's tricks and lies and what is sad, is the vast majority believe every word they hear that anti Jesus or anti God. We shouldn't really be surprised, for it clearly states in God's Word that this was going to happen and it is!

      It hurts, true, and any child of God is sickened by what you described on Facebook and feels terrible about what is said and the blatant treatment of our Creator! Jesus sure faced it in His day and it hasn't changed...but with the technology of today, we just can see the worldwide effects this has on all of us.

      Do we, as Believers, give up and just surrender. I know many of us feel like that when it seems we can't win and Satan seems to gain more ground every day. But, we are not weak, we are strong since we already know Satan, no matter what he does has already lost this war with God. He was defeated when Jesus went to the Cross and like a sore loser, Satan, will continue to mislead, blaspheme, and lead others away. But, we have the ultimate victory and even though things like Facebook can be a tool of Satan, we can use the same tool against Him!

      We are in a war, a war that has eternal consequences, and yes, we are human, with faults and shortcomings galore, but look at the men and women God used in the Bible...most were nobodies in their day, just ordinary people like us, trying to live in a world that is not our true home, but just a place we are visiting until we go to our REAL home in Heaven. But we have a job to do and it is simple, well, not simple to do, but simple to understand. And that is to bring God's gift of Salvation to a world that needs it more than ever! That is OUR jobs and we have an all powerful, all knowing, God behind us.

      I know I have fallen short and not done my part as I should...but God is Love and knows us completely. He can empower us to do what seems impossible....the Apostle Paul did it, Moses, Elijah, David, Abraham...and countless others overcame evil in their own way with God behind them!

      So, yes, as disgusting and terrible as what you described in your hub here, we must be like Jesus...not react to these mislead souls with hate and anger, but with prayer for their endangered souls! We must be like Jesus and pray for them and the others they come in contact with. As a famous pastor I highly respect says, "Trust and Obey God and leave ALL the consequences to Him!' (Dr. Charles Stanley)

      We are not promised it will be easy, in fact, Jesus says Christians are going to face terrible persecution and suffering until He takes us home, but we must keep our eyes on HIM, not the situations or things that make us just want to quit. Just like Jesus walking on the water and Peter going to him...Peter was fine until he took his eyes of Jesus and saw the raging sea under him and down he went! Jesus is our strength and with the Holy Spirit, we already have the victory!

      So, Skye and all the other Believers here on the Hub. We have a big job to do, you all know it as well as I do, but together, we have a powerful testimony here for our Lord and Savior. We have been given God's gift for writing and with His guidance we can make a huge impact here. We have thousands of readers here and many unbelievers visit our hubs daily. God has opened this door for us to use for HIS glory, so don''t despair, don't quit, remember, we are on the winning team! And we already won the Super Bowl!

      Be strong, be of good courage, and remember all of your brothers and sisters in Christ are with you in this war! God Bless you all and Praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!


    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 4 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      skye2day how wonderful to know that we are not alone. Perhaps our attacks are harder each day. But, while Davids like you stand up in the name of the Lord with what they have, which is bigger than all, because it is God...we don't have nothing to loose. God won the battle already with the obedience of His Son. There will be a day that the Holy Spirit will not be here anymore. I ask my self will it be, if it is now like this?

      I love God's lovers and followers with a sincere jealousy for His Word and Sacrifice. We know that without God life is not worthy. He is the Creator, Savior and Lord!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Faith. Wow what the most Blessed News. Jesus is so amazing and wonderful. The Glory of God, shines! He loves His people He wants none to perish. So precious. Lots of love to you precious child of God. Skye

      We are Victors in Christ Jesus.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Vinaya Ghimire. Brother thank you for coming in and sharing Jesus with us. All Glory to God. I have heard from a Pastor who came from middle east that many visions and dreams are going to those in the middle east though our Lord and Savior. I have heard many are coming to Jesus Christ unto salvation. We are told in His good book there will be many dreams and visions in the later days. What good and beautiful news. Jesus is Love. He is Lord and Savior. So nice to see you again. Please come over anytime to visit. I am touched. I will be over to see what is shining on your pages Vinaya. May the grace of God abound on you and yours today and always. Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Sparlkea, Forget to tell you yesterday. I so love your mantra. "I dare to trust God in every aspect of my life." Very beautiful precious woman. I will try out your mantra. Praise to God. What an awesome reminder whose we are. I Love it. Love you sister, Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      teaches12345 Blessings sister. It is always so nice to see you in the neighborhood. Thank you for popping in. Yes precious woman we do live in a culture that shines Jesus on and shuns His Holy Name. God help them because one day they will know and it will be too late. I suppose they are having so much fun now? They see no need for a Savior. They are deceived.

