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God Inc.

Updated on July 3, 2013

An olive branch was extended to a Christian organization and it was used like a hickory switch

The dove carrying an olive branch has many meanings. A dove was apparently released from Noah's Ark. Olive Branches and white doves are both symbols of peace and hope.
The dove carrying an olive branch has many meanings. A dove was apparently released from Noah's Ark. Olive Branches and white doves are both symbols of peace and hope. | Source

The church should not seek riches.

Almost all organized religious bodies speak about helping the poor, but that is where it ends and more is spent on proselytizing than on genuine human needs, contrary to the lessons of great spiritual teachers and prophets.
Almost all organized religious bodies speak about helping the poor, but that is where it ends and more is spent on proselytizing than on genuine human needs, contrary to the lessons of great spiritual teachers and prophets. | Source

How Religion and Big Biz Collaborate

There are many who believe in God, but the apostasy of their leaders have led them astray and even drove many to atheism. It is the many who believe in their heart felt essence in God that we are not critical of, but the structures that have emerged to gather to themselves, that which ultimately belongs to God and the believing meek whom God supports. From the pages of the sacred writings themselves, we find that in the last days, that there would be misleaders who would lead even the very elect astray (1). The Bible talks of seven churches (2) and then a great falling away in an apostasy where there would be a form of godliness but not the power and that a false god would be at the head of the believers (3). Worship of the false god would be directed by the false prophet and that non believing would arise out of that. The Most High would use atheists to shame those that proclaim belief in word but not in deed. The corruption of both would then lead to an apostasy that we see prevalent today. After this, the Messiah would return. There have been many Messiahs in past and another is at the point of return. We have to exercise discernment of the spirit in order to break free of the misleaders, of which there are many in our midst (4) .

If we are to believe all the reports, the CEO, God, is a bloodthirsty monster who commits genocide on a whim and makes the whole process look just, democratic and loving. The apparent wishes and the expression is carried out by the minions of believers and followers who think that the various divisions in their own ranks are also suitable targets because of errors in belief. There is almost no end in the variation in this CEO's edicts that on a thorough examination, suggests that this individual is in a deep state of psychosis. This CEO used to and still by and large, exercises his/her power via ignorant and brainwashed zombies that manoeuvre among each other to vie for highest positions in the hierarchy of command and obey. There is in effect, a race of weresheep being made and a few don wolves clothing to keep the rest in line. There is a clear hierarchy that descends from the CEO to the masses in the natural world. The CEO is at the top and just below the CEO are the administrators of his/her edicts. These are the popes, the imams, the priests, pastors and the like who disseminate the propaganda and pressure the ignorant and innocent into service. This group also contains the large monopoly business heads and monetarists and international banking cabals. Below this are the government hirelings selected to deceive and mislead on all levels. Then there are the judges, jurors, police and military who enforce this through bullying, terror, torture, violence and murder. The local bosses are next who are in direct control of the rest of humanity and nature. Most of humanity is ignorant at an abysmal level, incapable of doing anything except their appointed task.

On Earth, the struggle has always been for resources and the surplus value and not for some alleged reward in some promoted and impossible paradise tp which one goes later on. That paradise is the reward offered to the ignorant who think that somehow they will obtain a better life there than the hellish here and now and that is usually seen as accomplished through a life of goodness as defined by others and plenty of hard labour. If you suffer indignities now, you will be rewarded after you are dead. But the stringent requirements needed to achieve this state are impossible for mere mortals of flesh and blood to achieve who give in to hunger and the drive to reproduce or for casual sex. There are just way too many possible infractions, known and unknown that serve as a block. This state of affairs is highly profitable and a mere glance in the direction toward the big managers of this enterprise is enough to more than convince the efficacy of the argument.

