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Jesus, Master Healer, Glorious God, and Friend

Updated on March 8, 2010

Where it starts

This is where most people think life starts…with the strong desire to accomplish something! Something worth while. As Christians we aught to look at this desire differently than the world, but sadly, I have to admit, do we? Or is it just labeled differently? When I look at my ambitions, my accomplishments, I have to ask questions of myself.

Am I in service to my Lord for His glory (it always must come down to this) and purpose or am I accomplishing something for my glory and purpose.

The distinction is extremely important.

Am I following orders or giving orders?

Am I in service or in control?

Am I striving or in peaceful, restful action?

There is a distinction…

The Gospel of Mark reveals (Mark 1:29-34) that as soon as Jesus and the disciples left the synagogue they went to Simon and Andrew’s home There they were fed (probably by Peter’s wife) and rested – but later, after sunset, that evening the whole town showed up at Simon’s door, expecting, calling, seeking – and Jesus went into action. So what kind of action is it. Does it look the same as ours, I’d like to think it does, however, I suspect a difference.


Watch Him…

Jesus’ action is different…it’s restful…quiet…deliberate…

He does not rush the people through…like cattle in a cattle chute…

Jesus “looks” at every single one…

Jesus “hears” the voice of the one before Him…

Every single soul in front of Him is dear and important to Him…

There is a rest that surrounds Him – the closer one gets – the more serene the air

Even in the midst of a jostling, smelly, anxious, needy and curious crowd…

Come with me for an imaginary visit to the house of Simon Peter on this night when the whole village visited his home. Let’s have a peek at what may have happened…

Jesus Healing the sick
Jesus Healing the sick
Saving the lonely
Saving the lonely

The Night the Town was Healed

Everyone is there…from rich to poor, from young to old…

everyone wants to see, hear…and everyone has their agenda

I have to admit…so do I…

I want to see Him, hear Him, have Him touch me…

I start to thrust my own way to the front where He is…

I can just barely start to hear Him…

What is it about this man that we are all here struggling to get close to Him…

I need to get there and my elbow comes out…

Suddenly…now…I am just about before Him…

He, Jesus is right there…O…I may be next…if I can hold my place…there –

Oh my, He is looking at me…

Sounds fade…time slows…colors brighten in His eyes…Jesus is happy to see me, Me…

strangely I know that He knows me, How? There is familiarity in the look…

Everything is lost in His slow, quiet, knowing smile…all my questions, all my doubts, everything…His hand reaches out and across the space that separates me from Him and He gentle caresses my cheek…bringing us close…everything stops…everything disappears…except His all-knowing, deeply penetrating, yet safe, healing gaze…

Dry well fills up
Dry well fills up
Touch Him
Touch Him
Jesus sees me
Jesus sees me
No one is too small to be exempt
No one is too small to be exempt
Come to me you who are weary
Come to me you who are weary

His presence surrounds me…

fills me…every corner, every crack…

wounds are touched…with no pain...healed …

my dry wells are filled with living water

my stagnant pools are freed – released

No word has been said – yet, everything has been said.

I’ve stolen nothing from Him – yet, He has given me everything

I am filled, full and complete in Him…

I close my eyes – His love intensely searching – yet, safely holding…

Time is no longer of the essence…

I can’t remember if its been five minuets or five days…

Slowly I begin to sense people again

The air is clear and warm

The peacefulness an insulating blanket

Against the impatience of those who are attempting to move me back…

I step out of their way – aware that the healer has moved on

Yet…I know He hasn’t left me…

I look towards Him…

He lifts His head and gently turns my way…

Nodding…reassurance of His love…His call…

His call which freshly fills me anew at His gaze…Yes oh, yes Jesus…

I become aware that I will never be the same again

My eyes, filled with Him

My hears, filled with His unspoken Words

My heart, overflowing with love and security

I look up – and my eyes catch the seeking glance of another…

Trembling they ask…is it safe?

My smile, slow and confident…

My touch, reassuring and steady…

Go…He is all you need, I tell them

Go, go see Jesus

They look towards Him, and I move to free their way…

Free their own personal journey to Jesus

All is different…yet, all is the same…

That my friends is quiet service rendered for and in love of the Savior. Action with purpose, His purpose.

Jesus, I am out of breath and full at the same time…You truly are all we need…in You is our peace, our quietness, our rest. In You, all that is temporal melts away like coastal fog in the morning and remarkably the eternal is made visible, made clear, accessible. In You life is transformed/transfigured as You were so gloriously on the mountain.

You give us

strength to be taken into the valley

hope, assurance and confidence of Your love and acceptance.

Thank-You Precious Lord.

© 2010 UlrikeGrace


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    • UlrikeGrace profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Canada

      Thank you DeBorrah for coming to have a read...I love your analogy...and we are secure even when we do live in a tossed salad we sit safe and secure in His hand.

      Blessings to you


    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      8 years ago

      UlrikeGrace, Nice Hub! There is a certain security here letting you know that we are able to feel safe with the Lord! Yet we realize that the world we live in will sometimes want to toss us like a salad! This is reassuring; "You truly are all we need…in You is our peace, our quietness, our rest. In You, all that is temporal melts away like coastal fog in the morning and remarkably the eternal is made visible, made clear, accessible. In You life is transformed/transfigured as You were so gloriously on the mountain." Beautiful!

      Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

    • UlrikeGrace profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Canada

      Thank you rls...and may that hunger grow deeper in all of His children...

      Blessings and peace to you


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very good Ulrike Grace. This article said a lot to me of the pure, Divine love of Jesus and also of the deep, deep hunger and need for love in the human heart that only Jesus our Savior can fill.

    • UlrikeGrace profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Saintatlarge, thank you. This was a poignant moment for me...I know it was just Holy Spirit induced imagination...but sometimes I wonder...

      To be as a child...what freely just love Jesus and enjoy His world...yes, yes...doesn'y make you want to just dance and twirl around...

      Thanks for your words of still working through your intercessor hubs...your classes must be very good, where one can immediately ask questions and get feed back from others...keep up the good work...we need such as you ...

      Blessings on you and your lovely wife and family

      Sincerely Ulrike Grace

    • Saintatlarge profile image

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Hi UG, i think you have captured these moments and brought to life the essence of what it would have been like. Each of us need these encounters to awaken us to all that Christ is to us and what he has for us on a personal level. He loved going into peoples homes and living right where they are at, without any pretence. No walls, no masks, no hypocrisy... The beauty of children is they just are who they are, they don't know how to be otherwise. Unfortunately we have forgotten what it was like to be innocent and we become sophisticated and often miss his visit. How many times he reminds us to be still and know that he is God. i love his visitation and look with expectation, anticipation for the next time. These moments change us forever at each encounter. Carry on sister, you are in the groove. Blessings L.


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