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From the beginning of time ( life as we know it).

Updated on March 23, 2016

Life as we know it.


From the beginning of time, life as we know it.

The beginning of time.

From the moment we take our first breath the fight for survival begins.

Every time we breathe, we learn to love, play, laugh, cry and heal.

Yet life is not a bed of sweet red roses.

We are bought up under the guidance of our parents.

Many lessons are in the teaching of our childhood.

Should we go astray, we have to live with the ramifications of our stance and outlook on life.

Our youth.

During our youth, the character of the man or woman shows glimpses of what we see in the future.

In our youth the way we raised, regardless of social class rich or poor.

The ability of a child to be cautious, still and have mastered the art of listening, as well as obeying the teaching of the folks, has a direct impact on weather the child will be a failure or success later on in life.

Our dreams as we go through life stem from our childhood.

The desire to be a sports star.

The desire to be television presenter, nurse, doctor or which ever career choice you may prefer.

The more we apply our mind to our desires we harness and sharpen our skill.

We start of as beginners then we gradually learn to compete with top athletes perhaps academics.

The relationships we experience in the beginning of our lives when we start making our own choices from age 7, weather we have a calm understanding with our siblings.

Weather you enjoy starting trouble, or you are the peace maker.

Are you a leader do you command attention from your peers, are you brave and ruthless in your beliefs.

Adulthood comes with wisdom.

See our experiences help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses,

So I presume you become wiser when you learn, in the class room or with life’s daily encounters.

To a certain extent the more alert and aware of your surrounding the more you are likely to learn from your mistakes.

Yet life is no playground.

You may have a dream to be a musician, actor, or politician.

You may be young and really excel at what it is you espier to be one day.

Yet some mistakes can shatter our dreams.

Irreversible Mistake.

You innocently start smoking cigarettes , then you develop breathing problems.

Which is detrimental to your voice should you be a singer.

Should you be an athlete poor lungs will rapidly impact on your consistency, performance and speed.

Revisable Mistake.

You impregnate your girlfriend.

This is a reversible mistake in the sense that after you have a baby you can miss school for a year to raise the baby, yet you can carry on with school and even go to university, complete your studies and contribute positively to your countries economy and be respected in society.

Redundant Mistake.

Where the individual makes the same mistake over and over again, failing to acquire wisdom become a better person and grow and become established in life.


A thief will keep committing a crime until they get caught, once they have spent time in jail, it is highly difficult to be rehabilitated into society and find a job and settle down once again in life.

A drug addict, after multiple relapses you start losing the capacity of the reasoning and functioning of your brain and nervous system.

You slowly erode your relationships and can not start something productive and see it to the finish .

This applies to all substance abusers, alcohol and narcotics.


So our life essentially is in Gods hands,

May our parents guide us till we are mature.

May our children, be curious yet obedient, cause because of our choices our life can end

Before we got a chance to be an adult.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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