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Future Paradise

Updated on December 23, 2012

Paradise is the best alternative

Our feelings are creations of the tough years of evolution or of god's wisdom. The task of feelings is to give us +/- feedback about whether our way of life is the best possible chosen by evolution or by god. When our way of life is completely healthy, we get only + kind of feedback: such a way of life is a paradise for us!

So it was in the beginning of time, before the era of tools and technology. But the human nature has stayed unchanged, our instructions of usage are still the same. The tools need to be developed so that we can survive with their help, but the demands of tools on humans are the same old familiar ones: to be fit and motivated, in other words that one's way of life would be healthy. And that is the same old paradise like answer to the tough quest for survival. This time we have the technology too - it has to be optimised - but that does not change the fact that the best alternative for humans is a paradise!

Even a computer could understand it

A paradise like this is the paradise of a completely healthy world. Its biological parts are healthy and happy like in the beginning of time. And its man-made parts are well thought of, and the whole planned with wisdom and with moral that is born out of that wisdom. That type of moral is so elementary that even a computer could learn it:

Rationality builds on the principle of treating each thing according to what it is like, like makes sense from the practical point of view. That is the same idea as in carrying responsibility about one's actions: in choosing what one does according to what its true full consequences are. And giving feedback according to those consequences is the idea in justice, which in turn is very near the point behind the success of market economies: paying just for what one wants. Honesty allows people - and machines - to work together most rationally, because it gives a correct picture of how things are, so that you can treat each thing according to what it is like.

So by understanding the value of rationality, of treating things according to what they are like, which ought to be easy to teach to computers via a mathematical model (the value of "correlation" of actions with the structure of the reality), the computers ought to be able to understand the value of these four other things: responsibility, justice, market economy and honesty.

When one adds to this that a healthy i.e. fully functioning whole works better than the same whole as broken, one sees that also human values, nature protection and the development of technology have their important places in the world.

Thus the computer has become moral in its intentions!

This type of moral is world-wide and it is so basic that also humans ought to follow it, so as to gain the best strategy in the tough world - to gain the paradise!

How I can do it?

How could we build the near future paradise? What could I myself do?

The paradise has a simple logic, its moral: You ought not break the paradise, because otherwise You cannot live in it... And if the paradise has gotten broken - like it obviously nowadays has - You ought to help in rebuilding it!

There is a simple way of life, a paradise like way of life, that ought to be enough if You just follow it with a full heart and without ever neglecting it badly. Here it is:

"I love happy Life! So I take happy life as my value, as a thing that I cultivate in the world at large..."

And that's it! Such a simple rule and it ought to be enough for a paradise on earth.

But that means that we should get others too to follow that guideline. Being a happy pleasant kind of fellow You might well succeed in bringing friends along too!

(It is a healthy kind of course of action well suited for the tough world if You take just healthy natural ways of living according to feelings and with a holistic picture of the whole world, as Your way of reaching for happiness of Yourself and others.)

Building positive social relationships

Why evil is not beneficial

How to become smarter

Learn to be rational

If You could learn to think well by yourself, and build a rich rational picture of the world, that would be a lesson worth all the years in school... At least many think so.

Here You can learn just that in a tiny fraction of that time: maybe in an hour You can reach such a great level of rationality that people will think that You were unusually rational to begin with...

Please try it out!

My Future Paradise Theory

Completely rational book about future paradise theory

You can read my book "Year 2030: Technologized Nature Paradise" as an online version here.

It is a long long PDF file and so give it some time to load.

Please check it out, bladdre it through and get some person with real stamina for objective thinking to read it through for You!

The beginning of the book has longer parts but mostly it is enough if you bladdre it through, pick some interesting subject and read a paragrapf or two. I wrote at lenght so that also academical people could believe this to be the objective truth, since their opinion matters when one wants to put things like this into practise in the large scale. But for you it is propably enough to read only short pieces and mostly just glance the book through.

The mechanical way of thinking that I used in writing the book is because it makes easier to program these things to the future computers. For human readers the ordinary schooled kind of objective thinking is ok, especially if one adds to it one's own experience of life, common sense and an understanding of emotional kinds of truths. The value-free optimization point of view is to help to support moral truths and emotional wisdom in this modern age when many traditional truths are questioned. It is not intended as a starting point or a way of thinking, but as an extra perspective to use alongside one's emotionally wise views as an extra support for them, against moral deteriorating in tough situations. Just use healthy common sense instead! The thinking type that brought me these thoughts is objective philosophical kind of thinking. It allows one to handle also emotional points of view and complex phenomena with objectivity. The clumsy style is because many forget emotional truths when trying to be modern people of the era of technology's advance, so I tried to correct that error away. The seeming starting points of the thoughts in this book are the usual errors people make in thinking about these matters, the usual problems they run into. I have tried to show how my theory perspective can answer these questions in a neat and handy way. It is advicable for you to learn just the theory perspective which brings the answers and not copy any of the mentioned problems that others without it run into. Such cynical starting points bring only problems. Use the concepts of health versus brokenness to understand complex systems and the value of life according to emotions in the tough tough world. Never mind the problems of too stupid mechanucal thinking born out of copying the looks of the square forms of the built environment instead of actually trying to build a faithful picture of the reality like would be most objective and less narrow-minded.

