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Ghost Hunting ideas

Updated on September 4, 2016

Choosing a location

I apologize if some of this seems obvious but I find it's always best to start from the beginning with a "How to".

The first thing you need to start with doing is to do some research on a location that is considered haunted, you can do this either by asking locals or of course a web search. You want to choose a place that is established as haunted and you will be safe in. If you are going into an area that is not established it’s harder to know if what you caught for evidence is real or it’s just the local area you are in. For example if an area is near a mountain and is prone to gusts of wind you may get a lot of evidence that there is in fact lots of wind in the area. I don’t really recommend cemeteries unless it’s a place you have been to before and are planning to go with friends; it’s really easy to get hurt at night by stepping over a stone you didn’t realize was there. But if you do know a cemetery that you are comfortable visiting, by all means, just be sure and go with a friend since you could end up in a hole before your time that way you have someone to help you out.

The best place to start a Ghost Hunt is with a location that offers you access to the place for a fee. I know it seems like a strange idea to give a place money to see if they really are haunted but the idea is you will gain access to a location that you will be safe in. For obvious reasons you don’t want to go into a place that is going to cost you and arm and leg, but do what your budget will allow.

Any place that you try Ghost Hunting, you should visit the area in daylight. Visiting in daylight will give you an idea of what you are dealing with. Sign up to take a tour if they offer it. Ask questions of the locals and or guides, figure out where you want to focus your investigation and figure out who you are going to try and contact during the investigation. The more you know the better your chances are of finding something during your investigation.

Putting in the effort a head of time will help you and pay off in the end. Be prepared to stand there in the dark and talk to the walls if you have to. It can be awkward and first but if you are able to catch something than it will all be worth it for yourself.


It's important that anything you are buying you feel comfortable enough to be able to work the equipment by yourself, you may not have an expert with you at all times to fix something that goes wrong.

A few things that I always have with me when I go

  • Lots of batteries- if you are able to make contact with someone you’ll be surprised how quick the power on your equipment will get depleted.

  • A voice recorder- doesn’t have to be anything fancy though those can be fun. The best voice recorder that I have though only cost me $10.

  • Flashlights- for seeing in the dark. More on this below.

  • Pen and Paper-really not a requirement but if you want to jot something down these are really helpful

    The following items are not required but can be useful

  • REM Pod- more for the times when you think there is someone around but they aren’t in a talkative mood

  • Laser Grid Scope-If you spook easily this isn’t a good item for you. This catches anything that moves in the room

  • Spirit Box- This can be fun but you need a quiet group otherwise you won’t hear a thing.

  • K2 Meter- I actually do recommend this. Like the REM pod this is helpful for finding areas where a spirit may be or proving that one is close to you, it’s just a little quieter than a REM pod.

  • Full Spectrum camera or Video recorder- really helpful if you are in a dark area, this will catch stuff you can’t see.

During the Hunt

The most important thing to remember during the hunt is don't act like a certain big name celebrity Ghost hunting "team" that thinks it's OK to go around lying and acting like bullies. I won't name the team however, when you enter a location it's important to enter it with the utmost respect for the living and the dead.

Remember, you don't own this location, you may be paying for the privilege to enter but you don't own it. You can't treat people anyway you want, living or dead. If you antagonize you don't know how you can be hurt since you probably won’t be able to see your attacker.

Some people may have the idea that if you go into a location and antagonize spirits you are more likely to get evidence. Not true, if the owners of the location are in the area and hear you, you are more likely to be escorted out but if you get yourself worked up enough trying to antagonize the spirits you are more likely to make a mistake and hurt yourself by falling through the crack in the floor you didn’t see.

Now this may seem laughable to some of you, worrying about what a spirit will do to you, however it won't seem laughable when you walk away with scratches or worse. I myself have been attacked while in a location for being a little too mouthy towards a particular spirit. I have talked to Ghost Hunters who have had spirits follow them home and antagonize them for a while; be respectful when you are in a location.

One of the funner places to Ghost hunt are Abandoned Hospitals

© 2014 Chosen Shades


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    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 3 years ago from United States

      I think I know which "big name celebrity team" you are hinting at, and I actually love watching them. Yes, they antagonize spirits to get them to talk, and I do agree that it is also dangerous - I've read their books, where they talk about spirits that have followed them home and made their life less than enjoyable for a while. The trade off is that they get decent evidence on their hunts, and if they are willing to take that risk then that is that.

      I do agree that we should respect the dead, though - they were people once, too. Though I will say that a lot of the spirits they attempt to antagonize did some pretty terrible things in their waking life - a lot of time, murder - so I don't always feel so bad that they are getting yelled at. They are braver than I could be in that situation, in any case. I would like to do a more toned-down ghost hunt someday, but I don't have many friends who are into it like I am. :)

      I remember I visited a supposedly haunted fort while in Lake George, NY on vacation, and while they told us some pretty cool stories, we didn't experience anything firsthand. I think we were in too large of a group and possibly too intimidating to be approached by the afterlife. Voted up!