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Pagan Holidays: Some Fun Yuletide Celebration Ideas

Updated on March 13, 2012

Yuletide Greetings!

Merry Meet and happy holidays! Yuletide comes every winter after Witches New Year (Samhain), to bring us news of the new year ahead.

In this hub, we'll go over some fun and festive ways you can celebrate Yuletide with your family, or by yourself if you prefer.

Adopt -An-Evergreen

During Yuletide, it is customary for us to decorate an evergreen tree, though it is considered crazy to go out and chop down a tree to drag in the house. One of the main points to Yule, is the celebration of life, and to kill a tree would be a horrible way to celebrate.

So instead of buying a pre-cut or cutting your own, why not go out and adopt a little evergreen from your local nursery? Every little tree needs a home, and if no one buys it, they will throw it away. You should bring it home instead, decorate it with your favorite decorations and then plant it outside in around Imbolic or Beltane.

In this way, you honor the source, the Horned Hunter and any other deities of your path, by giving life in the new year, and celebrating eternal life - which an evergreen represents.

Not to mention, every tree planted helps our environment. So you can't go wrong with Adopting-an-Evergreen this Yuletide season!

Mother Goddess Spell

Write your own Mother Goddess Spell in tribute to the end of the Great Mother's pregnancy. Send her and yourself healing energies, whether you are male or female. Then spend some time thinking about all the great mothers, sisters and lovers in your life. Love and charish them - they are the life givers.

Have a Happy Birthday Party

Host a birthday party for the new born Horned Hunter, safely protected by the Great Mother and his consort. You can get a cake, and play some party games. Just don't forget to invite the newborn Hunter and Mother to the party. It's bound to be a blast.

End it by planting an Acorn in a pot, to plant in spring, to celebrate the rebirth of the Oak King and the coming of more sunny days.

Wishing Spell

Create a wishing spell to be cast during the week or day you celebrate Yule, as it is a fantastic ay to bring in the new year. Do away with those pesky resolutions and make wishes instead! By doing so, you will be honoring all things by bringing more peace, harmony and happiness into your world and the world around you.

Tis the Season!

Gift Giving

That's right, pagans started the long standing tradition of gift giving in the winter season, and for good reason to. Whether you were in a cold or warm climate, Yule meant a changing of seasons, which meant a need for adjustments. So what better a time to help out those you know with Yuletide gifts?

Want some ideas for what to get? Here are some traditional Yuletide ideas:

  • Clothing - If it's winter where you are, then warm clothing is a must. Even just a warm pair of wool socks makes a great gift for everyone. If it's warmer weather, why not spring for some t-shirts or sandles?
  • Candles - Not only do they keep you warm and feeling festive, but they represent the Great Mother this season.
  • Board Games - Deck the halls with Decks of Cards! For they will help you while away the winter boredom while you wait for warmer days. Indoor games, toys and amusement were traditionally given during Yule for this same reason.


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    • Cresentmoon2007 profile image

      Cresentmoon2007 6 years ago from Caledonia, MI

      Well written hub about Yule. I never really got too involved with Yule myself but this year I plan on it.