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From Caterpillar Worm to Butterfly, a life transformation.

Updated on March 28, 2014

The Butterfly Emerges

If you ever have a day where you feel miserable, discontent, not understood, or feel small. then just maybe you are human. You may have to get the who are you in you fixed. I know I have had to do this many times over. I could have one day when I know that I know who I am. I am a child of the Almighty God. He made no junk. I was beautifully and wonderfully made. I will fly like a butterfly. Then the next day I could feel like a caterpillar crawling in the dirt. I question myself. I get a little pity party going. I may think God is punishing me, when no, I am punishing me or I have given room for the enemy to edge in with his lies. God loves me He has forgiven me so any condemnation is not from Him. ( Romans 8:1)

I must say I have grown because the attempts at me are much shorter. I know what I need to do. I have the sword. 'The name of Jesus '. Believe me when I start speaking the word and saying a few scriptures 'in the name of Jesus', the enemy flees. He knows his doomsday is coming.

Christ says if he so cares for the lilies of the valley and feeds and shelters the birds of the air how much more does he care for and love us? We are his masterpiece. We have a place in heaven. He went to the cross for me, for you. When I get in that place of attitude living in the past, being insecure, wishing for more I need to focus on the creator. God does not lie. His word says 'all things are possible to those that believe' (Philippians) The change in me continues. It is not always comfortable. I do not live on Primrose Lane. I will emerge. I will be like that beautiful butterfly soaring around. The plan is in his hands. 'I can do all things through Christ who strengths me' (Philippians) I am a works in progress. My situation may not look pretty. I do not go on what things look like. I believe in the promises God gave in his word. If someone tells you, you can not, get that mentality out of your head. You can. Chasing things of the world will not fix you. Cars, houses, 401K, stock. When you leave this earth does any of that go with you? It is obvious in the challenging times we live in, things never could but God can .

Abundance is in inside job and only Christ can give you that and no one can take away kindness, self control, gentleness, peace, joy, faith or love unless we let them. So when the enemy comes for attack, children of God stand tall , rise up , be encouraged and of good cheer , climb on he rock and raise your hands . Christ says you are the head not the tail. Believe to receive and you will. (James 5:1) Christ says 'you have not because you ask not' or (Matthew) 'where two or more gather n my name and ask for anything in my name it will be done for them' . Do not believe the enemy. If he says no way ,say yes way, now out of here in the name of 'Jesus'.

When you rise in the morning get out your staff and sword. Read the word of God. Get your heart and mind fixed on him. He tells us in scripture 'fear not' 119 times . That is huge. The devil hates that Christ loves you and me. When he tries to come and steal your joy, you will be ready. Hold on to a couple of scriptures during the day. I love this one. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.(Isaiah 54:17) If I get into my pity party, or feel depressed or anxious I know this too shall pass. I am going to get through this. I am not alone. I will transform and emerge.

Faith comes when we hear the word. Faith takes action. You have got to get up, suit up and show up with the armor of God. Try to be around people with like minds. After many years in church I stopped going. I read the word, said the word, heard the word on Day-star Television, which was wonderful but not enough. I was isolating myself. God has bigger plans for me. The holy spirit prompted me to go back to church. He even told me which Church to attend. Is that so awesome? I am a much happier person for it. We live in a hurting world.Together we can go out and help others Our transformations can be a witness to them.This is part of the plan. I am excited. My husband joined in with me,he loves the church God choose for us. But of course, the best for the best, kidding. I do not think I am better then anyone. tt is because Christ lives in me that I am blessed.Times are not easy but the promises of God are true.

Things are a changing.

Jesus is the light. He transforms us.
Jesus is the light. He transforms us. | Source

Butterfly will emerge.

The butterfly will emerge. Keep goiing.
The butterfly will emerge. Keep goiing. | Source

Your breakthrough will come.

