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GOD will give us a rainbow after a storm! Leave your burdens with HIM!

Updated on August 4, 2019

Asking for help from our Heavenly FATHER

There will be days when you will think you should have stayed home and not have to deal with the issues of the day. Or when things seem to pile up and then you may feel overwhelmed but what life has been "giving" you and you have had enough.

Someone will say in meaning all well and good that don't worry about it. This is easy to say, but when a person is going through what they are going through there is no one that can ease the pain but JESUS. Trusting in HIM is what medicine for the cure that the soul needs.

Read Galatians chapter 6 for understanding of what I mean. All of your burdens, mental, physical, and financial...all! GOD is bigger and HE has control. You may not see what HE is doing while you are in the midst of what is happening around you. But with yo9ur faith and trust in GOD, you will see what was and is being done to help you through your heavy burdens!

I look up to thee oh GOD, for you are my help

A rainbow after a storm!
A rainbow after a storm! | Source

GOD loves us.

Have you ever been in a situation where there seemed like there was a "storm" around you? Where you could not see the end of it? But then, with prayer and faith it passed from you? Many of us will go through times like this. I feel they are tests of faith that we have to endure, which in turn makes us stronger and give us a lesson to learn as well.

When I took this picture, I was inspired by how the rainbow came after the storm. And then how the blue skies were coming up right behind the storm. Making the air clean, fresh and renewed. Beautiful to witness. And this is what I want to share with you.

No matter what you are going through right now, always remember that "this too shall pass". We ALL have trials because we are all human. This is not heaven, but heaven is the place where I do want to be when it is time by what GOD will say it is. I look at a storm, and this reminds me of what the word says. Reading the book of Matthew, the whole book by the way will give you the knowledge of what our LORD JESUS went through to be a living sacrifice to save us from the bad choices and sins we have done.

HE is GOD's son! Remeber this.

GOD loves us so, HE sent down HIS son JESUS!

So there will be tests of faith, but learn from them. They will make you lean on GOD harder. When people who are not in the body of CHRIST "test" you be it at school, work, at home, in the store, on the road....anywhere...even at church...(yes the wicked come to church not to give glory to GOD but to do things that are not right by GOD) stay in the word. Trust in GOD. Let JESUS be your guide as how he walked the earth as a man in the Bible. He is the ultimate teacher who would never lie to us.

Stay in PRAYER, read the word. Listen to GOSPEL music too, for there is a ministry in it as well.

Keep your faith, for heaven is where you want to be.

Giving glory to GOD

Put on your full Armour

The Amour of GOD. Ephesians chapter 6 , verses 10 to 18. "Be strong in the LORD and in HIS mighty power.."

Remember, GOD made all of the heavens and the earth as it is written in Genesis. Remember HIS power, love, wisdom and that HE is not a man that HE could lie. GOD will not and has never lied to us. All we need is faith, and leave those burdens with HIM.

Bel blessed and stay in prayer!


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