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God's Mighty Bible Code 7c

Updated on February 14, 2010

Lamech 777

This is the third part of a series on the mystery number 7, G-d's holy number used to represent completion of something and can be seen to be used throughout the Bible. It links not only the 66 books of the Bible giving evidence of the Bible's authenticity, it also links chapters and lines to the characters life and demonstrates prophesy and reveals hidden codes within the depth of Biblical scriptures!!!

The topic in this part is about Lamech and the triple 7. It was intended to cover Lamech and the Book of Revelation in this part, however, there was such a lot to write about Lamech that Revelation will be dealt with in an extra hub 7d.

Lamech, who is he? I hear you ask. Well he is a man that is rarely spoken of and he is found in Genesis 5 as part of Adam's descendency lineage. It is interesting that this generation list is in chapter 5 because this is the number of G-d's Grace and a new beginning, it also pertains to sacrifice. Keep that in mind as it will be useful information later.

Lamech was the 9th man in Adam's descendency line and Lamech lived for 777 years. Nothing in G-d's word is by coincidence. So remember these numbers. Lamech was also the second man after Enoch went up to be with G-d. So when Enoch left - it was completed and Lamech was the beginning of something new!

Remember Enoch was the 7th and he finalised that era or generation. Then came Methusalah, then Lamech, then Noah.

There were 10 men, including Adam, in total. This will be discuss in more detail later.

Ten is the number for devastation/destruction. Noah was the man of G-d who saw the destruction of that world and he saw the transition of this world. The transition and re-population of this world came through his sons.

Gen 6 9, gives an account of Noah. "Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with G-d..." .." Now the earth was corrupt in G-d's sight and was full of violence. " Note Noah also 'walked with G-d.

Noah was 600 years old when the floods started, on the 17th day of the 7th month the Ark came to rest. Noah sent out the dove who returned with no sign that it was safe to go out of the Ark. Noah waited 7 days sent the dove out again and it returned with an olive leaf!. He waited 7 more days , sent the dove out for a 3rd time and it did not return. After the flood Noah lived 350 years Altogether he lived 950 yrs. The 9 as we know represents judgement and 5 represents a new beginning and G-d's Grace.There is so much more that can be written about Noah but this is enough for now as we need to return to Lamech. But bear in mind these numbers and this story as it is relevant to the final outcome of this article.

So leading up to and including Enoch were 7 key figures:

  1. Adam meaning Man
  2. Seth meaning Appointed
  3. Enosh meaning Mortal
  4. Kenan meaning Sorrow
  5. Mahalalel meaning The Blessed G-d
  6. Jared meaning Shall come down
  7. Enoch meaning teaching

I am sure you are getting the picture here?

Then after that, completed 7th period, comes the last 3 key figures Methusalah, Lamech, Noah.

They are the last 3 because they follow on from the previous 7 to 'perfectly complete' that world, these three names also perfectly complete the destruction of the world. And from that world comes a new beginning! Remember the number 3 denotes G-d's divine perfection and number 7 denotes G-d's divine completion!

In the middle of those three key figures is Lamech (nothing is by coincidence - all has a meaning within G-d's word and it is all part of G-d's divine plan).

Lamech the centre piece has his own story! lamech was the father of Noah. Noah is a simile of a saviour- providing salvation (via the Ark) and Lamech is a simile of The Heavenly Father.

Lamech named his son Noah because he said " He will comfort us in the labour and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the Lord has cursed." Gen 5:28. What does that mean? It means Noah will provide the way for the curse to be lifted, how did Noah do that? He did it through his son's who were chosen by G-d to "be fruitful and multiply" reproducing mankind.

(Believers! Can you see the link between this and the Holy Priesthood- as we are part of the same - to increase the family of G-d through our spreading the Good News?)

Can you see how this links with Christ who was sent by his father to bring comfort in our labour and painful toil in the land (world) that has been cursed? Yeshua (Christ) provides the way for the curse to be lifted in our personal lives!

And it came through Noah as his son Shem became the descendency line for YESHUA!

Noah was a righteous man who walked with G-d and therefore through his lineage came the lineage of the righteous and blessed, they also became the chosen. It was only fitting that Yeshua should come to earth as a man - in the flesh to save us, through the lineage of SHEM!

He was born through the chosen and blessed line of SHEM. This is now linked to the present Jewish line of righteous Jews and the 'Born again' Christians - who have become THE NEW ISRAEL! Now if you are still not convinced of Yeshua as the saviour! Then see below:

  1. Adam meaning Man
  2. Seth meaning Appointed
  3. Enosh meaning Mortal
  4. Kenan meaning Sorrow
  5. Mahalalel meaning The Blessed G-d
  6. Jared meaning Shall come down
  7. Enoch meaning Teaching
  8. Methusaleh meaning His death shall bring
  9. Lamech meaning The despairing
  10. Noah meaning Rest comfort.