My husband lost his job 2 weeks ago. My hairstyling business is at an all time low. We do not have our rent money. Now I can go running all over freaking out. In the world of things it is not pretty. I could be scared. A year ago I think I would have been panicked. Today I know God is going to provide. I keep saying the scriptures. I laugh at the enemy when he tries to barge in. My faith is strong. I have a choice pity party, along with depression or anxiety or to stand on the Word of God. 'He is my 'rock' This is a huge step of faith for me. me. I look forward to getting back to hub pages to share the end of this story. 'The 'Rent Saga.' Our God is way bigger then my rent. He is a rich God. He came so 'we may have life and that we may have it more abundantly'. John 10:10. That says to me we have his peace and joy in us and he wants us to have plenty. Put God first place and he will provide the way. My eyes are open and my ears hear. He will lead me in the path I should go. If I fall down and I have I will get back up. The devil can take his lies and put them where the sun don't shine. So if you are in doubt or if you are having a difficult time today, try prayer. Keep the faith. Do not let go. If you need to borrow some faith today you can use some of mine. Just take the action, seek God. You are going to be OK. You are a child of the most high God.

Does a parent want to help his child? Think about it what would you do for your child? Cheer him on, encourage him, help him to stand up, bless him? Would you tell him he is dream-in? If so, dreams are good, tell him that. God has equipped him. You will be there for him helping him to grow, loving and nurturing him. Me, with my finite mind knows what I would do for my daughters. Anything to help them. I love them. So, is the Father going to kiss my request good-by? No , he came to save me and you. He knows our needs . He wants us to have the desires of our hearts. So if you are a bit down remember you are not alone.The butterfly will emerge. You are will emerge and ever so beautiful. You will spread your wings and fly.

God paid for us and that gave us a free ticket to heaven (salvation) not hell. He took our sins so we could live with him in eternity. It is a choice. We have free will. If you live in this world and have never asked Jesus into your heart or you do not know if you are saved from the grips of hell then invite Jesus into your heart. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. We do not know what tomorrow may bring. Jesus waits at the door, knock and the door will open. He loves you

Romans 10:9-10. 'If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior, believe in your heart he rose from the dead and repent of sin you will be saved.

If you just said a prayer for Jesus than you are 'born again' You are a new creature in Christ Jesus . Celebrate. You hang on for the ride of your life. You are so blessed. The angels sing praises in heaven when one is saved. Do read the Bible, get into a bible based church to hear the word of God. God has a plan for your life and it is good, very good. May God Bless you richly in all of your comings and goings. .

With Love. Skye

© Copyright Skye Tudae 2009

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Hugs to you. Do not give up. Jesus so loves you.


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    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 2 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Precious child of God. Praise and Glory be to God. You left me a comment that is truly a wonderful reminder of whose we are. Praise God He has given us authority in Christ Jesus. We have the weapons. In these days we live let us be encouraged dear woman. May Gods favor and peace be on you each day. Keep going you will. I just know it. Phil 4 13. Thank you for stoping in. I am touched. Skye.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      The enemy constantly tries to use our pain to keep us in bondage. In the midst of this he will often say "where is your God?" He's also good for opening your eyes to others who are not so strong in the faith and are prospering. I had to learn to use my sword (bible) against him; otherwise, I would have succumbed to a deep depression.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Krystal Thank You for your loving comment. I am touched. Truly, we are most times in transformation, hey? God is shaping and molding us for His purpose and Glory. It is not easy but the rewards are eternal and abundant. Keep on girl, keep on. Phil 4:13 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' Hugs precious one.

    • KrystalD profile image

      KrystalD 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      This is such an inspiring hub! I trust that everything happens for a reason and each experience is part of my unfolding. This is not always a "pretty" or "feel good" process, but it is beautiful. I like your metaphor very much. It certainly speaks to me :)

    • profile image

      JinnyMarte 6 years ago

      Sky2day you have brought tears to my eyes yet once more. The fact that God brought you and me confirmation through each other is so amazing! I too praise his name and His guidance and wisdom! His love has been everything to me at times when I have been beat down by the circumstances. Phillipians 4:13 I can do all in Christ who strengthens me... This is the fourth time this week that someone special points it out to me. Yet another confirmation. You are such a wonderful and special woman and the love and devotion you show Him through this times of trial is admirable and heart melting. I cannot do anything other than feel compelled to commend you for this and rejoice while being witness to your faith. God sure is delighted to receive such a pure and devoted heart that you so selflessly turn into His hands. God bless you for all you have said to me here. I have no doubt He has lead His Spirit to guide you to it. And how He has blessed us with this special bond between us is only proof of His steadfast Love... Thank you and God Bless you... May He open the floodgates of Heaven for you and pour His love like waterfalls upon you and your family... I have faith that He is working wonders in both our lives, and very soon we will be seeing the results of his works...

