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God Uproots Us and Places on Firm Ground

Updated on August 8, 2017
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Catharine Leona Joy Minter Parks published several books on Amazon including Eye Rings,For the Shattered Soul, Stop Killing Your Obese Child

God is shaking and uprooting us

God Uproots Us

I simply hate to cry in public, but as I stood at the front of the church being a part of the worship team I felt the Holy Spirit touch my whole being. I didn't just cry with tears in my eyes, oh no! My tears ran freely down my face. The product of over-active tear ducts never failed me yet.

I stood there praising my Lord, and talking to him inside my mind. I remember distinctly telling the Lord that I hate to cry, his reply to me soothed and uplifted my soul,

'Your tears are like diamonds to me.'

Hearing that I smiled, and thanked the Lord for those tear drops. I could never have heard anything more special.

Through the humbleness of our tears the Lord cleanses us as we go through the fires of our lives. He cleanses us through the water, to wash away our sins through water baptism. He cleanses us through the blood, His blood, for the redemption of our sins for which He died on the cross.

He uproots us in order to shake, and rattle us before placing us on firm ground. He uproots the weeds and plants the flowers. He takes away the garbage out of our lives, cleans us up, then plants us on firm ground. When we become seasoned warriors for the Kingdom, then we are sent to the battlefields to pray and intercede, and even do battle for our loved ones.

Put on the Whole Armour of God

Put on the Armour of God

God even has us put on spiritual armor to fight for saints in other countries. Once I had a dream that I was in a realm where a battle had taken place. I was on that battle field looking for live soldiers to pray for. All around me were dead soldiers, then I came across one who was still alive. I prayed for him and walked on looking for more of his comrades. I circled around and came back to where I had prayed for the soldier, and he was sitting up, looking around him at his fallen comrades. Praying intercession for those who fight for their lives is what God has called many to do.


Humbleness is the key

Let God root up those places that have been vacated, harmed, abused, used and trampled on, and let His Holy Spirit make you a clean vessel for His Glory and purposes. Each time we cry out to Him, he humbles us, for that which we hate, He loves. In our humbleness His Spirit moves, cleanses and heals, and a new creature in Christ is born.

© 2017 Catharine Parks


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