      God will give us many chances to accept the Lord. The heavens declare the Glory of God. God has placed in each one of us a desire to seek and know Him. No works will get us into heaven. Only Jesus will get us there. We could not earn our way. Relationship with Jesus is Salvation. The law or commands point us to the fact we need a Savior. No one can do the commands. We are all sinners. Only Jesus forgives our sin and gives us life. He is the way truth life. Only Jesus saves sinners. His grace transforms us into His image. When born again the sin begins to fall from us. It is nothing we do. we cannot do it. That is obvious in the culture we live. It is everything God has done for us. We can love only because He loved us first, Amen.

      Those making the deliberate choice to follow the enemy are doomed. How dreadful we are talking eternity. FOREVER. To live for this life is futile. Our treasures are stored up in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy. There I go again with my preaching it girl. Well maybe someone who needs too will read this comment and get a new life. God will do the sending eh? I just feel led.

      Teaches I will stay strong in the Lord. Life is not always easy. My hope lies in Jesus who it faithful and true. There are days I need help getting up onto the ROCK. His hand is there for me. I know where to go. I Love you girl. You keep your eyes on the Lord too dear sister. Phil 4:13 Sending hugs your way teaches. Skye


    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Sadly, the post depicts what a lot of people think today about Jesus. They are the ones who are losing out on what He truly is about and how he can make a difference in life. His guidance (and rules, so to speak) are for our own good. I love your post. Keep believing and remain strong. Voted up+++

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      lyricwriter, I thought I left you a comment. For reels. Sometimes my computer gets all jittery when I comment from the hub page and not the actual hub. Go figure. Anyway I apologize for not getting to you sooner.

      Your precious comment so touched my heart. I was doubting myself on this hub. I thought not good enough all that garbage the enemy likes to toss into our thought life. Well God is so good here comes your comment. I was so thankful. God affirmed my doubt was a lie from the enemy. Of course he hates when we write about the GOOD NEWS. God is getting shun from this culture we live in and it is heart wrenching that evil continues to prevail. It should not be a surprise because we are for warned. I am saddened by the amount of lonely and unhappy people and evil people that spit on Jesus. One day though all will be good because the Prince of Peace will rule this earth and all in it. May the light of the Lord shine on you and yours brother. You are special and I am honored to know you. In Christ, Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      sparklea, Sister aw You are too precious. I am so grateful for the bros and sisters at these hubs. There were allot more Christian writers when I came on 4 years ago . Many have moved on. It is like one day here, the next day gone. Some were banned over the time. Some just stopped writing here and left their hubs. Many left and took hubs. Make new friends keep the old one is silver the other gold. (old brownie song) It is true. Anyway God always leaves a remnant and there are seasons in our life. He plants us where He wants us and He will move us around if He wants too.

      We will know them by their fruits sparklea. I love your faith and you touch so many hearts girl. I am honored to know you and cant wait to hug all the dear sisters and bros at the hubs.

      FYI sister we will be attacked by the enemy as you know so well. Praise God He has given us armor and the enemy must flee. The other day I heard a pastor share something. It really helped me. I hope it helps you too. The attacks can come when ever but are we assured we are VICTORS. Praise God. Anyway when the ugly enemy, the defeated foe tries to come at us in thoughts our thoughts do not change thoughts. You can stop a thought in its path by verbally speaking out loud. So when the thoughts come from the enemy I pause and speak out loud a scripture verse. I remind the enemy of whose I am. At times I will clap my hands and say a scripture. It is so simple but it has really helped me. It breaks the pattern. Resist the devil he will flee.

      You are in my prayers and you are a light girl. Gods favor shines on you. I know you will keep standing on the rock. Even if we feel we got to crawl back on it God will help us up. He is so good and will never allow us to take on more than we can bear. Oh hurry sweet Jesus. I love you sister. Skye.