      Love, Jinny

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      jinnymarte Precious child of God. I am touched with your comment. God is truly amazing. Praise to Him sister!!

      I have not written in a bit of time. Life came at me full throttle and my focus has been to stay very close to Jesus. I have read dozens of hubs. I have been moved in many ways in my time from writing. I have read many hubbers. Some are brothers and sisters in Christ I know and I have met many new bros and sisters in Christ. I have read many that do not believe. I have been inspired, enlightened, humored and dismayed, heartbroken and grateful. Many are lost and many flat deny the existence of Jesus Christ. I am humbled because I a sinner deserves hell but I am born again into the Family of God forgiven by His blood at the cross. Glory to God.

      Jinny there is no mistake our paths have met. Jinny you are beautiful and kind. Your heart is filled with love and light. The light of Jesus. I can feel your tender compassion and I am so grateful to know you.

      God answered a prayer of mine through you today!! You were led here for me Jinny. He knows your needs and my needs. I am just stunned at how awesome and large God is. He moved quickly to answer my prayer.

      Sometimes when we are going through a storm we get bashed around pretty good. God will allow it so we grow in Him. He is not the cause. The enemy will try to edge in with lies. I asked God if I was to continue my hubs and go full throttle to share the truth. Jinny through you He answered. This was about an hour ago. No one was around. The blue sky was cloudless and my body was so warm and toasty by the mid day sun. I sat on the trail while my daughters dog was running back and forth in the large field of pure white snow. I wept and wept. It is all good. Tears are healing. I think I wept for the many that are aching and searching and humbled because I can be so like a yo yo. Up down in trusting. I know Jesus will work everything out. He does not change. He is the same. Everything is so different. Our assurance is in Jesus Christ. There are no guarantees except Jesus. The enemy wants to throw lies at our vulnerability. He is doomed to hell. Amen.

      Jinny you are walking out your salvation. That is what we do when we are born again. You keep on sister. You will I know it. Hang on to this scripture. Phil. 4:13.

      You have to look it up if you do not know it OK. I just love you in Christ Jinny. Merry Christmas. Know God is using you sister you are a love, a diamond in the chest of treasures. You remember that, always. God worked through you to touch me. Thank You Lord. He does work on two way streets, Amen. Hugs Galore jinny.

    • profile image

      JinnyMarte 6 years ago

      Oh sky2day You must know what you have done here. I am in tears of joy as I write this and here is why...

      I am guilty of not taking anough time to read other people's hubs as much as I'd like to. This morning after prayer and worship and being guided by His love and His Spirit i decided to give back those, like you, who have so kindly given their time to read my hubs. These past few weeks I have seriously been in connection with our Father because there are major changes and decisions in my life and I'm trusting his will to be done. But here's the thing.

      The prayer of Salvation has been the subject around these times and I couldn't help but to feel such joy when you wrote it here. Of all your hubs i picked this one to read because i believe the Holy Spirit guided me to it. Along the week this has been the message. And yesterday as I walked my mother to the mall, a small group of evangelists where gathered on the street handing out pamplhets thats read: Romans10:9-10. 'If you confesswith your mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior,believe in your heart he rose from the dead and repent of sin you will be saved.' And then the man on the microphone said it out loud and I couldn't help but to say Halleluya out loud. Inmediately my mother looks at me and says that this Scripture was the subject spoken about at the church she attends last sunday. Then I come here this morning and read this... The lord bless you for you are truly his faithful one. It is with great joy that I say that this is what has saved my life. The Prayer of Salvation has been crutial in my Christian living up to this day from where I first accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. And this just made the flame just bigger and brighter today!