Looking at the corporation side of God Inc., we find out how profit is made and the gathering of a large consumer base. It can be said that the corporation is more into speculative venture capitalism and futures derivatives directly. Some of these corporations, and there are several, are international in scope and have a huge consumer base world wide. There is also a huge and long running investment in propaganda, its main product. Second to that is all the iconography. It can be said that the natural inclination of believing in a supreme entity is converted into support for the corporation acting on behalf thereof, that receives a huge influx of donations and labour on the promise of something later on in the future, hence the speculative venture and futures derivative aspects. By and large it has worked for a long time and shows no sign of easing. Given the current mindset of secular and natural derived apocalypse, which is also encouraged and even manufactured, there is little wonder. Like other markets, it is driven by fear and greed. The corporation receives a huge influx of real value and the investors/shareholders/believers receive a promissory letter for future individual profit and conditions. Meanwhile the corporation takes what they have gained and reinvests it in more secular ventures including currency exchanges, stocks, bonds, loans, fractional reserves, the derivatives market for further corporate profit. This is by and large tax free and serves as the first real example of a tax haven to hide real wealth. God Inc. has evolved to one of the richest and most powerful entities on the planet competing among other giants like international industry, the IMF and whole countries. Indeed, many policies of the others are shaped by God Inc. whether they be for investment, warfare, research, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering and the like.

Almost all have been cowed into this mindset and few there are that challenge the established order of God Incorporated. Some of those who challenge the hierarchy directly, are often assassinated. Our laws and constitutions have been crafted from this source. The state of the world system of today, once thought to be on the verge of passing into the dust-bin of history, is stronger than ever. Once there were revolutions that appeared to be headed into the direction of liberty and equality, such as the American, the French and the Russian versions, but these are now all largely dismantled and replaced with a corporatist hierarchy, where the elite plutocrat runs the company planet to their singular benefit, aided and abetted by God Inc. This we are told and are largely convinced, is the will of God. Large religious organizations are organized as corporations too, with the same goal as the secular corporations. That goal is absolute control of the masses and absolute profit to the top. Sometimes in company countries like the increasing Islamist Middle East, the two are one and the same entity. The goal is the same for countries dominated in the Christian belief. The needs of nature and humanity are ignored and trampled upon for individual profit, even in the name of God. Some of these organizations tell us that if you are not wealthy, it is because you are on the wrong side of God. We are told that neglecting the “spiritual tithe” is a formula for personal financial ruin (5).

There is an organization of special interest in this that is supposedly Christian by self definition that once called itself a corporation but has re-designated itself as a trusteeship (6). In fact, even now, the corporation is multifaceted and controls many enterprises(7), listed as non profit and otherwise. The change of designation is rather moot considering the definitions below of a trustee in point 2:b (see notes). This would go far in clearing up some issues concerning financial questions as viewed in the Biblical, upon which they claim to be founded. When tasked to answer questions of usury/interest, we are informed that it is not significant nor of great importance and little wonder as so much is tied up in the current economy despite the international LIBOR scandal, quantitative easing and derivatives. The worship of God/Jehovah/Yahweh without competition is paramount and the substitution of any other priority, such as other gods including the worship of astrology or same sex relations is enough to constitute a death penalty. Usury/interest is dismissed almost as irrelevant, yet their same Bible (which has some radical departures from other versions) condemns the practice or usury/interest, especially in the OT prophets. Jesus also condemned it physically by overthrowing the tables of the money changers in the temple (8, 9, 10). There is almost no such contemporary criticism or condemnation except from the secular sector. Those that do, such as whistleblowers from inside organizations, are condemned and hunted down for punishment. Some are banned from the movement.

If we are to discern who is the true prophet as opposed to the false ones, we need only look to the actions of the said individuals. A true prophet in the time of the apostasy, would be like those of old such as Isiah and John the Baptist. They are in “sackcloth and ashes”, preaching the repentance (turning away from) of sin and the coming of the Messiah and the true kingdom and not from those dressed in bangles, beads, jewelry, fine clothing, perfumes such as we see among the false ones, which were criticized by the true prophets (see Isiah, 2, 3) . Thus the God Inc. messengers are all well to do and have an abundance of the world's wealth extracted from the meek that are oppressed, as opposed to those who call for its overturning. The signs should be self evident with their fancy church buildings, high end cars, gold watches, yachts, expensive jewelry, opulent homes, silk suits, complacency in the face of poverty, non critical of the system and economic deceit and the like, but overly critical of minor issues of personal sin to the point of torture and cold blooded murder, compared to the grand corruption.