    • Sparklea profile image

      Sparklea 4 years ago from Upstate New York

      Skye2day: what a lovely note, and THANK YOU!

      You are a LIGHT on Hub Pages, and I thank God for the wonderful people I have met...especially you...I just hit 2 years on the hubs...doesn't seem possible.

      Most often, attacks come in the middle of the night and I lay there and I recite the 23rd Psalm or Psalm 91...if real bad I sit up in bed and read a book that is inspirational. I heard that the mind cannot concentrate on two things at the distraction is a huge help.

      We who love God must be vigilant to CONTROL our thoughts 24/7. It is amazing how an emotion can change from a thought, OR even a mean spirited remark someone says.

      I choose my friends carefully. At this time in my life I just want to be a sparkle in the lives of others. Negative attracts negative, and positive attracts positive. I give every single day to God before I get out of bed, and I ask Him to guide me intuitively moment by moment.

      My mantra remains, "I dare to trust God in every aspect of my life." I say it over and over and over again all day long.

      God bless you and keep the WORD spreading Skye! I SO love your name. I see blue and sunshine every time your name pops up. Blessings, Sparklea :)

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Dellea, God Bless you and thank you for coming over over and sharing. I really appreciate your visit. It is nice to meet you. Yes the evil and wicked is ramped. The moral decline is an abomination to the Lord. Man wants to write their own agenda. History repeats itself and God will leave them to their own iniquities. Let us keep praying for the lost to come to Jesus He is the way truth and life. Any other way is a spiral downward. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. A foolish man despises not wisdom. One day soon Jesus will return and we will be with Him for all eternity. That is our hope and promise. We are sojourners in a foreign land. Keep going dear one. Please do come back to visit. In Christ Jesus sending hugs. Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Sparklea, Hello precious gem. I have a smile on my heart by your visit. The evil is prevalent but the GOOD news is the out pouring of the Holy Spirit moves and convicts the hearts of sinners. Let us pray that it will not be too late for those that are stiff necked against Jesus. Our commission is to reach lost souls Amen sister. You my dear have a presence that moves off of the pages in the love of Jesus. You truly do sparkle like a 5 star diamond.

      I do not like to mention the enemies name and I do not give him recognition. He is doomed to hell and knows it. I remind him of his future when he tries to come at me with his lies. The name above all names Jesus Christ and the devil trembles in the knees. One day those that shun Jesus will bow down and it will be too late. I am eternally grateful to be a vessel for the King of Kings, Amen.

      In the days we will see more evil as we have been for warned. But we have the armor of God. The Lord has His warriors covered. We got to suit up and show up renewing our minds and feeding on His holy word. Love you sister. I am rambling on. Sending hugs to you. Keep going dear friend. Let the light so shine in you. U will Phil 4:13. Love, Skye.

    • Sparklea profile image

      Sparklea 4 years ago from Upstate New York

      skye2day; Voted up, awesome and interesting. I would have been in a rage if I saw that face book post.

      I refuse to even mention the name of the defeated in writing, capitalize his name, or write his name. I think that evil one of darkness (i refuse to call him a prince) loves the recognition, so he is not getting it from Sparklea.

      We who have accepted Christ as our Savior - we are promised His love and His safety...AND His blessings in the midst of any circumstances in our lives.

      This hub is terrific, and I am thrilled you spoke up. I can of my own self do is total dependence on God every minute of every day.

      Those who disrespect Jesus have nothing else, but to live with themselves, in their own company, and, to me, that is tragic. If all one has is Self, it is not living, it is existing. All of the above is just my opinion. God bless you real good Skye2day! Sparklea :)

    • profile image

      dellea 4 years ago

      I think that too many people today despise God and the Bible because many people are narcissistic and have a God complex, they create their own frame of moral reference and believe it is superior to what the Bible teaches, so in turn they tear the Bible apart. They things out of context and "scientifically" explain away things that they don't understand or things that are against the false moral construct that they have devised for themselves... all to make themselves feel better about their deviant behaviors.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Wow, I just saw Vinaya's comment with such an amazing account!!! Thank you, Vinaya, for sharing such news here!

