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Updated on February 14, 2010

The Significant number 7

The number 7 is one of the most significant numbers used by religious and non-religious groups. Throughout the 66 different books of the bible and other ancient writings the number 7 appears regularly! The meaning of this number is fascinating and it is amazing how much information surrounds the number 7 and how relevant it is to our lives today and most definitely will be a huge impact on us in the near future!

This is the 7th hub therefore it seems appropriate to write about the number 7, a very significant number. There is so much to write on this subject that It will be necessary to do a series to cover it all. This will be in three parts; 7a, 7b,7c. Remember these three 7's as 777 will be relevant in one of the next parts (7a or 7b).

This article (hub) is 7a and introduces you to the significance of the number 7.

Here is some information to wet your appetite :

  • Genesis 2.2 "By the 7th day G-d had finished his work..."
  • Genesis 29:18 " Jacob was in love with Rachel and said " I'll work for you (Laban) seven years in return for your younger daughter, Rachel."
  • Joshua 6:4 " On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets (7)...."
  • Isaiah 11: 15 ...He (G-d) will break it up (Euphrates River)into seven streams so that men can cross over in sandals.
  • Revelation 1:12 "I saw seven golden lampstands, and among the lampstands was someone 'like a son of man'...
  • Revelation 2: The 7 Churches
  • Revelation 6 The 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 plagues/bowls of wrath

Some of the above passages will be looked at in greater detail in 7b or 7c.

So now you have been introduced to some of the passages in the bible that mention the no 7, some were in the first book of the bible, some were in the prophetic books of the bible such as Isaiah and some were found in the last book of the bible, The book of Revelation.

Now you have linked the bible through the use of the number 7.

The number seven has very special significance in the bible. G-d uses names, letters and numbers to provide us with more information about a specific topic, this will become more clear as we explore this topic further.

Many people attempt to imitate G-d's mysteries by replacing those mysteries with counterfeits. For example; attempts have been made to create bible codes and various numerical codes; numerology is one of the most commonly known. Yet none of these attempts have any real validity because they have been invented through mankind and his own imagination. Some of these codes can however, appear to be very accurate - counterfeits can be convincing- as we saw with Pharaoh and his magicians when they imitated G-d's plagues during the time of the Israelites slavery in Egypt. Exodus 7

However imitators have limited ability just like false prophets, they can only go so far then they get stuck. The pharaoh's sorcerers managed to imitate Mose and Aaron's snake miracle (when Aaron's staff turned into a snake) but Aaron's snake ate the sorcerer's snakes! Note this was a miracle not one of the plagues.

Then the sorcerers attempted to imitate G-d's first plague, the plague of blood, where water was turned into blood. The sorcerers tried their spells again and succeeded to turn water into blood. However, Seven days passed, then came the second plague, the plague of frogs and the magicians managed to produce the same.

Then came the third plague which was the production of gnats, but for some reason the magicians could not match this plague, in fact they only managed to have power to perform 2 plagues, they could not manage the other 8 plagues. This is an indication of the difference between the power of man and the power of G-d!!!

But because the magicians produced counterfeits, they fell short, they could only go so far with their spells and trickery, as they were not performed with G-d's authority or within His divine plan!

Remember this section on the plagues it will be relevant in either 7b or 7c.

This is a reminder of another bible story, Elijah on Mount Carmel where he performed a sacrifice to G-d whereas some false prophets sacrificed to a false god and guess who won? The 'ratio was 1:450 - Elijah againstĀ 450 false prophets.

Elijah said to them " We shall call on the name of the Lord, the god who answers by fire - he is G-d." They agreed, and it doesn't take much imagination to realise that Elijah won that bet! Because he was a servant of a living G-d and dead gods cannot do anything. Even humans or subhumans (fallen angels) cannot supercede The Almighty G-d!

Throughout the bible there are codes in different forms- but this is one of G-d's Mysteries - the number 7 . Those who are already guided and counselled by the Holy Spirit will no doubt already understand its meaning. But it goes deeper!

G-d's codes have no catchy name, the purpose of these codes is not to provide individuals with a mystical 'high'. It is purely there in the bible because G-d in His Magnificence, who supersedes all other intelligence or genius, can produce no less!

