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God, Jesus and the Afterlife in Computer terms

Updated on May 4, 2011

In my life I have spoken to so many engineers and scientists about God and the most of them will always conclude God and everything about Him is religion and should stay there since it does not fit into the modern world of today. Thought out by people who didn't know how things worked a long time ago so they just made up a superior being to explain everything. I find this quite interesting so I thought of laying it out in their terms so it won't sound so outdated.

As many scientists say we are just really advanced organic computers with a brain that shuts off when we die. Lets use this as a starting point. We are all advanced computers capable of processing information, which is actually sort of true. I believe we were built by a superior being referring to God but that's just what I believe. If we are advanced computers our personalities and conscience would be our operating system much like Microsoft Windows. Our hard-drive will then be our brain and it's memory. Lets say everything we learn in life from infancy is stored in knowledge like a constant updating encyclopedia in our brain. Lets call it Encarta Encyclopedia. Now since we are so advanced we should have a WiFi modem in our bodies capable of transferring data over-the-air. Using hardware on a computer requires the appropriate software to recognize, activate and communicate with the hardware. This is the driver of the hardware. The problem is a lot of people do not have a driver to use the WiFi modem because the driver is Jesus and a relationship with Him. So by this relationship we have access to God which we can call the Wireless Network to which our modems hook up to. Once connected we get awesome access to new updates and news which people that do not have the driver loses out on. Isolation sucks. Our faith and time with God is like browsing the wireless network with our WiFi modem and constantly updating it with faster network speeds and downloading new stuff available on the Wireless Network. Lets call it the Internet.

Now once we are connected we also have the ability to transfer data over-the-air obviously. So when we die our conscience is transferred to the wireless network via our WiFi modem. Now when we delete data on our PC such as music or movies, the data is gone but the operating system is not affected and continues working like normal. Same with death. Everything we learned in life is deleted at death or might also be transferred to the wireless network. The only difference is we are now hosted on the wireless network and joined with God so we have access to Encarta Online, we don't need the hard copy on our now deceased brain that was limited to what we ourselves learned and added in our own lives. We now have access to every bit of knowledge that exists at will.

The question is what happens to the people that couldn't use their WiFi modem before death, to transfer the data to the network, because they didn't have a driver to activate and use the hardware. Do their operating systems die with their bodies? Who knows. If I could comment I might just limit God's grace and therefore will leave the question for itself to be answered.

So there it is, see quite simple and not outdated as one might believe. I do apologize to the engineers and scientists that reads this hub because I did expand with a explanation on every bit to the not-so-tech savvy people, that is common basic knowledge on your turf, so thanks for the patience to read it through.


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