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Nate's DVD Collection Ghost Hunters Season Three: Parts One and Two

Updated on March 15, 2011



“If you call TAPS to investigate claims of paranormal activity and we take your case, we won't charge you a dime.” Grant Wilson, co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and the co-host of Ghost Hunters sets the tone for Season Three and it doesn't let up.

Season Three takes us to a house in California that is haunted by the spirit of actress Sharon Tate, then it's off to Ireland to team up with investigator Barry Fitzgerald in Ireland and England.

We're also introduced to the K2 meter, a device with flashing lights that is used to detect electromagnetic fields and to train spirits to respond directly to questions.


  Each season of Ghost Hunters features deleted and extended scenes for each episode. On the title screen when you see the list of episodes you will also see an option to watch these the scenes.

Part One: deleted scenes include an extended tour of Ireland and a walking tour of London with Jay and Grant.

Part Two: Disc 3 includes two additional investigations not aired on television.

What I Like About It


The drama has been left in season two and doesn't come back once. Brian is back with the team and though he is no longer the tech manager he remains a valuable edition to the team.

Leap Castle and the Lisheen Ruins in Ireland remain my favorite investigations as well as the extended tour of Tara and Jay and Grant's walk through of London. As an American bound citizen myself I always like seeing Ireland through another American's eyes and seeing it as a real and modern place that I might one day be able to go to.

What I Don't Like About It

  Nothing, really. I guess there's no point in this section except for uniform's sake.

Should You Buy This DVD?


Heck yes. Again, like Seasons One and Two you'll likely find Season Three Parts One and Two in a bargain bin or on sale at most major video retailers like FYE or Sam Goody.

For a less subjective view, take a look at the extras. The walking tours of Ireland and England, the bonus investigations, and an extended K2 session at the Sharon Tate house are all major bonuses when watching this DVD.

Add that to a round table discussion and footage from the Stanley Hotel Live investigation and you definitely won't get bored.

Can My Kids Watch This?


There are two episodes that raise an eyebrow here. First is Leap Castle, where particularly violent entity actually throws Dustin to the ground. Ireland is probably the most intense investigation TAPS has come up to and some of the images and events during their time there could keep your kid up into the wee hours.

The second episode is of course the home in California dubbed “The Manson House” in part Two. Sharon Tate and company were murdered by Charles Manson in their homes and the details of this murder are covered in the episode. The very recent nature of these events almost add an element of uneasiness to the whole episode.

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