All exists for love

Science Fiction Paradise Story

For You, Gaia My Love

In the beginning of time there was the healthy biosphere, Gaia, and it was a paradise, a world full of love.

There were no artificialities in the world. Each part of Gaia was at its correct natural place and so the world was filled with love for life and love for Gaia.

Humans had simple tools with which they made a living in harmony with the nature.

Until they forgot. Maybe it were the tough times that forced them to do so. Maybe all were not as intelligent as others and there was a communication problem. But at some point someone got attached to the tools and the society didn't correct the error away.

The paradise was lost, since only with healthy ways of living can there be a paradise, only with a full understanding bought by the healthy ways of living can there be a paradise.

Now there was no longer and those who didn't have didn't understand why since they used stupid artificial ways of thinking and could no longer understand the natural truths that each animal and each human being understand as a gift from birth. They tried hard and thought that maybe by the help of tools they could reach the happiness which they had lost when they lost their natural emotional understanding of the world.

Times passed and the world become filled with artificialities. The natural emotional understanding was no longer trusted except by only a few men and most women. The world seemed out of control. The tools followed laws of their own, not caring for the human kind, much less for the living kind.

(Scenario Year 2030 ->)

But as machines were developed, they became wiser and wiser. Untill their understanding started to resemble that of the natural humans and animals, of even the Gaia brain. And so, a little by little, the Gaia paradise was restored by the help of the machine brains. This book is about that mechanical road back to a Gaia paradise. About the mechanical understanding of machines, about the very sure scientifical way of thinking and about the natural understanding of humans and animals.

By my nature, I am a member of a Gaia paradise. Everything that I do is in essence an act to make Gaia better, safer, more flourishing. Everything is for Gaia. Also this book.

Everything is for Gaia. For all living beings. Just sometimes, quite often for us humans, we get lost and the end result is not for Gaia but something else. But let us now find / travel the road back to Gaia, back to the paradise in the beginning of time.

Please read my book about the road back to the Gaia paradise! Or at least bookmark this blog...

Power of love will win over love for power

The Road to the Future Paradise

Our lives are based on the things that we love - really!


Realism demands that there is a possibility of putting the paradise dream into practice. It is a global dream that just about all share, so it could also offer great incomes for those who are willing to put it into practice:

Say that you could be promised a paradise on Earth during your own lifetime, with the surety of objective thinking and Euro-Russian cultural heritage combined. How much would you be willing to pay for that possibility, for that development in the world, in addition to agreeing to follow it yourself?

One dollar a day? Then for those in developing countries the costs could be 10 cents a day. Let's say that you could gain a global average of ten cents a day...

It is a huge job, so you would need many people working for it - either full time or part time. Let's say that there were one million paradise enthusiasts working full time for the goal of a paradise on Earth during this life time...

The world's population is presently 6 800 times one million. So with 10 cents per day it would produce an income of 680 dollars a day for each paradise builder. Maybe a major part of that would be spend in all kinds of costs, but...

It is well possible that those working for the paradise goal could gain 400 dollars a day each. that is some 120 000 dollars a year! For each of the one million working full time for that goal all around the globe...

So, economically speaking it ought to be well worth the effort: well possible in practice!

The traditional Finnish speaking majority culture of Finland

These thoughts

These thoughts (and especially the book) are meant to support already existing other roads to a more beautiful happy world. These thoughts do not provide a ready-made road to a better world. Instead these thoughts try to fix practical problems in other already existing roads to a better world. That is the reason why the book may appear very cynical. If one wants to apply the book, one should apply the beautiful end results and not copy the cynical starting points. Many of these thoughts are good to know in addition to other things. They are not a recommendation of how to approach the subject. Instead use the more beautiful traditional approaches of your own culture.

These thoughts are born of the Finnish speaking main-stream majority culture of Finland. The Finnish culture is spread by conversations that add one thought at a time a single selfish thought that supports good moral, happy life and freedom, wisdom of life, etc. Likewise you can add some of these thoughts to gain something of worth, and still mainly keep your own ideals.

Thank You for visiting my page!

Please spread the word about this wonderful possible future for us all!

If you have any questions left, please post them here below in the comments and I will answer them.

My other hub pages might interest you too, especially this one about modern work efficiency and feelings.

On my video channel here you can find long long playlists of videos on the rationality of feelings etc. Those are mainly text videos without sound but ought to shed some more light on the subject...

Thank You for visiting my page!

A remark

The paradise here means healthy ways of living on all areas of life. But that is different for each individual. For the thin it means lots of good food and for the fat a refreshing light diet. But it means also other things: enjoyable motion according to one's own motivation and the likings of each fraction of a second, a good holistic understanding of the world, a strong loving contact with the wild nature, meaningful things to do, life with a full heart without losing sight of the whole, healthy spirited social relationships,...

Another remark

Then why is a paradise possible if it so often is so very far away in practise?

Often problems get solved via a different perspective that brings a different approach - a perspective that is naturally in use in some other place far away where life is very different and these problems just do not exist. When applied here the new perspective manages to solve problems that those lost in the conflict were not able to handle at all.

A successful life strategy is a collection of such solution bringing perspectives and a willingness to learn new ones if they can help.


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