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God head of the spiritual world

Updated on June 15, 2017

This is how some people could see God of the universe

There are many religions today, some of them describe God in different ways. The photo that you see here is just another way of describing God and it comes close to our own understanding of God of the universe.
There are many religions today, some of them describe God in different ways. The photo that you see here is just another way of describing God and it comes close to our own understanding of God of the universe.

Describing God and the spiritual world

Welcome to our article (104), God head of the spiritual world

May God guide and help me to say the right things in this spiritual article?

Dear readers, this is our religious article, where we are describing an imaginary God, being the head of the spiritual world. Some of you can say that this is only an imaginary God that we have invented, but so are the others gods that humanity believes in, they have been invented by us human, even if there is some true spiritual evidence somewhere, the rest has been invented.

Anyhow, since we are trying to conclude our religious writings, in the shortest way possible, I hope I can conclude this very short version with this article. If I do, then this last shortened version will be only three (articles) long, therefore it will be a lot easier to read. Anyhow, let us make another observation, and then, start to talk about this God of the universe and the spiritual world as we see it.

We believe that to link all existing religions together we need a super God, so, we are going to describe this super God, where God is head of the entire spiritual world, using what we know and the observations that we have made during our lives, about religious things and spirituality. Of course, they will also include many other things from the physical world.

You see, we need to take into consideration the physical world, because things that happen in the physical world or dimension, are very likely to happen in the spiritual dimension as well. Because, as I understand it, dimensions are those imaginary things that run parallel to each other’s. So, things could be happening at the same time in the same space, but we are only aware of, and can observe only those things that happen in the dimension we belong, even when those things that happen in the dimension we belong, would affect the other dimension as well. But if we would be able to look from the other dimension, we would be able to see what is happening in a slightly different way.

So, whatever happens in one dimension is very likely to happen in the other dimension as well. Having said that, now we can use our imagination to describe how the other dimension could be like and how the spiritual world could work. We have written some hubs that could help understand what we are going to say next, one is, Nature of the Universe and earth,

another one is Everything is rolling over, these two hubs could help understand what we are going to say next.

Now to make it very brief, we could say that there is only one God throughout the universe, this God is formed from the life forces energies of the entire universe; now this is the super God that we are talking about and there is nothing else above this God, since this God is the centre of all existing spiritual energies of the universe and all energies go through this spiritual super God, as we will explain as we keep writing on.

So, now that we have taken the first step how this God would be like, we have to try to work out how this super God works and how the rest of the spiritual world could work and would work together with this super God.

Of course this super God is only the beginning of our explanation, and now we need to describe how this super God links with the rest of all the spiritual beings that are believed to exist in the universe. Now, this is what we are going to explain next, in our sub-article hereunder.

How the super God works?

Dear readers, I believe that if I continue to write strait away how this super God works, you are going to think that I have lost my mind completely. So, let me explain once more about my beliefs; I believe that I am a seer and I am writing these articles, the way that God lets me see these spiritual things, and how they influence our life here on earth, since both need to be taken into consideration.

Now, because this super God that we are talking about here, is completely different from the God/s we are used to believe in, we need to go over and explain once again, what the world needs and how gods have been created by man for their own benefit in the past. Anyhow, we can say that we need a loving God and not a God that punishes us for no good reasons, like most of the religions that exist now make us believe.

So, let me explain, we all seem to see God in different ways, the reasons for seeing God in different ways, it is because how the previous generations have described God to us. So, we believe that they have described God in the same way they saw God themselves, and also because, people tent to see things that would help them and not the others; you see, in the past there was a lot more competition between groups of people for many reasons, so religions were used to help people stay with their own groups.

Now, having said that and having explained that the gods we believe in today have been partly, or perhaps we could even say completely invented by humanity for their own needs. Therefore, because the real needs of the population have changed today, we also need to change how we see God and believe in God, this might upset some religious believers, but we need to understand that this may become necessary in the near future. So, allow me to go ahead and continue to explain how we see this super God of the future.

As we have said above, we believe that there exist a super God, or there needs to be a super God above all other Gods and spiritual forces or beings in the universe, only if that happens humanity would be able to solve the religious problems that exist today.

