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Heaven and Symbols of Hell

Updated on June 24, 2015

A Pure Seed Made of Love


Heaven and Symbols of Hell

‎Heaven and Symbols of Hell.


A place where God and the Angels reside.

Earth a place where we learn how to become

angels and become like our creator God.

Where is Heaven?

Heaven could be your first thought on earth.

In my case when my mum gave birth to me 1980

On the 5th of July.

My‎ first thought was for my sister to be cosy on


Mind you my sister was not born yet, she was born

01 July 1981.


At birth we are given a Name and surname.

We inherit wisdom wealth blessings and hardships

those that came before us left behind for US.

Our conditioning and circumstances.

Before we have a choice we are born rich or poor.

We are born a boy or girl.

What separates us from Greatness?

Our thoughts.

Our Thoughts determine our destiny.

The religion we choose to follow.

The values morals and principals our parents pass

down to us, treasure them, they may keep us away

from harm.

Hell is Pain

All the negative thoughts that our minds register

from the day of consciousness.

The thoughts that taint our innocence.

The thought we suppress and keep hidden from

our ‎loved ones, the secrets that we take to the


Sin a motive a thought a action ‎speech that is

in darkness and may harm another human being

Intentionally or indirectly.

Is it possible to free the Mind of all the pain of the


Possibly if we introspect, ‎and make peace with

all we have accomplished and what we loved

‎and lost.


Time gives us an opportunity to grow and follow

what ever desires that dwell in our heart‎ and that

manifests in our mind, simultaneously shaping

‎our reality.


What is it that we love?

Does it bring us life?

Does it love us back?

I believe unconditional love exsists between a

parent‎ and child.

As our parents wish us well at all times‎.

When we hurt our parents do their best to protect

us from ourselves and self destructive habits we

may‎ shelter in our hearts and Lives.


Love between two souls is beautiful should your

dreams‎ and ambitions be allined.

Yet why are there so many abusive relationships

emotionally, physically and financially?

We grow everyday.

Circumstances age.

We take for granted what we have.

When it is out of our grasp, and all hope is lost.

We become resentful and we grow cold and

we learn how to manipulate those that Love us


It is a vicious cycle.

Gods Poet Nkosi‎


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