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Ghost Hunting Phenomena.

Updated on February 9, 2019

Brief Introduction to Ghost Hunting.

Alone in the darkness a group of people stand in anticipation. An icy cold breeze brushes past someone’s face, an invisible hand strokes a woman’s hair, screams ring out as a loud knock is heard, is this the scene from a movie? No this is the scene which is repeated up and down the country every weekend as a wave of people go to notoriously haunted locations in the hope of experiencing the inexplicable. Paranormal investigations are gripping the general public as we fast become a nation of ghost hunters. Sophisticated equipment to measure temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic frequency are used as well as experimental table tipping and glass moving .

Typically the evening begins with a general introduction followed by a history tour of the location, then time is given for the attendees to use the equipment provided and to explore the venue. After this a medium will do a tour of the place to communicate with active spirits and to ascertain the places where vigils are likely to provide the most activity. The rest of the night is then spent holding vigil groups in darkness very often with mystifying results, many a skeptic has gone home with their beliefs changed forever after spending a night in a haunted house.

EMF detector

An electromagnetic field detector is a valuable piece of equipment in ghost hunting, it’s known that the presence of a spirit/ghost disrupts the field and fluctuations or higher than normal readings are sometimes recorded with the units. They do also give a higher reading in the presence of electric cables mobile phones etc so to use them properly the area should be scanned prior to a vigil to determine a base line then if the emf begins to fluctuate with no known explanation then it is reasonable to assume that disruption of the electromagnetic field is for reasons beyond rational explanation.

Temperature gauge

Sudden changes in temperature from dropping several degrees without draft to increasing several degrees can very often indicate the presence of a spirit energy. A common phrase used is “cold spot” but often as a medium I can walk into a warm spot in just the same way. It’s easy for skeptics to dismiss temperature variations as old building are renown for drafts to begin with, however an area which suddenly becomes very cold then increases back to normal minutes later is not as easy to reject. As with all equipment a base temperature should be taken before a vigil begins.

Evp phenomena.

Evp is electronic voice phenomena, i.e. the capturing of a voice or voices on a recording devise which have not been spoken aloud by any person present. The subject of evp is vast and an entire website could be devoted to this alone indeed many are, however despite the many theories on how it works and why there is no single conclusive explanation.

The fact that these voices can be recorded is both intriguing as well as very valuable evidence for any ghost hunter, the most common piece of equipment used on a paranormal investigation is a Dictaphone simply because they are small and easy to use in the dark, although not as sophisticated as other equipment used in evp (e.g. Germanium receptors or computers) excellent results are often yielded with voices appearing on a Dictaphone recording which no one in the room heard with their ears.

The sensations of an invisible someone.

These type of organized events yield not only recorded evidential results of the paranormal but also the more subjective experiences of the group. The sensations of an invisible someone touching a hand or leg the feeling of an ice cold breeze gently brushing against your face, these things cannot be recorded or measured but can be very powerful experiences for those who it has happened to.
Ghost hunts are another way of proof in the survival of physical death, for many people the idea of visiting a church does not suit them, but who can resist the opportunity to spend the night in a haunted house? And if hauntings are real and interaction such as knocks, raps, glass moving etc occur, then it naturally follows that we too live on and survive in another world once we die in this one. We love the paranormal investigations we do, it’s an extension of our role as a company taking it out into the world away from a religious context or new age trends reaching ordinary people showing them we are eternal beings.


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