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Future of Buddhism in India

Updated on March 25, 2016
Ashok Chakra
Ashok Chakra

Buddhism was one of the most important religions in ancient India. But after revival of Vedic religion, it was completely vanished out from this country. Although it was spread in major parts of Asia, including China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asian countries, there were no followers of this great religions in its birth place, India.

But in the middle of 20th century, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar adopted Buddhism with his hundreds of thousands of followers. He had sworn long before that he was born as a Hindu, but will not die as a Hindu. His adoption of Buddhism created an awareness about this religion in masses. Before this, most of the people in India didn't know about Buddhism, even that that there was such a religion.

But it is a sad thing that the spread of Buddhism in India is not satisfactory as it is suffering from many limitations. The notable thing is that about 80% of the people who have adopted Buddhism are from Maharashtra, the home state of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Besides that, most of the Buddhists from Maharashtra belong to a specific Dalit caste.

There are no takers of Buddhism in so called higher castes, as they think that Buddhism is the religion of Dalits. Most of the Vedic operated Hindu minds think that Buddhism is an enemy of Hinduism and the nation. On the other hand, other Dalits too do not want to adopt Buddhism. These things are big barriers in spread of Buddhism in India.

Another sad thing is that some politicians are using this religion for their own interests. Buddhism has become a political religion. It is a dangerous thing and creates bad effects against the spread of Buddhism.

I do not care about what my Buddhist friends will say about my this observation that many Buddhist laymen and monks like to speak against other religions, especially Hinduism. It is another obstacle against spread of Buddhism. We can spread any religion by love, not by hate. Presenting Buddhism as an anti-Hindu religion is an absolute wrong thing. No matter what Hindus think about Buddhism.

In recent days, there is an unrest about Hinduism in many communities in India. Such communities want to leave Hinduism. They show a love for Buddhism, but avoid to adopt it. Instead, they like to form a new religion. Shivadharm and Rohidasiya religion are two examples of such new religions.

Now I think that you can imagine the future of Buddhism in India. But if we could remove the obstacles, the bad future can be changed. Otherwise, we will have to wait for Buddhism coming here from America and Europe.

-Mahavir Sanglikar

20,000 untouchables convert to Buddhism


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  • profile image

    vinay chouhan 4 years ago

    Buddhism is first ancient and great in world.

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 5 years ago from Malaysia

    Everything happens naturally, the timing is not right yet. Any religion is good if it preaches the good thing.

  • profile image

    sunil111 5 years ago

    Mr jainismus, i read some articles of urs, and i like it.

    u r having different ideas what i knows or what general society knows for example 1) Geeta (written by Vyasa -general opinion )

    but u says its written during Guptas dynasty.

    and so many other things are there , where u gave ur different views.

    do you have any proof for this? any books ? references ? i m curious about these things and want to know the truth, please help me

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India

    Thank you Piyush for expressing your views.

  • profile image

    Piyush Khobragade 5 years ago

    yup.... It iz the reallity of Buddhist peoples who considered himself still DALIT....

    There iz no impression of Buddha's teaching over this Dalit Peoples..... They Don't care what Buddha taught.... They just want to take Revenge to the vedic peoples....

    Peoples forgot what is main important thing according to Dr. Ambedkar (buddhamay Bharat)

    But here are Some intelligent peoples.... Who really care about Buddhism.... They knows what is important for Dr. Ambedkar..... They are trying to spread Buddhism........ with peace.......... by spreading the real teaching Buddha.....

    Thanks mr. Sanglikar... You have adressed right point......... It iz the reality of present society................

    According to my Survey:

    present time there are three communities of the peoples in India..... who where untochables many years ago......

    Buddhist (who converted to Buddhism) : this types of peoples... are totally impressed by buddhas teaching..... they really care..., fallow and try to spread what buddha taught..

    MAHAR : This types of peoples.... Don't care what buddha taught.. They called himself DALIT (after convervt to Buddhism) they are anti-hindu (brahmin). The 22 wows which given by Dr. Ambedkar is the holly book of this types of peoples... But tragidy is that this types of peoples just fallows only the wows which oppose to the hinduism..... They don't care about the wows who accept Buddhism.....

    Dalit : this types of peoples...... Don't care about lord buddha and dr. Ambedkar too... this types of peoples are againt Brahmnism but comes under the Hinduism.......

    Example : miss Mayawati...

    Really Nice article sir,,, i will definatly share this............(my eng iz nt proffesional so try to understand.)

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India

    You are right, thank you for your comment.

  • spirituality profile image

    spirituality 5 years ago from The Netherlands

    I too am curious about the future of Buddhism in India. I don't know why people don't adopt it more, but I do think it's a hard sell: Hindu's insist Buddhism is a form of Hinduism and that doesn't help. It doesn't surprise me that Buddhists respond by overstating the issues with Hinduism.

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India

    Samraj, thank your again for expressing your views.

  • profile image

    Samraj19 5 years ago

    If Buddhism exists then social divide and discrimination would have not existed in India. India is struggling with the social issue starting from the medieval period, Dr Ambethkar understood that and asked people to adopt Buddhism as a medicine for the social discrimination but it was too late as social divide/discrimination is like a H1N1 virus spread across Indian which cannot be cured with any medicine, we are just controlling it. Indian politics also works on the basis of social divides and religion

  • Knowing Truth profile image

    Knowing Truth 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Hi jainismus, great to give an update on the status of Buddhism at its motherland.

    In the Kalama Sutta, Buddha spoke to the Kalama people:

    "Come, Kalamas. Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing, nor upon tradition, nor upon rumor, nor upon scripture, nor upon surmise, nor upon axiom, nor upon specious reasoning, nor upon bias toward a notion pondered over, nor upon another's seeming ability, nor upon the consideration 'The monk is our teacher.' When you yourselves know: 'These things are bad, blamable, censured by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to harm and ill,' abandon them... When you yourselves know: 'These things are good, blameless, praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,' enter on and abide in them."

    Buddhism invites people to come and see, try it, test it and experience it, until you truly realized it! Ehipasiko!

    Quality is preferred.

  • hiru2007 profile image

    hiru2007 6 years ago from Qatar

    Dear friend,

    You have explained about Buddhism in India and I like to add more to it.

    Buddhism was not vanished from India because of revival of Vedic religion. Buddhism has destroyed by Vedic people in India in that time. Do you know, they killed Buddhist monks, destroyed temples and followers.

    Dr. Ambedkar was a great person who raises awareness of the Buddhism in India in that time. In his life, he had to face many difficulties because of the cast. According to the Buddhism, there are 27 reasons to be an outcast. Neither on birth no one be an outcast or a braghmana.

    Buddhism is not for Dalit it is for everyone who is intelligent. Don’t think Buddhism will come from America or Europe. It’s never happened. If it is happened all will be accepted it with honor. That is the imagination of unintelligent community.

    If someone really into Buddhism, read “Thripitaka“those are the books of immaculate truth about Buddhism.

  • profile image

    rohit 6 years ago

    very true but many time vedik people try to spread wrong info about buddhism is also cause of limiting it's growth .