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Giving God Healing?

Updated on October 30, 2010

Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Results

Since I can remember, I look at the glass as half full. I have had siblings die young, parents and many others I was close to, but the glass is half full. Why? Because it feels so much better than falling apart. After our children began their own families and left home, I thought "now we have a guest room!" When our last child, our son, had the nerve to leave the nest, I cried and cried, because out of his whole life, we only had seven months alone together, he and I and my husband. After five minutes...only kidding, but about three months after he left, I thought, "now I'll have my own home office!" When my younger sister died suddenly, I paid attention to the signs she gave to us that she was happy where she was and would still send her love. She was having a wonderful time where she is.

One of God's Gifts to Us

Seek and Ye Shall Receive

One night, for some reason, Hubby's snoring was disturbing, because I had to get up very early. I was torn. I wanted to sleep with my husband, but when married as long as we have been, a decent night's sleep will sometimes win over cuddling.

Now I am wide awake in the spare room. Great! I began my usual thanking God for something new every day. While doing that, suddenly my mind sounded like this: "Wow. How weird. I wonder what it would be like to be God, where billions and billions of people pray for trillions and trillions of prayers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..." The wondering was daunting. My conscious mind was telling me that this was ridiculous, to wonder so much about something I could not know. I decided to send healing to God. I mean, I felt really bad!

"God," I said, "I am not asking you for anything, no healing for me, not anyone. I am sending you my gratitude for all there is, because everything is perfect in its time. Thank you for everything in this life." I continued thanking God, then opened wide my heart and let the light out. I sent it out into the Universe to heal my God. "I love you, God. Hear is my light, my love. I send you blessings and my healing from the light you gave to me."

I do not remember anything after that. For the first time in years, I slept through the rest of the night. My husband and I met in the bathroom the next morning. He hugged me tight. "Well, now," I said. "How nice."

He said to me, "you want to hear something really weird?" Mind you, my husband is not in the habit of hugging me in the bathroom, especially before teeth brushing. He said, "Thank you. I love you." Okay, now I know something weird is going on. That's just not hubby's style, especially not at that time of day.

"Okay," I said, "what's this all about?" He said, "I was meditating until I heard you go into the bathroom. Just as I was going to get up, a voice so loud, so clear, it was as though someone was right next to me and speaking into my left ear." "And what did this voice say?" I asked. " It said, 'Give Cherie a big hug and tell her thank you.'"

I stared blankly at him. "Oh, my God!" I finally said. " I know exactly what that's about!" I told my husband about my healing meditation, kind of wanting to give God a bit of a break, at least from me. As we wiped each other's tears, mine began to pour. My heart felt like it would burst from a most profound sense of being loved, and of peace like none I have ever known.



Look, I know God doesn't need my healing, I am sure it is what's in our hearts that count. Our intent flows into the Universe and God knows each and every one of us. Try it. Instead of asking for something, thank God for something new, then take some slow deep breaths, open your heart, let the light out, and send your love, blessings and healing to God. Just do it. See how you feel. See what happens. No expectations, or you leave yourself open to disappointment. Just send that light.

My love and Light to you


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