      God bless, Faith Reaper

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Nepal

      Couple of days ago, when I was scrolling the feed on facebook, I saw amazing news. According to the report, a Muslim man in Egypt buried his daughters and wife because they were reading Bible. Fifteen days later,when some one was accidentally digging the burial place,the girls were alive. The older girl, who was 8, said a man with holes on hand came to feed her. The girl spoke about her experience on Egyptian national television.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      thelyricwriter, Thank you so much for coming in to visit and for the thumbs up dear brother. You are such a dear heart. I am so grateful to hear from you. I was wondering if I indeed should post this hub and I got my answer. A reminder this is not about me but what Jesus Christ has done for us. God Bless you lyricwriter Gods timing is perfect and I needed to hear your comment. I do pray all is well with you and yours. May the grace of God abound in your family today and always. So nice to see you for a visit. I am honored and touched. Thank You. My Love in Christ Skye.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Faith Reaper. My sister. Thank you so very much for your visit and heartfelt comment. Yes we know this is coming. I know disrespect for Jesus is on the rise. I was stunned at this out right disregard for Christ. Let us pray their hearts do not wax cold all the way to doomsday with the enemy of this world before it is too late.

      Our God knows sister. Yes we keep pressing on to the crown of Glory, dear friend. I think of how Christ must weep for those that are lost. He calls them and they shun His name and spit Him out. I am so grateful I am a friend of Jesus, Amen. He chose us before the foundation of the world, Amen and Glory to God.

      In Christ we can do all things. Thank you for the Blessed reminder. Glory to God. We know who the VICTOR is. Jesus Christ. He has already won and we are His.

      I love you sweet one and I am grateful for your precious friendship. Sending you a warm hug. Always blessings to you and yours. Skye

    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 4 years ago from West Virginia

      Up, useful, awesome, beautiful, interesting, and shared Skye. God is great and when one believes that in their heart, good things come about. We get what we put in and I believe God judges us on that simple phrase. Many of us come to God in times of need, do you ever pray and thank God when everything is perfect? Open your heart and soul, see the greatness of God and all his glory. Skye, touching, beautiful, and GREAT!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Oh My Dearest Sister in Christ, Skye,

      I hear you sweetie, and we know this does bring much pain to our hearts to hear such, and truly, they really know not what they do, as Jesus himself said, and as you have pointed out here.

      Things such as this are increasing, for it is the mere name of Jesus that does it and the cross is foolishness to those who do not yet know Him.

      We know such because He tells us of such in His Holy Word, that these things shall come to pass; however, we can rest assured knowing that the battle is already won, on that cross long ago. He is already victorious! And the enemy knows his time is short, hence such attacks will increase.

      I cannot imagine living one day of life without Him, for He is my personal Lord and Savior, my redeemer lives!

      We must continue to do as you are here and share the "good news" for I believe there is not much time left to all to make that choice.

      Voted up +++ and sharing

      God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Thank you verily prime. It is a joy to see you at my hub. I am touched. Yes it is amazing how prophecy is coming to pass and we have been told. God has told us all things. Evil and wicked are more prevalent each day. Let us pray that many adhere to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and their hearts are not waxed cold. Let us keep on in Him knowing whose we are, Amen and Amen. All Glory to God. May Gods favor and grace abound in you and yours each day mighty warrior. You are precious. Sending hugs. My love in Christ. Skye

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      Well done sister - it is amazing that in the Book of Daniel, God showed the Prophet how knowoledge (including the advent of what makes up Social Media)was going to increase like the sands of the seas. As for the hatred for Christ, we were told this would happen and I am afraid it is going to get worse - but Sister we press on in Christ Jesus... all of the Lord's mercies and grace be upon you and loved ones.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      MsDora, Hello dear sister. Thank you for stopping in for a read. Evil and wicked do abound precious woman. Along with that comes disrespect. The good news is our God has won the victory. The enemy is doomed. It is so sad that so many just shun Jesus and spit Him out. Without Him life is just a spiral downward. Lets us keep praying many come to Him before it is too late for their doomsday. Great to see you. My Love, Skye

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Disrespect for God is on the rise and with that disrespect for self and everyone else. Sharing your experience like you do here is one way to show what a difference it makes between life with Him and life without Him. Yes, He is my friend! Thank you for sharing!


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