      So thank you...

      Love, Jinny

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      tia maria Oh yes sista we have times as these!! James tells us we will have various trials! God is holding us when we can not seem to see the light. He has us covered under His Holy wings. His right hand is on us. Oh Praise to GOD. I am delighted to see you as always and lift you in prayer and Blessing. In the Name of Jesus Christ tiamaria I love ya. U keep on U will I know it Phil 4:13

    • Tia Maria profile image

      Tia Maria 6 years ago

      I like the caterpillar / butterfly analogy you used to speak of how your life can be sometimes - I often feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon waiting to finally emerge - beautiful and free.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      bagnmoreblessings You are a lisght sister. You keep shining and sharing the love of Christ. May Gods favor continue to Bless you in abundance and prosperity above and beyond. I know you serve the Lord in a mighty way. You have given much of your time to Bless others. Our treasures will be lined up in Heaven. You will have many many!! Keep on you will Phil 4:13 In Christ Jesus

      Love you sista thank you for coming over and sharing. It means a whole bunch to me. I am grateful for each reader. I pray all be empowered by the love of the King of Kings We have our work cut out for us Hugs Galore always!

    • Knightheart profile image

      Knightheart 6 years ago from MIssouri, USA

      Thank you, my new friend. Reading your hubs and some other Christian brothers and sisters here are a blessing to me! Such wisdom that even King Solomon would blush...hehe. The best part is knowing the Holy Spirit is with me always and that is a great comfort. Thanks again for your encouraging words and prayers! Can't wait to meet you in Heaven...maybe our mansions will be close. LOL God Bless you and my prayers are with you too!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      knightheart Bless You Bro. You are such a gem and mighty in the Lord. My experience is the more I practice by hearing the word the closer and more I love Jesus and the more I know of him and live scripture the less I struggle. I do have my tribulations and struggles. We will in this life the good news is God will never leave nor forsake us. My faith grows like a rolling snowball by hearing the word. You are doing great brother. Your testimony can help many. You keep on and keep on. You will Phil 4:13!! I just love ya knightheart. Praying 4 U.

    • Knightheart profile image

      Knightheart 6 years ago from MIssouri, USA

      Great Hub! I am in the process of becoming the 'new creation' Paul mentions so often in his epistles. Of course, being hearers of the Word and Doing it are difficult. I am studying a book with my pastor called, "Changed Into His Image", by Jim Berg.

      If any of you sometimes struggle, like I do, trying to be hearers AND doers of the Word, but somehow just can't be consistent, I suggest this book.

      Of course, no change is possible unless you are saved and have the Holy Spirit doing the work in you. Just like the caterpillar, we when saved begin that transformation. Sometimes it will take a long time, some short, but God knows what we need, we just have to wait on His timing!

    • bagnmoreblessings profile image

      bagnmoreblessings 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Halleluiah 'sista! Written like a child of Gods!

      I have not read your hubs for a while or anyone elses, but I am catching up now! I can't stay gone for long!

    • CMCastro profile image

      Christina M. Castro 7 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

      I was surprised that I am not the only one who has seen the Transformation of God's beauty in the evolution of a butterfly. (Check out my hub- "Pondering the Metamorphosis of Life") He gives us the opportunity to follow Him read and know His Word and make a decision of who we want to be.

      Your spiritual reminders in this hub are to the point. Even though God only knows what our final destiny will be, we have to make the right decision. Peace. Be blessed. CM

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      alphonsians93 Thank You for coming over for a read. I am Blessed with your presence and comment. Do check back in for more. I intend to come and visit your writings soon, like today. Blessings Galore on your journey alphosians93! (-;

    • alphonsians93 profile image

      alphonsians93 7 years ago from Cebu Philippines

      Wow! I love butterfly...they look beautiful and lovely. You have a very wonderful story man..So you have a very nice hub man i like it!!! Keep it up man!!!

