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People REALLY Might See Ghosts

Updated on March 27, 2013

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Ghost, spirits and things that go BUMP in the night

Ghost, ghost, scary old ghost!

We're logical, don't tell us about your ghost. We know things that go bump in the night aren't poltergeist.

Then why do so many people claim to have seen a ghost .

Seen a ghost? Mad! Can't happen! Impossible!

Stop . Don't look at these people so askew. There IS a scientific reason.

At last, there's an explanation why people might actually ‘see' a ghost. It isn't necessarily an over-active imagination after all. Perhaps we shouldn't be so sceptical, or critical, when friends claim they had a supernatural occurrence.

Evidence smothered

The only problem is, there's a whole industry out there making quite a lot of money out of the 'ghost' scene, so maybe the evidence will be smothered. After all, what would happen to all those television programs dedicated to frightening people by being 'Most Haunted'?

Investigations by the late Vic Tandy, a tutor at Coventry University, advised that the frequency 19 Hz was to blame for many spirit and ghost sightings.

He was working one night in an allegedly haunted laboratory at Warwick, when he suddenly experienced anxiety, and become aware of a grey blob out of the corner of his eye. When he twisted around, there was nothing.

A Scentific Explanation for real ghosts - Resonant Frequency?

The next morning, in the same room, he was working on a fencing foil, with the handle clamped securely in a vice.
The end of the foil started to spontaneously vibrate. It became quite wild, Further research made him realize that the extractor fan was producing a frequency of 18.98 Hz, which is very close to the resonant frequency of the eye (given as 19 Hz in NASA Technical Report 19770013810).

He suddenly realised this was why he thought he'd had a real ghost experience - it was an optical illusion caused by his eyeballs resonating.

The room was precisely one half of a wavelength in length, and his bureau was in the centre, thus creating a standing wave, which was detected by the foil - therefore it resonated - a well documented scientific phenominum - I remember it well from my university days.

So there it is. A simple scientific explanation for having a real ghost experience. Apparently anything creating a frequency of 19Hz or close by, is likely to generate feelings of anxiety but will also make you think you've seen a real ghost.

So, the next time you think you see a real ghost look for the fan and turn the damn thing off before calling Ghost Busters.

A real ghost and predators use infrasound

It doesn't end with ghost sightings though. Apparently, animals have been using 'infrasound' for ever. Predators, such as tigers, use low frequency rumblings to assist in the hunt. The rumbling - infrasound - causes anxiety in the prey and they freeze because of it.

So it seems the occurence of infrasound causing emotional imbalance is observed in the animal world too. It's a natural phenomina that's been taken advantage of by more than 'Most Haunted' - in a more deadly manner too.

A real ghost - A born sceptic.

I have to be honest, I'm always sceptical of anything new, so maybe I'll take it with a pinch of salt .... but maybe I'll turn off the fan as well....

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      by reading this i can tell that you are a person who has never seen any thing remotly similer to a ghost or spirit.and dont under stand what some poeple see!

    • ajbarnett profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Costa Blanca, Spain

      Hi Janet, lovely to see you on here. Glad you found it interesting, I found it absolutely fascinating that a 'real' scientific reason could be found. I'm 'technical' but am very open minded. I don't think anyone has the real answer at present, but we should never shut out ideas.

    • profile image

      Janet Jarrell 

      9 years ago

      This was a very interesting read and I am compelled to learn more about this; I am quite open minded to new things, however, I am still quite strong in my faith and believe in the energy of 'ghosts'.


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