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Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man

Updated on January 26, 2011

The Gemini woman and Scorpio man love match might not be the cleverest idea anyone ever came up with. In order for this relationship to be successful, these two will need some complementary aspects in their birth charts. Without this help, these individuals will have numerous obstacles to overcome. And I'm not saying they can't overcome them, but this particular love match isn't going to be easy, and there could be some serious drama as a result. To learn more about the astrological pairing of the Gemini female and Scorpio male, please continue reading!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Gemini Woman

Gemini woman is all over the map. She loves you one minute, and loves something new the next. She can be faithful, but she will first need to be 100% sure a man embodies everything she's looking for before she commits her heart and soul to him. When she first encounters Scorpio man, she'll be blown out of the water and she'll think she's fallen head over heels for a mysterious man of great intensity. She'll adore him! But the moment she tugs on that invisible leash and tries to stretch her toes by going out to parties and other excursions without him, she'll see a very different side of Scorpio that will not leave her with a warm and fuzzy feeling. She will not enjoy being questioned by him on her return, and he will not enjoy the feelings of suspicion she provokes in his heart. He wants to be with his woman most of the time, and after the initial honeymoon bliss dating period wears off, Gemini woman will want to be a social butterfly again and this will not sit well with her Scorpio man.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is a deep, loving, soulful man. He enjoys being in love, and he wants to be near his woman often. He also wants a woman similar to himself in this respect. In the beginning, Gemini woman will want to be with him nonstop, just as he wants to be with her. But she will need some freedom to do things on her own, and if Scorpio man tries to make her feel guilty for this, she will react by doing more of the same, or telling him off. What she must realize is that Scorpio man is not trying to control her behavior out of spite; he's simply hurting inside, because he wants his partner to want him as much as he wants her. And Scorpio man must realize that just because Gemini woman wants to flutter around town sometimes, this doesn't mean she doesn't love him. It's worth noting, however, that Gemini woman is not nearly as passionate, nor intense, as the Scorpio man, and it's unlikely that Gemini woman will be able to change this aspect of herself. By the same token, it's also worth noting that Gemini woman is not the sort to appreciate unfounded acts of jealousy and when Scorpio man interrogates her about her behavior, it's not likely to resolve anything. For these reasons, this relationship will not be the smoothest, unless they've got complementary astrological aspects in their charts.


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