The bible has many layers, some of which are:

  1. For general readership by a) non-seekers who are just curious for its content, b) those interested in historical significance. c) scholars d) simple folk who do not feel the need to go deep but have a keen interest.
  2. New seekers or believers reading at story level to get an over all picture of the Bible's contents. Those believers who are still on the 'milk' or not spiritually aware.
  3. This level is for those who venture a bit deeper into their reading and recognise there is more to the bible than just a simple explanation. They look at the deeper meanings but they do not know G-d personally. This is the Jewish Rabbi level and professors of theology level.
  4. This level is for those who have made a commitment to their Lord.They look beyond the bible as reading material and recognise it is a guide book for their lifestyle as a 'born again' believer. It has become relevant to their particular life. This is also the Jewish Rabbi level as they recognise G-d (Hashem) is part of their life as their Lord and they are chosen people, they will also have made a commitment to their Lord. so Torah has a specific meaning to them but it does not include the New Testament Lord (Yeshua) or the New Testament books. Jewish people and Rabbis stop at this level as do all non-believers and new believers/seekers.
  5. This deeper level again is for 'born again' believers, but now they recognise that this is actually G-d's word speaking to them personally as well as collectively and directly through its contents! .
  6. At this level the prophesy books take on a new level of importance. By studying the prophesies these believers discover the Lord's plan for humanity, that prophesies are real and G-d's promises are real! Man's destiny becomes very clear. Believers have a deeper understanding of what G-d expects from them, realising that the bible is their pathway through life - the whole of G-d's pattern and plan for this world becomes very clear. They are closer to G-d recognising He is the Father of Yeshua, and Yeshua when he was a man worshipped G-d the Father!
  7. At this level knowledge has increased , believers have reached a level where only those who are open to G-d's teaching to this depth, can fully understand or appreciate its contents as a LIVING WORD, full of codes and confirmation of G-d's existence! This is evidenced by
  • the link between the individual books of the bible,
  • through prophesies, revealing the son of G-d's existence throughout the bible
  • by G-d speaking to each 'Spirit-filled' individual with a personal, encouraging message - straight from the Almighty!
  • Through the Hebrew language letters of the alphabet, names and numbers which all have a value and a story to tell.

Finally, the number 7 as seen so far, represents a mystery number that is used at different significant times. All of the highlighted 7's above were specific to G-d's coded pattern or plan within the scriptures of the bible. Even the Chapter 7 which was about the plagues was no coincidence. All will be revealed in greater detail as we follow through the series.

The three hubs (articles) will reveal more about the mystery 7 and the importance of the number 7. to us, So don't forget to read the next two when they are published!


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    • M.A.Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      M A Noble 

      8 years ago from U.S.A.

      Yes I read it also and his second book, it is amazing how many people accepted his theory as truth. Everyone talked about it. It was on the news, in the newspaper, there were debates, yet right in front of their noses is God's truth -in the Bible!

    • Disappearinghead profile image


      8 years ago from Wales, UK

      Years ago I read the book 'The Bible Code' by Michael Drosnin. It sounded so plausable that by these coding methods everything that has ever occured in the world could be encoded in the bible. He concluded that the bible was written by some superior intelligence, but this must have been aliens because God did not exist. Yeah, thanks for that Michael.

    • M.A.Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      M A Noble 

      8 years ago from U.S.A.

      Wow, that is interesting! I have also something on similar lines. If you look at Isaiah 52:13 in the Hebrew version, reading from right to left. Ignore the first three letters (Hey,Nun Hey). Start with the next word, (yod,sheen,kaph,yod,lamed) Take the first letter (Y) from that word. Then starting from the same word, count 7 words and take the first letter (sheen), do the same again, the next letter of the 7th word will be the vav which is oo sound in this word because it is the 'o' vowel, count the next 7 words and you have the ayn with the sound of uh! You have just spelt out Yeshua’s name, in one of the most prophetic passages in Isaiah that refers to Yeshua as the suffering servant!

      Shalom and be well!

    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi again

      I really find the Theomatics something else. Many years ago.I read that in Hebrew and in Genesis there was ELS of 49 letter code that spelt "TORAH" count 49 letters and 50th would be "T" count another 49 and then "O" again 49 and then "R" until the word "TORAH" is spelt and this continues completely to the end of Genesis. In Deuteronomy it is done in reverse and same letter spacing.

      Strange though it seems but 7x7 =49 so in order to get to the letters you need to count in 7 batches of 7s.

      Revelations mention the "Word" "Seven" 30 times

      Go well


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