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Ghostly Goings On. Spooky!

Updated on November 19, 2012


I'm sat writing this in a darkened room, scaring myself silly. It's night time and my senses are heightened when i think about the question do you believe in ghosts? This has always been a question that i have wanted to answer, but because i always believe in my senses of what is real being defined by what i can see, hear, touch, smell and taste, it hasn't been until recently that the answer has had to be No. I have wanted to believe, but i had never visually seen a ghost or had any ghostly experiences, until i went to scotland! Now i had a bit of a castle frenzy when i visted Scotland last April. For some reason i had it in my mind that i wanted to cram as many visits to scottish castles into one week that i could. Believe me we did alot of miles in the car, up and down Scotland, all over the place in search of Castles. Now, the Castle where i had this ghostly experience didn't look very scary, in fact out of all the castles i had visited, this was the most inviting. It even had daffodills growing on the hill surrounding the castle blowing in the wind. From the outside it looked lovely, there was a nice little path to walk on upto the castle with loads of flowers growing next to it. So you can imagine my surprise when i stepped in side the castle and felt the atmosphere change abruptly. It was dark and horrible, the rooms were cold and open and echoey. I hated it the staircases where winding and crammed, the darkness of the rooms was spooky. I remember standing across from this one room with my camera getting ready to take a photograph, when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and in the darkness of the room in front of me an even darker shadow, that looked like a hooded figure drifted past the room. I was frozen on the spot, i couldn't believe it. i shouted out to my friend to come and see and take me away from that one particular room that was horrible. My friend didnt believe me. But the funny thing was that when we went back through to the gift shop of the castle the lady that was running it said that staff don't go there to that part of the castle because alot of bad things had happened there and prisoners were kept there to die. Spooky as i had no idea of the goings on in that castle room before. So my question to you is do you believe in ghosts or have you had any experiences in the paranormal. After that i have to say that i'm a believer!


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