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God is not a Dictator!

Updated on February 10, 2013

The Marabarath war! Arjuna and Krishna riding!

God is just a witness!

Many people who suffer much in the world consider God as a dictator or sadist!. He has given man full freedom to choose any path or action but with a condition. Whatever man does invariably produce a result from which he can not escape. Because the choice is man's volition and hence he alone is responsible for the result and he has to undergo the result without fail. On the other hand, those who surrender their free will to God and accepts his dictum never comes into harm since it is God who takes responsibility for the devotees who surrender their will to Him!

Once Saibaba told a beautiful story. A man who was undergoing suffering found that one more pair of footprint along with his own whenever he goes out. God out of mercy revealed this man that it is He who accompany him invisibly. Hence the additional foot prints to remove his fear! One day, this man was in deepest trouble and to his misery he found only one set of footprints on the sand! He was in depression with the thought that god too has forsaken him! When he was in deep anguish, god revealed to him that the footprint he saw were that of God! During those troublesome period, God literally carried him in his hands and walked. Hence there was only one set of foot prints! The man was crying since he has doubted the very god who used to accompany him to all places!

This story will reveal that God is full of compassion and love. The sufferings we undergo is our own making and god has nothing to do with our suffering or joy. He is simply a witness. If only man adhere to the dictum of God, "Do good, see good and speak good", man would not have any suffering! Sow Mango, reap mango! Sow the bitter margosa seed(neem) and then don't cry that the seeds are bitter! Buddha preached 'noble vision, noble talk and noble deed'. If you are not able to follow any disciplines, surrender your will to God and do his bidding. In this way, you can escape all miseries. Now, there is a genuine doubt by some readers! Why noble people and pious people undergo suffering in this world? The answer is simple and straightforward. They are noble in this birth but they have accumulated evil in the past births and hence they suffer due to the bad deeds performed in their previous births. The same anomaly can be applied in respect of evil people who thrive in the present birth, enjoy all affluence and good health! It is due to the past merits performed in previous births.

The best example for both the category of people can be read in the great Mahabarath epic. The five Pandava brother who were noble and upright suffered untold miseries whereas their wicked cousins Kauravas enjoyed all happiness during their earthly career. The Pandava brothers were deprived of their Kingdom and they had to undergo exile in forest for fourteen years! The wicked cousins enjoyed the entire Kingdom usurped from the legitimate heirs Pandavas! In this case Pandavas suffered for their past sins and Kauravas enjoyed due to the past merits. But the Pandavas adopted virtuous life in spite of sufferings. The Kauravas indulged in sinful deeds throughout their life! In the end, in the famous Mahabarath war, the entire Kauravas, who were one hundred suffered ignominy and they were killed in the battle.No son has survived to perform the last rites of blind king Dhridarashtra! The Pandavas won the battle, and resumed the ruling of the famous Kingdom and finally they become recluses and relinquished their Kingdom by coronating their grandson Parikshit.

In the worldly accounting system, balancing of account is done. But in the accounting system of God, every individual has to undergo the results of past merits and sins separately and no balancing is allowed!


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