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Does God Really Exist?

Updated on February 6, 2017

The Bible states that God created the Heavens and Earth in six days and rested on the seventh. But how could any being do it all on their own. This to a lot of people sounds ludicrous and leads many to become none believers.

About Me

I to some am an Atheist however that is not 100% true as I am open minded and willing to listen to all angles of this kind of debate. I also do find time to attend Church but not very often. I have friends who are believers and I count a few Vicars and their families among them.

The God Paradox

This is what makes me think about the existence of God and how he came to be. As I'm interested in Physics I know that energy is not created but transformed from one form to another. This means that under the laws of physics nothing can be created if there is nothing to create it with. For the human race to continue we need to procreate and create new life as do all other species. This leads me to the question of If God Exists Who Or What Created Him? This also lends itself to the question of How did the Universe Come To Be If There Was Nothing Before It?

Whenever I ask myself these questions I always seem to end up with more needing answers.

The last question brings in another Religions Belief and that is the Wheel of Time or Kalachakra of Buddhism. In Science it is known as the Cyclic Model (See Image Below).

The Cyclic Model helps to answer some questions but brings about this, How Was The First Universe Created? The cycle must have a beginning mustn't it?

For some the idea of God is a comforting one but for others it seems illogical that if he did exist he would allow us to wage war on each other.

God could be an alien from another world who could have kick started life here and watched over us from his ship for a long time. His mission brief could have included a none interference clause to allow us to develop on our own.

But if he is an alien from a race that believes in not interfering with the development of life on other planets why would he send down his son to us but then leave us to kill each other?

Creation in 6 Days

How could the heavens and the earth and all that we see have been created from nothing in 6 days?

Like I have already said this to some sounds ludicrous. Even some Christians find it hard to believe.

For me the best explanation of Genisis is that a Day in Gods life could be millions of years to us. It could also be that whoever had the vision of the creation could have witnessed it over the course of a week.

It is possible that if he does exist God's days could be longer than ours here on earth. We know that this is possible because every planet's days are a different length and also time flows differently in space than it does here on earth due to a thing called time dilation.


I realize that everyone has their own opinions on this subject and I would like to hear them. However you should be respectful of each other while commenting and while I'd like to see a healthy debate there should be no slagging off of each other.


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