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From Impossible to Real - We are creators

Updated on February 14, 2015

The Writer at sixty. Not one grey hair! If you don't count the mo

This was taken when I was a member of the Australian Storytellers Guild around 2002.
This was taken when I was a member of the Australian Storytellers Guild around 2002.

We create our own world

If my current understanding is correct, we find ourselves living in a world created by our own thinking - the all inclusive thinking of the Collective Unconsciousness - of all of humankind since we human beings evolved. We created it. This 'reality' has been inherited by us mainly at the subconsciousness level, for we are all linked. Like ice bergs on an ocean, we're all of the same stuff - Universal Sprit. The 'reality' of ours has also been added to by every generation; by the training and conditioning of those who came before us, and by those around us now. In our own lives, our parents, teachers, and significant other, have also brought to our attention their truths, their philosophies of life which we have accepted. So by the time we reach adulthood each of us is completely of the belief that the world is 'as it is,' and that we have really had very little if anything to do in making it that way.

It is real because you believe it real

This is not supported by the proclamations made in Neale Donald Walsch's remarkable little book, Communion with God. In this, God says: "Every conclusion is based on an illusion." Then, a few sentences on: "You have learned that it (the illusion) is so real not because it is real, but because you believe so firmly that it is. Therefore to change the way you see the illusion, change what you believe about it."

Change your thinking, change your life - sound familiar!

The writer telling a story to an audience in 2005 or so.

Public speaking and storytelling to audiences are also passions.  I love it!   Been at it for forty years!
Public speaking and storytelling to audiences are also passions. I love it! Been at it for forty years!

Believing creates the seeing of it

He/She/It - God, through Neale Donald Walsch - goes on to say something already described in the bestseller, You'll See It When You Believe It, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. God says: "In the past you were told that seeing is believing. But lately a new idea has been advanced- that believing is seeing. And I tell you this is true."

I tell you this is true!

If we want changes we must change our beliefs

This is a very significant statement - very significant! If we want to improve our lives we need to change our very basic assumption that life is 'as it is' and that we can do very little about it. We need to realize that what we have accepted as true is what has manifested into our lives. In order to change our life to experience something we want, because we think it more palatable, or even enjoyable, we need to change our beliefs about our being able to manifest it in our lives.

We can go from failure to success

Belief precedes manifestation. We can change our life by changing our beliefs. So many spiritual teachers are saying this nowadays. Moreover, we can change our lives in ways so incredible that our whole way of looking at the world can change. Our interpretation changes. We can go from failure to success. We can go from the mundane to the meaningful. We can go from fear to love. We can go from...

Selfie! Age shall not weary them. Unfortunately it does

The writer at 75.  Mind you, it's the beard that adds the years...Well, so my wife says.  That's why I shaved it off.
The writer at 75. Mind you, it's the beard that adds the years...Well, so my wife says. That's why I shaved it off.

No need to take a giant leap, small hops will do

This sort of thinking might be too big a step for most of us. So we're advised by Abraham-Hicks, in The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, to take little steps. Instead of the one big leap we don't think feasible because we just cannot believe we could change our lives in such an incredibly marked way, it seems just impossible, then we don't make a big leap, we take a series of little hops. As each hop is achieved and reflected upon, the belief that the next little hop is possible allows us to make it. Before we know it, that series of little hops has amounted to the one big leap we initially thought impossible. The unbelief has turned to belief and our whole world, and the way we see it has changed.

willingness is a pre-requisite

Neale Donald Walsch's book states that what we observe, and even experience, is illusionary but that we can use and enjoy those illusions. This is all very deep stuff and cannot be adequately explained in a short essay such as this. However, the important point for us, I think, is that if we wish to experience a more pleasant illusion than the one we're at present experiencing we need to accept that we have the power to make the change. Or if we cannot accept carte blanche, then at least be willing to give it a try.

Yours truly at age twenty-four

This was taken in 1960.
This was taken in 1960.

What do you really need - right now!

Now we know it is very difficult to believe that we are living in illusion. But God explains how we can overcome this. "The way to step out of the 'Illusion of Need' is to look at what you need right now - that is, what you think you do not now have that you feel you must have - and then notice that even though you are without it, you are still here.

The implications of this are enormous, If you are here, right now, without what you think you need, then why do you think you need it?

That is the key question. It unlocks the golden door, the door to everything."

We humans are expanding our consciousness as well as our technology

We human beings are now living in a time so incredible that most of us cannot even hazard a guess as to what things will be like in a couple of hundred years from now. The enormous progress we've made by way of technological advances almost boggles the mind: three dimensional printing, where we can fabricate just about anything. Instantaneous communication to all parts of our physical world. But most significantly - at this time - the awesome advances we're all making because of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The writer relaxing in the mess hut at Macquarie Island 1977

I was forty one when this photo was taken.   Oh how our bodies change over the years!
I was forty one when this photo was taken. Oh how our bodies change over the years!

We are part of The Whole and there is nothing outside of The "Whole"

Now we're gradually realizing, albeit still too slowly, hence the suffering which goes on, that we are immortal beings having an Earth-plane existence. We are not bodies with souls but souls with bodies. The soul part, or the spark of spirit that we are, is a part of TheWhole. The Whole is that which is and always was and always will be. We can give that Whole whatever name we choose to give it but we are a part of it. That makes us very powerful. We need to realize this. We are not outside and separate from everything else. We are here to experience what we are and what we choose to experience is entirely up to us.

So what do you want to be?

But in order to realize what is required of us to be able to choose what we want, an open mind is required. We need to at least admit to ourselves that we do not at present know our own greatness but we are willing to learn about it. What we believe at the moment has led us to what we are today. What we choose to believe from hereon can take us beyond this. It can take us to our highest concept of what we would like to be.

What do you want to be?


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    Patrick Bernauw 2 years ago from Flanders (Belgium)

    Really interesting!

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    Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

    Excellent post .

    Looking forward to read more of your posts.