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Ghosts, Category II, Poltergeists, Part-2

Updated on April 23, 2017

In a classic case a determined poltergeist who later pronounced itself a witch annoyed the Bell family in Adams, Tennessee in the early nineteenth century. It is said that a woman named Kate Batts made a business contract with John Bell, the head of the Bell family and a flourishing farmer. Kate alleged that John was guilty of breach of contract and that she was the one who had to suffer the losses. Kate became a witch and subsequently a poltergeist. In 1817, the Bell family was attacked by this poltergeist who used to annoy them by producing loud sounds such as those of gnawing at wood producing loud raps. Then John started seeing strange creatures in his fields, like dogs having some kind of a glow around them. He tried to shoot them with a gun but guns seemed to have no effect on them.

With the help of relentless research it has been found out that poltergeist activities happen mainly in the presence of a person with a psychological problem, who involuntarily affects the atmosphere around him with the help of psychokinesis. The effected is usually a young person like a teenager or a child with problems like intense stress or high degree of pre occupation.

One such incident happened in Rosenheim, Germany, in 1967 in the office of a lawyer named Sigmund Adam, when electrical as well as electronic systems of his office went berserk in the presence of his teenage secretary, who was under the strain of a bad private relationship. Upon her entering the office, all the electrical appliances like air conditioners and light bulbs started getting disturbed. The light bulbs would burst in her presence and the voltage would start showing fluctuations. The telephone bills would show calls at odd hours which were never made. Sometimes all the telephones in the office would start ringing together for no apparent reason. Even papers would fly from the document trays and heavy furniture moved from their places. All these activities were never explained. The electricity and telephone department technicians surveyed all concerned circuits but were not able to find any faults. These activities stopped as soon as the secretary left her job.

Even though the phenomenon of poltergeist activities is so old, its scientific explanation has still not been found. The only logical explanation that has been given till date is that the poltergeist activities happen in the presence of a person having a troubled psyche. This person can affect the objects around him with the help of a process called psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis means moving of tangible objects with the help of mental influence. The process can take place in two ways. It can be voluntary or involuntary. There have been people who can affect their externally adjacent atmosphere with the help of their mental influence and mental powers. Scientists have found that it is a fact that some people can perform unbelievable feats relating to psychological influence on external environment. For example a Russian psychic named Nina Kulaggina has given demonstrations such as separating egg yolk from egg white without touching the container. She did it in a lab in 1970 in presence of distinguished scientists.

Scientific research has revealed that during the performance of a psychic activity of the brain of such a scale, some vital signs of a person increase to abnormally high levels(such as heart beat and pulse rate). Even the electrical activity of the brain along with its magnetic field increases to such high level which might have never been recorded. Scientific tests have even shown that small objects can really be levitated in air with the help of psychokinetic powers. Some of these tests have been recorded on video tapes and thus full proof exists. As distinguished scientists have made people perform these experiments in their presence, their results cannot be negated and their existence cannot be disproved. Thus now we have scientific proof that psychic powers exist and they might be behind poltergeist activities. To believe in them or not is up to us.

Have you ever witnessed a poltergeistic activity?

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    • Gaurav Oberoi profile image

      gaurav oberoi 2 years ago

      Wow...She has? You should share her experiences via a hub. And I would love to see you share your research too.

    • Brian Langston profile image

      Brian Langston 2 years ago from Languedoc Roussillon

      A fascinating subject Gaurav...Are poltergeists spirits of the dead come back to haunt us or an energy source that we do not yet understand? Many poltergeist activities seem to 'feed' on the energy of pubescent teenagers- as though they are somehow unconsciously drawing the force out from the ether. This was certainly the case in the celebrated case of the Enfield Poltergeist and several others which I have come across in my supernatural research. The Tedworth Drummer is of course a famous example and I have recently unearthed an early case from Windsor in the 1840s which predated the Fox Sisters experiences in the U.S. My wife is very sensitive to such things and has experienced several poltergeist events over the years. A weird and mysterious phenomenon indeed!