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GOD our Spiritual Guide and Life Coaching Mentor

Updated on May 24, 2012

How to trust GOD in difficult times

There was a question asked by one of the hubbers – How to trust GOD in difficult times, I am thankful to that hubber for two reasons as follows:_

  1. The question has really made me introspect about existence of GOD and his role in our lives, and about our level of dependence on that infinite source of Power.
  2. It has inspired me to write this HUB, answering not only that question, but also going deep into our relationship chemistry with GOD.

God's Creation


Existence of GOD in Our Lives

Quoting again the first point – existence of GOD and HIS role in our lives, when we say it in this way, it sounds like either we do not believe in His existence or we feel that GOD is an external entity and we are trying to assign him his roles and responsibilities for a convenient lifestyle. I am intentionally using the word ‘convenient lifestyle’ to show ourselves the mirror – our true motive ( of which even we are not aware) , when we even try to ask the question that How to trust GOD in difficult times.

Can we not say it vice versa – our role in GOD’s creation rather than GOD’s role in our lives? Is it not us who should understand our roles and assign ourselves responsibilities & contribution to GOD’s creation? We observe this Cosmos, nature and our lives for any wonders to happen, we look forward for supernatural things to occur to convince ourselves on the existence of God, while we fail to identify the wonders right infront of our eyes in the form of infallible and intelligent laws of science governing and running the cosmos and taking care of its minutest of the processes. Our Ego does not allow us to recognize and acknowledge the marvelous creation of God even on simple things of nature.

GOD as a Spiritual Guide

If we introspect well on our lives, on our ability to cope up with difficult times, on our happy and sad moments, we will find that in all such moments, HE is always there with us at all times as our spiritual guide. We unintentionally, unconsciously somehow want to be dependant on some powerful and reliable source of energy which has the ability to make us strong in adverse situations and to achieve all types of material achievements in life. We refer to that invisible source of energy, we pray, we complaint, we thank him and we do all sort of communications to that source although unintentionally and in return we feel as if we are gaining strength and power of forbearance, ability to fight against adverse situations by doing those unintentional communications. This phenomena itself prove that this powerful source of infinite energy is nowhere but inside our own selves. Yes we may debate on it apparently that GOD is within us, but our true soul knows this fact very well and therefore we share all the good and bad things of life with our inner being and expect help from it. GOD may not save us from falling in the valley of life miseries, but HE will be there within us all the times and make us learn how to fly. HE may not answer all our prayers, HE is there planning for our future life events to give us newer learning platforms. He is always there monitoring our spiritual progress as our mentor and guide.

Life Coaching


Life as Coaching Program for learning the Art of Living:-

The question of doubting GOD in difficult times eliminates by itself if we understand that HE is the one who is planning our easy and difficult times for our own learning sake. Do you not remember video games you used to play in childhood where each stage gets more difficult as we progress in the game? And in the later stages we evolve as a person with improved skills sets. Then there were some bonus stages where there was no difficulty but just the pleasure of collecting as many bonus points as possible. Life also comes as such difficult and easy moments providing us opportunity to learn, develop and enjoy. It is a coaching program with its several modules designed by GOD himself for our spiritual progress and learning art of living.

So next time when we are in difficult times, we should not doubt HIM and on his capabilities to rescue us – Life is a play of Divine Almighty and HE is always there with us as a mentor, coach and guide us so that we make it on our own building self confidence and trust on our own selves.


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