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God is the base for the illusory creation!

Updated on March 21, 2015

visible superstructure!

Reality and Illusions about existence!

In a hotel or restaurant, we get both sweet and savories. In South India, in hotels, they provide a little savory along with the sweet. The contrast in taste is the most welcome in South Indian cuisine. Also, during dinner or supper, we have different varieties of food with different tastes. In fact, all this are meant for digestion. We mix tamarind, chilies and salt to prepare favorite gravy like thing. This will be mixed with rice and the resultant combination is tasty as well as healthy with proper proportion of carbohydrate, protein and sodium. Hence everything in this world has a great purpose.

This is the very purpose of evil among good. Creation is sustained only by dualities. For instance, if there is only one color, none can recognize it. Only when there is contrast, we can recognize both the colors. Likewise light and darkness coexists. The absence of darkness is light and vice versa. If everyone is perfect and upright, the creation loses its purpose. Likewise, birth and death, illness and wellness, prosperity and poverty, day and night male and female are essential limbs of creation. Once Sri Sathya Saibaba has told the devotees, “If you recognize two, they Maya is in action.

In this mundane world, 99.99 percent are observing only duality. Rare are those souls who have realized, yet retain the body. They are called “Jeevan Mukthas”- Though living, they already attained. The purpose of their prolonged existence is to showcase them as models in spirituality. Only by observing, every one learns. Children learn by observing the behavior of their parents and peers. Hence, there is none who do not copy others except that man of wisdom. The world is a queer combination of truth and falsehood. God is the only Truth in this phenomenal world but he is not seen externally by our illusory vision. Yes, God is really hidden between the veils of many illusions created by the senses. We look at something and believe it as true. We hear some sound and believe them as real. Likewise, all sensory stimuli hoodwink the reality. The mind hides the real and projects the illusory.

The scriptures elucidate the truth by several examples. During twilight hours, the light is partially visible. If somebody happens to move during twilight hours, there is every possibility that he will mistake as something else which he encounters on the path. For instance, coir lying coiled on the path may look as a snake to the passerby. Out of fear, he will stop. Everyone fears snake. Hence, this caution. Another one coming through the path carries a torch light. Now the first one warns him, “beware, and there is a snake lying coiled”. The man with the torch focuses the light on the snake! He had a hearty laugh and tells the first man, “Look at it, it is only coir”. Now we have to understand that the faulty vision is due to twilight. All along there was only coir, there was never a snake! It is the fear and anxiety which created an illusion of snake over the coir.

Hence, the scriptures point out, “There is only God all along”. What you feel as the creation and cosmos is a mere imagination of the mind due to the defects in senses. How? For instance, one is travelling in a desert. He is thirsty. He searches for water. In a distant, he looks and Lo! He observes a water pond. He tries to approach it to quench his thirst. Unfortunately, as he starts moving towards it, the pond also moves! It is called ‘mirage’. Hence, the inputs supplied by the senses are only illusions.

A waterbody is completely covered by leaves. None can aver there is water underneath. If someone steps without knowing, he will drown in it. The leaves that cover the water are like the cataract formed over the eye. One will lose his vision due to cataract. Hence the eye surgeons remove the cataract to restore the eyesight. Likewise, the foundation of a building is never visible. None can say that the building has no foundation!

God is the invisible base and support for the creation. He won’t be visible like the superstructure we witness over the ground. Only an illumined mind can understand that there should be a base or foundation for the building. Hence the sages have said, God is the unseen cause and support for the illusory creation. We must focus only on the reality of existence and we should not be carried away by sensory perceptions!



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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Excellent article! Peace.