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GOD's gave us more than 5 Wonders and 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Updated on January 14, 2012

Divine revelation No other creature on earth can ask “Where do things come from”? What is the meaning of life?, why are things the way they are? Why do we feel anger, happiness, hate, love and with what we feel all of this?.

These are only some of the exciting questions we can ask. For century people have tried to find answers to such questions and to make sense out of life, trying to satisfy their quiz with answers like, reasoning, thinking and generating ideas, reflecting on their own experiences.

Human beings have always used their reasoning to know that there must be some higher power at work in the world. When we look at ourselves and the universe around us, we realize that something so wonderful could not have come into existence or had happened by itself even when we are searching for answer we can see and feel God all around us.

Spiritual feelings are many times described as movement of the Soul, needs that call us to communicate with GOD, exercise our own Spirit way beyond the soul. Yes, GOD is Spirit and we need to be in contact with his Holy Spirit. God created everything in our surrounding to make easier our communication with him, everywhere we move there is evidence of the presence of GOD…many people call them elements or GOD’s Wonders, they are, the Wind (air)for GOD is in the wind, the Waters (rain rivers, sea etc..)for GOD is in the waters in the Earth, and in the Fire…these elements are his tools, he move them at his will, they respond to him and to him alone …they seems to have free will, as well as we have received free will from GOD, they also can mingle with each other and be very good refreshing and fertilizing or they can become destructive even devilish..Stormy…and devastating uncontrollable by men only controlled by GOD. Certainly there are more than those famous four physical eternal wonders, some believe that there is a fifth extra eternal wonder, but if we contemplate GOD”S creation we notice more than five elements which are parts of God’s infinite order of things …they are … Love, Life, Light, darkness, hot and cold . Moving in cycles in and out of GOD’s elements are God’s finite creatures, Men, Plants and Animals. It seems that all creation on planet earth and maybe in other planets where life exist were created by GOD to be used by men kind, one of most wonderful and loved creatures, able to use his elements with care and respect. God made men to his image he gave men power to think, and to create to built to restore and to destroy, God gave men control over all his creation all animals on earth and water and air and all plants on earth. God showed men how to protect him from the rage and power of elements men cannot control, God gave men feelings, faith as a gift from the Holy Spirit and free will to use them to help men satisfy the human search for the higher power at work in the world.

At a chosen time in history of the world God wanted to make a special revelation to human beings out of love God gradually reveled himself and his plan through words and deeds such as:

There is only one true GOD, not many Gods

God is not part of nature; he created nature and all that exist including all eternal elements finite and infinite.

God is a loving and caring God

God is always active in the world and in every creature life for ever

We are called into a close relationship with GOD

Men is GOD's most loved creature

The Holy Spirit is a guide given to men by JESUS to help us in our earthly life it help us make good choices about how to live according to GOD’S law it help us decide how to talk to GOD, how to nourish our spiritual life and our relation to others, how to spend time or money, and especially the holy spirit makes it easier to pray…the Holy Spirit is a guide in good relationships with others helping to make good moral decisions every time. But Spirituality is a gift from GOD which is both power and inclinations to act in ways that help growth of our relationship with JESUS, God’s Son, help us to lead, and maintain active Christian life in the world, help us know and do the will of GOD…he gift of the Holy Spirit is not an automatic giving.. This gift needs to be open and used in order to be appreciated and effective, the Gift of the Holy Spirit needs to be used over and over again..Jesus tells us that there are many gifts of the Spirit among which those Gift many fruits are achieved by those who possess them for instance some of these Gifts are:

Wisdom: is known as the power to judge things in the light of God’s standards and make decisions and act according to Gods law.

Understanding: The power to better understand the mysteries of life and religions, to know how to live my life as a follower of Jesus, and to apply the teaching of the Church.

Courage: The power to stand up for my beliefs and the values of Jesus’ message even when it is difficult.

Knowledge: The power to know the value and worth of created things and see all of the life and creation through God’s eyes.

Reverence: The power to treat God and people with honor, seeing people as made in God’s image

Wonder and Awe: The power to recognize how awesome God is and recognize the awe in his creation.

Men God's LOVE Usually when we think about holy people, we do not think about ourselves or even people we know, instead, we think about people like Padre Pio, Saint Teresa Avila, San Agustin or one other the many martyrs such as Saint Stephen. We think of people with heroic virtue, who are extraordinary witness of the Christian life, people with heroic virtue. We know a saint is a holy person who has been canonized. The Church recognizes certain peoples holy through a lengthy and solemn or serious process called canonization. At the end of this process, the pope declares that this person has lived a life of faithfulness and is a model and witness for us.

Micro-Reflection on my own feelings and how do we apply the wisdom those gifts GOD gave us if we see GOD through his creation imitate his love for the elements he created among which as part of his fifth element is the LOVE he has for us creatures he made at his IMAGE…yes we are the best of God's wonders, because he love us to death.!!

So in digging do I respond to GOD'd great LOVE... I see that looking inside my spirit as men:

 almost never takes the first step to forgive

 Almost never give and apology before I will forgive anyone

 There is always someone mad at me

 I believe in an eye for eye

 It is difficult for me to say "I was wrong"

 I am often angry

 I cause other to people to argue

 I think forgiving is a weakness

 I have never wanted revenge

 I am willing to go the extra mile to forgive someone

 I think that some people are superior to others

 I think that only God can really forgive

 I can forgive but I can NOT forget

 I pretend to forgive, but I don’t really

We can strengthen the spiritual health if we

 Seat in silence for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day

 Contemplate Gods creation in some way of wind, water, fire or earth

 Make an act of Love or understanding to someone

 Make time for personal prayer

 Participate in Sunday Eucharist

 Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation frequently

 Nature a Spirit of gratitude and generosity

 Admits faults and wrongdoing

 Accepts forgiveness and forgive others

 Seeks opportunity for conversion

 Respect the Sanctity of life

 Respect and protect the right of others

 Cultivate a love for justice and peace

 Study and prays with Scripture

 Practice the Church doctrine

 Fosters an awareness of God’s presence in creation

 Act on moral values

 Serve others willingly


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