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God Captured In Video - Video Footage of God?

Updated on May 12, 2020
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Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

Is this where God Dwells?
Is this where God Dwells?

Where Is God?

God day people of the Earth, let me introduce myself. My name is Clive the Supernatural Williams. I was born on the Planet Nibiru where we live a peaceful and holy life. We are travelers of time and space and are able to achieve technological miracles only superseded by the one. We have traveled many dimensions and have interacted with many different species. There are vast differences in culture but the one similarity all these creatures have is that they are all searching for their creator. They want to see what God looks like and they also have many questions for him.

In my earthly adventures, I have come across people devoted to various religions. Some are Christianity, Hinduism, Muslim, etc. But one common thing is that none of them have actually seen the God they worship. They have captured images of creatures they deemed to by mythical such as Ghost, vampires, lochness monster, mermaids, unicorns, Presidents but somehow a picture or a video footage of God seems to elude them. But what most beings across worlds do not realize is that the God they seek is not hiding nor is it invisible. The God they seek is within them and within their habitat of existence.

We the Nibirians have known this from the time of our creation by the One. The One is the force incomprehensible. It is that energy that is within itself. It is the creator of reality, virtual or otherwise. No being cannot exist without having some connection to the One. That connection could be an energy life force which allows your host to function, or it could be a rare crystal cantered within your world with a direct connection to that Energy. So with that all said, how does one see God or capture a Video footage of God or even a photo? Does that Supreme energy manifest itself as a kind of man (mankind

The God Domain
The God Domain

Images and Videos of God

So if you want to capture images and videos of God you really don’t have to do anything sophisticated such as trying to board a rocket to enter God’s domain. You wouldn’t get far anyway as the dome would send you right back where you started. You don’t have to study the celestial bodies to get an image of the One. You don’t have to kiss any ministers ring or put millions of dollars in the offering bag to increase your chances of seeing God. If you want to actually see God, all you need to do is charge up your phone or camera, find a beautiful body or water, find a cluster of nature with birds, insects and other animals and simply begin to take photos or videos. There, now you have images of God in its many forms on your phone or camera.

Where You May Not Find Images of God

Many people believe that you can go to the church and actually find God there. But one must remember that a church is simply a man made construct from materials harvested to build a covering for the gathering of people to worship. It is not a construct of the One. If you seek to find God in the church all you will find are paintings, drawings, wood or metal crosses depicting someone who is suppose to be of a holy nature. To find the true image of God, simply enter nature.


© 2020 Clive Williams


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