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God is the only unchanging entity in the changing world phenomena!

Updated on January 2, 2016

Eternal values!

God is the only Truth!

Many of us are really confused with the word “Truth”. We feel that when we narrate facts, it is nothing but truth. There is great difference between ‘facts and truths’ Facts are that pertaining to the creation, cosmos and whatever comes to us as perception. One thing is certain. Today’s facts will not be valid for tomorrow. For instance, the weather bulletin may predict rain for today and fair-weather for tomorrow. Today, it may rain and it is a fact as far as today is concerned. Tomorrow the weather will be different. Hence facts are just events happening during a particular time or period. Facts will change often but Truth is a constant factor.

Hence the scriptures assert “Truth is God”. If truth is a changing factor, how can we equate it to God? God is ever existing factor and god is not subject to changes of any sort. Hence the Upanishads describe god as “Sath, Chit Ananda” in Sanskrit language. Sath means ‘always existing, chit means full of wisdom or knowledge and Ananda is nothing but Bliss. Hence god is termed as ‘always and everywhere’. There is no place, where he is not and there is no time where he was absent. He is the permanent base for the changing, moving world. Imagine a situation when the roads start moving! How vehicles will ply over the roads? Because of the static nature of the road, movement becomes possible. Hence the unchanging base for the entire creation and cosmos is God which is otherwise termed as Self or Atma. Every being in the world contains the self which is not different from the cosmic self.

Only through a known phenomenon, this could be explained. The Sun is one for the world of beings. There are number of pots containing water, kept open to the sky. When the Sun rises or visible, the reflection of the Sun is seen in every pot. Each pot reflects a full sun and not a partial one. Likewise, the Omni self-God is reflected in each being as an individual self. This is how; our forefathers explained the phenomena of self in each being. Now, the bodies may undergo birth and death but the self within is immortal and imperishable. For instance, we have sky everywhere around. Do not think that the sky is only in upward direction. All the planets and earth are suspended like balls in space. Hence it is fallacy to think that the sky is only up. Likewise, the sky fills all the space and there is no place devoid of sky. There are some pots kept outside. They also contain the sky within. Once the pot is broken, the sky within the pot merges with the sky outside. The pot is only a temporary obstruction!

Likewise the SELF is everywhere around. Our bodies are only temporary barrier. Once, the bodies die, the self within, merges with the self, outside. If you deeply contemplate, there is no outside or inside since like the sky, God is everywhere in all places. Hence whether one prays in the house or in the temple, god listens to the prayer. Whether one prays in India or Africa, god listens to those prayers since he is both inside and outside a body! Hence in Hindu scriptures, it is asserted, “the body is a chariot wherein the deity god is installed. We are all moving chariots and the deity is inside the chariot. In this way, we can easily understand the concept of god.

Since we are deeply involved with the affairs of the body and the world, we are not able to understand these great truths. We are all concerned with facts only. Hence we read the newspapers every day religiously and watch the visual media to know about the events around the globe. The print media and visual media may convey the news and events about the temporary illusory world. When something changes every moment, how can we rely upon it? Those who are aware of the events during world wars could grasp the truth about the changing scenarios every moment. Nations bubbling with activity few seconds before become dump yard with unidentified bodies strewn everywhere. The destructions caused by the atom bombs are history. Likewise, great emperors ruled the earth with fame! Where are they now? Where are those Nations which they ruled? Hence it is a clear fact that whatever is created is sustained for some time and destroyed after sometime.

We remember the places visited by Jesus through Bible and other historical monuments. People make a pilgrimage to the places sanctified by the feet of Jesus. This is the norm everywhere. Muslims make yearly Haj pilgrimage. Likewise, the Hindus throng to many temples around India sanctified by many prophets, saints and incarnations of god. Where are they? Everyone has passed with time. Hence the only reality behind the changing world is the unchanging base which is God!

God is unchanging eternal principle!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear one! how can i express my thanks to you excepting wishing you a peaceful, harmonious existence always!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Thanks Bro. A changing world with an ever-present Consciousness or Love. Nice Hub.