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Haunted Places: Ghosts and Zombies of La Noria and Humberstone

Updated on June 18, 2013
Skull found on destination Truth in the La Noria Cemetery.
Skull found on destination Truth in the La Noria Cemetery. | Source
The Humberstone school
The Humberstone school | Source

The Chilean Desert

In the Chilean desert of La Noria and Humberstone, there lies two mining towns that have been abandoned for years. When you go to these places during the daytime, it’s abandonment is quite obvious. However, when you go to the desert at night, things start to get interesting. Very interesting.

In the 19th century, people that lived in La Noria and Humberstone lived under terrible and gruesome conditions. Slavery occurred in both towns. The workers and young children suffered horrible deaths. More than likely, it was from the way they were treated as slaves. Historians in Chile, believe that both towns are haunted because of the harsh treatment that occurred there. People over there say you can feel the energy of the painful treatment that happened there. It has been reported that people have traveled here and have never returned as well. Most of the locals don’t even bother of coming to these mining towns.

When the sun goes down, paranormal activity begins to flare up in these mining towns. We’ll start with La Noria. The buildings are in ruin. In the North side of La Noria, witnesses have reported hearing disembodied voices and have heard footsteps when no one else is around. On the South side of the town, people have reported seeing apparitions wondering on the streets. As you wonder around this mining town, you’ll see human bones scattered on the ground. If you think this stuff is scary, I haven’t even gotten to that part yet. Allow me to inform you.

La Noria has one of the scariest and most disturbing cemeteries in the world. Eyewitnesses have reported that when the sun goes down, the dead rise from their graves and begin walking toward the town. That would explain the wondering apparitions walking the streets. Are these apparitions zombie ghosts? They certainly sound like it. As you walk into La Noira’s cemetery, you’ll notice graves everywhere. What’s disturbing is that there are several graves that have been dug up with open coffins and skeletons lying in the them. Perhaps the reason for the spirits rising from their graves is because their rest has been disturbed by what appears to be the work of grave robbers.

When you travel to Humberstone, it’s an apparition gold mine. Locals of Chile have reported seeing children at the schools in class. People have also heard whistling, voices, and children playing. A compelling piece of evidence was captured on Destination Truth, when lead investigator Josh Gates captured what appeared to be an apparition on a FLIR thermal imager. It looks like the heat signature of a young child looking from around the corner and disappearing. He also claimed that he saw a face in one of the windows of the school.

La Noria and Humberstone may be abandoned, but when nightfall comes, the spirits of these mining towns make it come alive again. So if you decide to take trip into the Chilean desert, be aware of the spirits that rise from their graves.


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