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Full Moon in Aquarius

Updated on February 10, 2018
Sheryl Willetts profile image

a passionate astrologer and numerologist, who continues to study and expand her knowledge of astrology with the purpose of educating others.

This is an energy charged time to expect the unexpected. Moon is in Aquarius, & while Aquarius is the water bearer, it is actually an air sign & is all about innovation, unconventional, freedom & being unique, modern ruler is Uranus who loves to change things up & live & think outside the box, you could be going in one direction & all of a sudden, your course changed, this is the influence of this energy so best go with it. The sun, mars & north node are all in Leo which speaks to us from the heart, as that's the area that Leo rules, this energy also encourages us to shine our light brightly & be proud, it is courageous & generous.

The sun & moon @ 15 degrees along with numerology being 6 has us quite focused on our relationships during this time, be it work, family, friends & lovers, so change is being called for in these areas as it's a time to let go of relationships that no longer serve you or the other person, it's about you coming from the heart & honouring your light & following your own star, not what others expect you to follow, be bold & unique, dance to the beat of your own drum. The houses these signs rule are the 5th & 11th house axis, so again, the groups we associate with, connecting with others, children, romantic partners, the full moon will shine its light on all these areas of your life. Full moon brings completion, however with this eclipse, it's bringing both completion & new beginnings! It reminds me of someone standing on a platform waiting for a train & there are many other acquaintances on the same platform, our train comes taking us to the next platform in life however we don't want to leave others behind, yet our time has come to board the train & move forward, the journey is about to change, so embrace it.

There is a trine from Jupiter in Libra to the moon in Aquarius at the time of the full moon, Jupiter expands everything it touches & is in Libra, the sign of relationships, again highlighted, the trine creates a nice flow into this aspect. Off course these energies will play out on an individual level also as the full moon will shine its light in the area of your own personal chart. It's a great time to look at those areas of your life that are no longer needed or working for you & to move with change, which can be scary, however what an exciting time & a new adventure. No more hiding, shine your own unique light for all to see & begin those divinely inspired ideas to share with all. Wishing everyone blessings on this full moon.

Full Moon in Aquarius at 15 degrees on 8/8 Brisbane @ 4.10am 7/8 London @ 7.10pm 7/8 LA 11.10am.

© 2018 Sheryl Willetts


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