The teaching also comes from altered scriptures and selective choices of the scriptures. There is an active negation of the social gospel and a concentration on others of their choosing. Peer pressure is employed to encourage people to join and where that fails, banning is the reaction. Friendship on the outside of such communities is strongly discouraged. Crimes/sins that are mistranslated, serve to transfer guilt from the perpetrator to the innocent. They promote a wait attitude, where God will take care of it all in the end, where we need do nothing about the myriad of woes around us, natural and man made . We are told to wait for a better world and do nothing, that that world may be a post death paradise, or one that God will usher in here on earth at some unspecified time. This allows the parasite and the “abusers of themselves with mankind” (11) a stay of execution to continue to profit at everyone else's expense and ruin the earth, while everyone waits for the kingdom to come, taking the negative option. Yet we read that the Kingdom of God is within (12) and that it does not come from waiting and watching (13). We can also read that these types know better, but stand in the way of those seeking the kingdom manifestation, not allowing them access, thus making them the twofold more children of hell than the ones doing the blocking (14). As activists and promoters of the Liberation social Gospel, we exercise the negation of the negation, to work for the here and now manifestation of God's Kingdom where all are equal, war will be forgotten and the true workers will inherit the earth and receive the full product of their labors as proclaimed in Isaiah 65: 21-23.

The call has been, and still is, for all believers to “come out of the churches of Satan”. As it stands now, if one does not toe the line dictated by the administrators of God Inc., they stand to be expelled (15). But that is not such a loss, especially it one is expelled for telling the truth or insisting on a different meaning of the scriptures, mainly the social gospel, which almost all organizations, corporate based or otherwise, ignore. The social gospel believers must then link up with those who practice these ideas, even if they proclaim themselves as atheists, such as many socialists, anarchists, communists, Leninists, Trotskyists and Marxists. It is better to be on the side of truth and justice than on the side of lies, corruption and oppression purporting to be truth! It is better to also lend extra weight to the class struggle, discussing how the Bible actually lends support to the oppressed working class against the rulers of this system (16). At least in this position, one would not be aligned with corporatist spirituality, which is an oxymoron; a contradiction and a grand deception.

But; wait a minute! We're far from done yet! It's not just about Christians! All religions one way or another are linked to God Inc.! (17) There are not only inside witnesses to the fact that Christendom is a corporation, but this is also true of some sects in Islam (18) given by a reliable witness. We have facts for others like Hinduism, Buddhism and the like, and we suspect there are cases here too. There is at least one sect connected to Hinduism that is very corporate like in structure, if not indeed a registered corporation (19, 20). God Incarnated has all the bases covered and is truly global. Like secular corporations, these is fierce competition in order to become the only boss on a company planet. If and when that day arrives, we will not necessarily see the Kingdom of God manifesting on earth, but something far different. We need to wake up to this fact and not get swept up in the tide of corporate spirituality, which at its foundation is the struggle to seize resources, surplus production and willing, compliant slaves. The true kingdom does not come by watching and waiting, but manifests first inside and then outward to the whole of the world the bring peace, joy, love and the other fruits of the spirit. Do we have that now? A casual look tells that instead of peace, we have war. Instead of love, we see hate. Instead of patience, we have impatience. Instead of joy, we have profound sadness. Instead of gentleness, bullying is system pervasive. Instead of faith, there is mistrust and doubt. Arrogance replaces meekness. Unbridled consumerism has replaced temperance. Intolerance pass as long-suffering In place of goodness, there resides evil passing as good (21). Isaiah says “Woe unto those who say evil is good and good is evil, who say light is darkness and darkness as light”. What is the greater crime; to expose senseless murder of innocents in imperialist war, or those who target those who expose these events?


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1: the office or function of a trustee

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b: one (as a corporate director) occupying a position of trust and performing functions comparable to those of a trustee

This is the center of the world for three major world religions!


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