    • profile image

      skye 7 years ago

      maggs224 God is good. Rent was paid, Husband went to treatment center. (never never give up story) God is my supply. He has an amazing delivery system.

      Thank You for stopping over for a read. I am honored to meet you. Many Blessings maggs224 Sending a warm hug.

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 7 years ago from Sunny Spain

      An inspiring hub I look forward to hearing how it turns out.

    • fortunerep profile image

      fortunerep 8 years ago from North Carolina

      Awesome hub, I have felt and said this many times, I used to be a worm but now I am a Butterfly! God Bless



    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 8 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      i just love this one.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      It's wonderful that you've found some peace and hope through faith. You are strong in spirit and your writing certainly showcases this. What a wonderful tribute and story about overcoming obstacles. Thank you for this, skye.

      Have you ever thought of becoming a traveling hairstylist?(I don't think that's the correct term). I hear that they are very popular nowadays. Good luck, skye. I'm so glad we've touched base.

    • holmesjenn profile image

      holmesjenn 8 years ago from Colorado

      Thank you for this well written hub. I loved it as well. I have gone through many transformations the last 2 years of being sick with WNV and have been going through another transformation the last week. I had a pity party and then got back up. That is the key. Getting back up! Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      Kim Garcia 8 years ago

      Thank you so much for this message!! I know that God sent you my way today for a purpose, as I needed to hear His Word and read this as a confirmation.

      Just yesterday I was on a high with the Lord. I was sitting in my backyard and mediating upon His Word, praying for friends and family and thanking Him for the beauty of nature. As I did so....I noticed many yellow butterflies began to flutter around me and my yard. And the thought occurred to me how we, like the butterfly are all transformed in His image, (Christ), when we're born again. The old self gone, and the new and beautiful self in Christ has come. Washed clean before the Lord. What a miraculous transformation, what Amazing Grace! And now all those in Christ Jesus have the blessed assurance that we are saved, and the promise that we will join Him one day and live forever, once again transformed from our earthly bodies to our immortal heavenly!! May God bless you!! Thank you again for this beautiful message!! His love abounds!!

    • Kebennett1 profile image

      Kebennett1 8 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

      I just read it again! I have had a stressful day. Thank you skye, I was just uplifted more than you know. God is in control, and I know all will emerge as the Butterfly He intends, by Faith!

    • simplyjo profile image

      simplyjo 8 years ago

      As always.. very well written and a lovely , thought provoking hub. I'm glad you are back - Missed ya !

    • profile image

      "Quill" 8 years ago

      Though we struggle with who we are at times God reveals to us just how special we really are...each breath we take comes from Him...know that you are loived and He will transform His eyes we are all Butterflies...great Hub Sky...


    • Born Again 05 profile image

      Born Again 05 8 years ago from Honesdale

      What a great encouraging hub! Thank you for sharing this with us. I will be praying for your situation for our great God to provide that which is needed. One day...soon I believe...this will be all behind us and we will be with the Lord forever more.

    • DoodleLyn profile image

      DoodleLyn 8 years ago from Upstate New York, USA

      I loved this hub! It is very well written, and right-on! I try to look at trials and tribulations as opportunities for growth. I often find, down the road a few months, even years, that my experiences will serve me to help someone else. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    • DoodleLyn profile image

      DoodleLyn 8 years ago from Upstate New York, USA

      I loved this hub! It is very well written, and right-on! I try to look at trials and tribulations as opportunities for growth. I often find, down the road a few months, even years, that my experiences will serve me to help someone else. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      I am fully blessed by this message of faith, sister! We are all blessed! What I have seen in my own life, is that when I begin to lose faith, I cry out to God and tell Him so, repent of it and hold on!! I open my hands to losing whatever material thing this earth has to "offer" and trust that He will lead every step of my path. The angels guard our every step!! When God is the God above all gods (including our false sense of worldly security), it proves our faith to Him and to the Adversary. Speaking the Word of God has no power unless we have FAITH. I've learned this from experience, too!! We are saved by grace THROUGH FAITH.