Now, I know that you are saying what about the existing Gods, are these Gods out of date and we should completely forget about them? No, dear readers, they have to still exist and we should continue to believe in them, just the ways that we do today. Therefore, we should look at what needs to be changed, so, they could fit in with what humanity needs of today. So, let us describe this super God and how all existing spiritual gods could fit together.

The Super God of the future

The super God of the future, is formed from the life forces energies of the universe. I know that now most of you are saying that this is all an invention of my mind; and so, it is, I am not saying that it is not, but we need a super God, so, let me describe how I see this issue.

Now, just think about it. The gods and religions of the past and those that still exist today have all been invented using the knowledge of those days, when those religions were written down for the first time. Even though there might have been some spiritual events that have happened and the people did the rest.

So, today it is also possible to describe a super God with the knowledge that we have reached today, and this is what I am going to try writing down just now. I am going to use the knowledge and the observation that I have learned during my life. I know that it is not going to be easy, but I hope that I would be able to write it clear enough for our readers to understand what we are saying. So, how would this super God that links the entire spiritual world together be like!?

First, we have observed that everything in the universe forms a cycle, in one way or another, so, if we follow this pattern, it would follow that also the spiritual forces of the universe should form a cycle, with a super God being the main engine of the spiritual forces, so to speak. So, now what is left to explain is how this spiritual cycle works. We need to do that, because that is the only way that people could accept this new way of seeing God.

We believe that somewhere in the universe, there is a massive amount of pure spiritual life energies, this we could call the super God of the universe. If we want to understand how it works, we need to describe the cycle of these spiritual life energies. So, from this spiritual life energies, all the existing gods in the entire world have been born and they are at the top of all spiritual beings. Then they are followed from archangels, angels and other spiritual beings that we believe exist in the spiritual world, anyhow, they continue to move down this chain of spiritual life, until they reach us human beings. We could say that these are the positive spiritual life energies of the universe, and since we have reached us humans, what follows next from our point of view, are going to be the negative life energies of the universe.

Here I should stop to make this observation: because we want to describe the entire cycle of these spiritual energies, we need to divide them in sections, so that it is easier to understand what we are talking about. For this reason, using our own imagination, we have divided the spiritual energies of the universe in three main sections, the positive section, the negative section and the neutral section.

Having written a very brief discerption of this super God that exists as pure spiritual life energies, in the positive section; now we need to describe the negative life energies of the universe. Because here we are talking about ourselves, we will follow our own spiritual life energy, as we believe it is our soul. So, our souls, when we die returns to these spiritual life energies that we are talking about, they may return to the positive or negative life energies. Anyhow, because we have talked about the positive side, we need to describe the negative side now and then the neutral part.

So, from our imaginary point of view on earth, we have the positive life energies above us, as we have briefly described already, and the negative life energies below us. The negative spiritual life energies are formed from any spiritual being that is not perfect, and therefore they fall below God’s spiritual standard. We on earth would call this section Hell and it contains the rebellious angels of God including all the bad people souls, which are tormented in a way or another.

In our vision these souls one day will end up in the abyss of the universe, which is the neutral spiritual part of the universe, where they will be destroyed completely, and so, they will become the smallest possible particles of energy, which can be positive or negative. Then the positive energies can be absorbed by God magnetic force, so that a complete cycle can start again. This is how we imagine the spiritual forces of the universe could be.

Anyhow, we know that this is only an imaginary way of seeing these spiritual things, but it is a new way of seeing God and the spiritual forces of the universe, which could eliminate those powerful beliefs that promises many things after death. We believe that those things could not exist and at the best they are as we have written in these articles.

We believe that religions are man-made, so, they are supposed to serve humanity first of all. If they don’t do that, then we better forget about God and religions. It is useless to believe in the afterlife that most likely does not exist, especially if that makes life miserable on earth.

So, let us say goodbye to those Gods that are more trouble than help, and let us believe in a more benevolent God, or at least a more neutral God that does not take sides here on earth. If we accept this type of God, then, the people on earth could not use God name to do their thirty deeds.

Since we believe that God exists in a way or another, may God guide us?

May God bless us all?


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