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Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

Updated on January 25, 2011

Gemini man and Aquarius woman should be a good astrological match. And if they've got complementary aspects in their birth charts, they'll be a great match. Heck, they might even be a fantastic match. Why? Because here we have two like-minded individuals who will feel as though they are an island unto themselves, because both Gemini man and Aquarius woman tend to feel as though they are misunderstood by others. When they come together, they will feel like kindred spirits going through life on the same path, and they will both know exactly how to related to one another. For more on the astrological love compatibility between the Gemini man and Aquarius woman, see below!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Gemini Man

Gemini man's mind is active and constantly thinking up new and interesting things. Most women will view him as a dreamer who would prefer having his head in the clouds, rather than live in the reality of the moment. Aquarius woman, however, will see genius in this and she'll be fascinated by his mind. After all, he's not at all unlike her in this respect. And in instead of asking him to grow up, she'll encourage this trait and help him succeed in all he wants to pursue. Gemini man will adore her for this, recognizing almost instantly the rarity of such a woman, and he'll want to be with her more than he's ever wanted to be with anyone else. This will help them form a tight emotional bond, which is rare in both signs.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman doesn't need strong displays of affection or romance (although she certainly appreciates such things!) and this will benefit Gemini man tremendously, because he's not the best at delivering such overtures. She's very laid back and is not bothered his need for socialization. Of all the zodiac signs, she's even the most tolerant of his flirty nature, because she knows his love is reserved for her and her alone. This doesn't mean she would tolerate any kind of cheating; it means that she knows in her heart that he's not going to do anything of the sort. This makes Gemini man more comfortable and confident in his own role as her man, and he will actually flirt less as a result, because he already feels as though all of his emotional and mental needs are actively being fulfilled by Aquarius woman.


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