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God Science and Nature

Updated on July 29, 2015

God Science and Nature

God Science and Nature

In God We Trust.

Science is logic.

And we thrive on the existence of the natural

God Science and Nature

the earth it's riches and the universe.

It is said in the holy books that God created Man

The world and everything in it.

Yet who created God?

What is the purpose of Religion?

Is it to bring us closer to God and to save our

Souls in a religious sense?

Everything that mankind discovers has an element

Of what has always existed in the mind sub

conscious ‎or natural environment.

Maybe Benedict Bach Spinoza ‎have been right in saying

"God is Nature‎". Perhaps.


The gift of life, what are you going to do with your

gift of life educate yourself become a

mathematician ‎a doctor a sports star musician

discover a new planet or start your own family?

What obstacles do you face?

Lack of funds?

What is your dream?

The challenges do you face, to have support and

advise‎ from a parent or elder on how to over come them?

What is your greatest fear?

Are you happy with your reality?

Do you have any means or plans to move closer

to your social freedom?

Which God do you pray to?

Why do you believe in God?

Are you Kind and generous to others?

You reap what you sow, do you believe in karma?

What makes you happy?

Are you happy?

What is in the way of your happiness?

How long will it take for you to be happy?

What is the quickest way to Heaven?

Perhaps a THOUGHT!

Are all souls born with the same potential?

The earth the soil and the seed with the rains

and sunshine ‎over time provide enough harvest

fruits vegetables nuts maize .

The animals can graze and grow up to be healthy

so mankind can ‎farm and also eat for survival.

The Cycle of Life

Life gave birth to Time,and reality as we know it

today unfolded .

Yet what has happened to Society?

There is not a period of 100 years in the modern

World where there has been Peace.....

Is it that man kinds heart can not be tamed.

Are we savage beasts behind the intelligence?

We enjoy watching our own kind live from hand to

mouth. We engage in endless wars....

Violence is a norm we even shun upon little

Boys that are sensitive, saying if they cry when

hurt ‎they will not grow up to be real men.

Do we fear man?

Do we fear God?

Do we know the value of Life? Or are diamonds

and gold more precious than our happiness

And well being?

What are we to do with the time we have on Earth?

The cost of living is high.

The daily necessities bread milk transport

mean money. How are we to acquire funds?

Get‎ a job get educated take it one day at time.

Do not let hope parish, your dreams could make

Reality the world a happier place.

Keep your heart warm and body cosy.

Be aware of what thoughts that lie in your mind.

Live like you going to die forever!

Gods Poet Nkosi


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