There it is in the 10 names! The Gospel of Christ -Yeshua!

Man appointed as a mortal man of sorrow is the Blessed G-d and shall come down to the world to teach and his death shall bring the despairing rest and comfort.

To conclude there is also a message for the Antichrist's in this world and a comfort to believer's everywhere!:

Gen 23 Cain killed his brother out of envy and was cast out of G-d's presence into the world where he was vulnerable to attack by the wicked. G-d in his mercy placed a seal of protection on Cain, because he was still G-d's anointed ( Cain had repented from his terrible crime).

G-d said, ' if anyone was to deliberately harm Cain (his anointed) (because of this crime that Cain had repented from) then G-d would seek revenge on that person 7 times over'.

Lamech accidentally killed in self defence and therefore not under G-d's judgement. But again Cain was mentioned. Lamech said that 'as he also was G-d's anointed, he would be avenged by G-d, 77 times', because he was innocent! There you have it folks!

If you have repented from your sins to Yeshua and the sin is still being raised by satan to keep you in that guilt of sin! Then there is a promise to you and  you are to recognise that anyone who attempts to harm you will be avenged by G-d. The Almighty G-d will deal with their punishment.

You do not have to carry a burden - you have been set free! Therefore go forward and enjoy your freedom!

The message to those antichrists is this - if you are persecuting those who are anointed be it on your own heads! You have received the message from G-d concerning your destiny - unless you turn to him in repentence!

Yeshua is, The Way, The Truth and the Life, there is no other way to the FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH HIM! Amen!


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    • M.A.Noble profile image

      M.A.Noble 8 years ago from UK

      I do feel that God is working it out now so that churches will hear from believers like you and I. The message will be to bring people back to their heritage, just what you have written in your comment. I have been waiting patiently 15 years for the time when people were ready to hear the truth. It is now happening.

      We are so far away from living the disciples/apostle lives. We celebrate easter a pagan festival that originated from a Babylonian god, instead of Passover- the festival at the time of Yeshua's crucifixion. We celebrate christmas when Yeshua was actually born in the summer. But more importantly we have followed humanistic translation of God's word. The church has a lot of rpentence to do! But then christians are taught they do not need too, because the blood of Christ covers them. This is another major distortion of the truth. Deliberate continuous sin needs repentence!

      You make a valid point which is the key to what is required of us,"The Jews know the mysteries, but do not believe them, the church would believe them, but do not know of their existence." This is our calling to bridge this gap!

      What you say here,"We have been deprived of so much of God's truth in scripture, and we don't even know what we are missing. Meanwhile the church is so distracted by the sparkly things of this world and playing at church, it doesn't see it is poor blind and wretched, content that a 30 second prayer of salvation is a golden ticket to heaven.

      Spot on!

    • Disappearinghead profile image

      Disappearinghead 8 years ago from Wales, UK

      I'm also convinced that the formailsed setting up of the church around the time of Constantine damaged the church in ways we hardly grasp these days. By abandoning our Jewish heritage we have lost so much understandng of scripture, things that are 'hidden' but we are now no longer aware of their presence. The Jews know the mysteries, but do not believe them, the church would believe them, but do not know of their existence.

      The church has also been conned into a literal reading of scripture. With its zeal to insist that everything written is literally true, it misses the fact that scripture is full of allegory, parable, synonym and metaphor which is written on another level. If we only read the literal of what is wrtten, we are only paddling in the shallows.

      We have been deprived of so much of God's truth in scripture, and we don't even know what we are missing. Meanwhile the church is so distracted by the sparkly things of this world and playing at church, it doesn't see it is poor blind and wretched, content that a 30 second prayer of salvation is a golden ticket to heaven.

    • M.A.Noble profile image

      M.A.Noble 8 years ago from UK

      Yes! God has provided it all in one book! Problem is because of many believers stiff-necks these truths have been closed to them - just as they were to the Pharisees!

      Soon though, if not already, God will remove the scales from their eyes so that they will see. These things I have written about are all there for readers to see, but different people have different levels of understanding. The more we seek the more God will reveal!

      There has been a trend for many years, where believers have submissively followed every word preached by their leaders without question and without searching (in prayer) the truth from God himself, because of this many scriptures never get read. The trend is to refer to the same scriptures over and over again, because they were the ones that were learnt of by heart. This has caused many to become stale in their faith, they saw only what they wanted to see.

      You will be amazed at the delights in the scriptures that have not yet been discovered by the church.

    • Disappearinghead profile image

      Disappearinghead 8 years ago from Wales, UK

      Wow. The first 10 names of man. There are so many amazing facts about scripture that the church just simply is not aware of. I shall have to look into this.


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