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From Eden to Paradise

Updated on February 24, 2016

Reconciliation of Obedient members of Mankind

Let us try this instead.

Prior to the earth, there existed the Creator, the Word, and millions of spirit beings.

The earth was gradually prepared for life, the lifeforms eventually occupying the air, the waters and the land.

Eventually man was formed, but unlike the other animals, man was created with a mind, with capacity to love and a sense of justice [thus, created in God's image].

Up to that point in time there is no indication that there was evil, or a propensity for doing harm.

Man was given the task of caring for the animals and the garden prepared for him.

It appears there was no provision for a mate for the first man an indication of the wide rift between man and beast, and spirit and animal.

As a result of man's observation of the animals that each had a complement, it was decided that a complement be made also. for the man.

It was apparently about this time, that, a cherub [whose name is not given] allowed self-importance to sow a seed of rebellion with a motive to have man worship him. [Matthew 4:8, 9]

This motivation led this cherub to deceive the complement of Adam, the woman, who was naive enough to believe that she was actually speaking to a harmless snake, rather than a rebel spirit being.

The cherub who became the Resister/ Adversary, or Satan, did NOT challenge the power of the Creator, but instead, appealed to God's justice.

By misleading the woman [subsequently called Eve], to ignore the expressed will of God, to doubt the promised penalty of death, and to actually believe that she would benefit from independence from God, Satan, knew, that he would be given time for his charges to be ventilated. tried, and settled, once for all time.

This rebel spirit perhaps figured that he could pull it off, as it were.

But, man was not created to govern himself [Jeremiah 10:23]. Over 6000 years of human rule has resulted in untold misery and death.

The Creator has been progressively revealing to obedient members of mankind, using faithful angels and prophets, by whom and what means He would step in to retake the earth.

By sending the Word as a perfect man, the last Adam [1 Corinthians 15:45] all the charges made by Satan have been successfully answered. Romans 5:12, Romans 6:23; Job 2:4, 5].

The Messiah has shown on a small scale what will be done earth wide, to restore health, truth, peace, and life.

The original plans of the Creator will be implemented eventually, and all who oppose will be destroyed permanently. Psalm 37:10,
Revelation 21:8]


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