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God is not a fool as some people conceive!

Updated on March 1, 2016

From apes to human!

We fail to understand the secrets behind creation!

In this world, all are not ‘psychologists or philosophers’. May be, a very minute percentage of the population possess the skill to understand the psychology of human beings. Philosophy is the wont of spiritualists who practice ‘Monism or non-dual philosophy”. But people believing in dualism as well as qualified dualism too venture into philosophy. It is not limited to few people. Many children are born with wisdom consequent to the continuation of their efforts in previous births. Ramana or Ramakrishna or other great saints are not one day phenomena of achievements. They might have worked for it in so many previous incarnations as human being and finally it sprouted on the current incarnation.

Once, Sathya Saibaba has given a beautiful example to illustrate this point. A young man tried to break a hard rock with twenty hammer strokes but it remained stable without even a trace of crack. Afterwards, an old man came and given one more blows with the hammer and the rock was broken to two. The onlookers may ascribe the stroke of the Oldman as the cause for the split of the rock. But really, the blows received by the rock at the hands of Youngman really contributed to the split. Of course, the final blow was given by the Oldman which ultimately resulted in the splitting. In a similar manner, all the spiritual practices done by an individual in many previous births culminated in great wisdom during the current birth of the sage or saint. Likewise, Buddha was not made in a day. He too had many previous births in which he was searching for truth or Nirvana. The culmination of all the efforts came during the birth as “Siddhartha’, who finally renounced the world and become Buddha after many years of meditation under the Bodhi tree!

Hence no efforts of the previous births are written off abruptly. They are added to your scores. All the newborn babies carry with them, the effects of the past births and hence we have many ‘child prodigies’ in several countries. Hence we have only one Newton, one Edison or one Einstein in the scientific research. Not all can claim the title of Newton or Edison or Aristotle! They were unique in their field. Others can proceed from the inventions of such genius people and take forward the research. This is true in respect of all eminent or even dull people. All the effects of past are carried forward by the mind principle. Mind never dies. It transmigrates into another body with all the past storage intact. They are like perfect flash drives or CDs, which when played; reveal the contents in full, unless they are damaged. We are talking about terabytes and higher units. But the DNA of each individual contains the entire sequence of births undergone by the individual from mineral to man, passing through plants, fishes, insects, birds, animals and finally as a human being. But no scientist could decipher such vast amount of data from DNA so far!

The creation is miracle since each atom here is accounted for in a brilliant way. Who knows that after millions of years of evolution, the same atom may end up as one Newton or Einstein? Our computers are nothing in front of the secret storages inside our brain and DNA. Hence, if we plant a mango seed, it religiously sprouts as a mango sapling only, depicting the colors and characteristics of the mango shoot everywhere in the world. Silica extracted from sand is not inert as we conclude. Because of the silica, the computers are running all over the globe. Hence, every bit of the universe is miraculous. Even in algae and fungus, there are many useful things when carefully extracted will aid the Doctors with cure for many unknown diseases.

God has not created the world for vain. Everything here has a purpose. Only, we are not able to understand the secrets behind the creation. Once, a traveler was resting under a peepal tree. He slept for some time and on awakening he found lot of little seeds of peepal spreading all along his body. He thought a while and said, “God is a fool, he has given such tiny seeds to such huge tree”. While he was commenting like that, a saint passed nearby who said, “Oh Man! Thank God for his wisdom. Had he given huge fruits to this tree, by now, you would have perished due to the weight of the fruits. The traveler was ashamed for his folly! Hence, whatever God has conceived, it is only for the good of the inhabitants of the earth!

Everything changes.


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