      Look at Abraham, who literally lifted the knife to kill his promised son from God! Sometimes we are tested right up to the very moment God steps in and blesses us more than we could ever have asked for or imagined! It is His proven promise to us! Abraham's seed is still blessed to this day! We are Abraham's seed!! Amen!!

      As far as the butterfly, there's a great video on youtube that tells us the observer of the coccoon (not sure how to spell that) "helped" the butterfly out because it looked like it was struggling too much. By doing this, the butterfly never developed its wings and hobbled around until it died. Our trials strengthen us for what is yet to come. We are the army of the Lord and we are in boot camp, with victory guaranteed!! Amen!!

      See, it's hard to shut me up because I just get more and more filled with His love and fire every time I read hubs like this and the wonderful comments of our sisters and brothers in the Lord! We share in the same sufferings and victories!!

      I haven't had a job since December, and God's told me to rest. I've rested in faith and now I am seeking His next "assignment" in my life :-) It's really about the people, isn't it? They are more valuable than the paycheck...AMEN!!

      Keep on with His ministry and we all stand with you and together in the name above all names, our Jesus!!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago


      This is a beautiful heartfelt hub!

      I love your illustration of butterflies because I get a visual of the catepillar wiggling along. This describes those down days. Then as you say we can "emerge"

      I can relate on many levels. There are days naturally when we are not where we want to be. As God's child I always say I have an invisible umbilical cord that is permanently attached to my Heavenly Father until He takes me home. Each day I can access that spiritual nourishment. Especially so, on those down days. I meditate on His WORD more so...

      If we did not get down sometime, how would we know up? Your picture is great and shows us where our attention needs to be and how we need to lift our hands and Praise Him!

      We are living in some interesting times. Things come and go. But what is important is life itself. The abundant life is possible but it is not based on just the material, what we can see. It is through Faith and leaning and trusting in All of GOD'S PROMISES! Yes He will in His time supply ALL your needs..... Praise God!

      You have given many wonderful sriptures for one to ponder!

      Continue to seek Him diligently He has promised to give you the desires of your heart!

      Thank you for sharing


    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 8 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      wonderful hub, i tend to have pity parties..but then God wakes me up..i stay in chronic pain all the i need to hold onto Jesus..thank you for this

    • profile image

      ftgfmom 8 years ago

      I needed every word written on this page tonight. God Bless You All.

      2 Corinthians 4:8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in dispair; 9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      I am pleased to read the words of a person with such strong personal faith. This testimony is awesome and God Bless You for it. Every word you have written is true.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      This is very encouraging. Extremely. God honours faith. I am positive that He is already preparing another job for your hubby and sending someone to give you the rent. When I am in such situations, I stand on Ps 126 and when the answer comes - honestly, physically my mouth is open in surprise and I am "like them that Dream". Regards, E.

    • profile image

      Wealthmadehealthy 8 years ago

      You go girl! You must have watched Joyce this, have no pity party. God has a plan for all of us and we must believe that when one door shuts, another one opens better than the first. A couple of years ago, I lost all my income, could not pay my bills, rent utilities, they came to make me leave my home after a few months..During all this time I never let go my faith, never moaned cried or food stamps, gvt assistance and all--the day they came with the papers to make me leave, a miracle happened and suddenly the money was all there...Do not let go your faith ever. Believe on the Son, He has a plan for a better beginning....God Bless!

    • Kebennett1 profile image

      Kebennett1 8 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

      "no one can take away kindness, self control, gentleness,peace, joy, faith or love unless we let them. So when the enemy comes for attack, children of God stand tall, rise up, be encouraged and of good cheer, climb on he rock and raise your hands." I love that! And you are right. And I can do ALL things through God who strengthens me! But I have to ask Him to! I AM a butterfly because GOD is on my side!

      This is a wonderful, insightful, and uplifting hub!

    • juliehess profile image

      juliehess 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Sciantel 8 years ago

      God never intended for us to remain the worm for very long. He always intended for the little worms to become His precious butterflies, made in His Image, even the Angels do not have that. Jesus only died for humans. That makes us the most important thing He ever created.