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God is unconditional Love - always!

Updated on March 24, 2010
NASA, nebula
NASA, nebula

Few minutes ago, I was searching for some inspirational questions from Hubers and found that one: Will the God punish me if I live with my boyfriend before the marriage? It reminded me immediately on my young, dear shopper 2, please read my article.

I was raised up us Roman Catholic, full of fears of God, waiting for punishment because of my so called sins. When I started dating and having sexual relationships, I was sure that I am on the good way to hell, and I was destroying myself because of strong, deep guilt. Actually at that time I WAS LIVING IN HELL already, my fears and guilt created it.

But, the fact was/is: majority of people were (and still are) "sinners", sexual energy is the strongest force among people, that is our genetic heritage, our passion, our inspiration, one of our ways to express love,does that mean that God will punish you for something what move us on? Impossible.

I spend many years of my life while searching for truth, about God, about sins, about myself, about humans behaviour. I have learned psychology, biology, spirituality, prayed, meditated,contemplated, I dared to asked questions directly to the God, I knew God can hear me. And is willing to answer. God is always answering on our questions, anyway.

God is unconditional Love

God is Ocean of Love, Ocean of Compassion for everybody. God is so full of pure Love, that something as punishment just cannot exist in God`s mind. We are God`s loving children, and God knows that children needs to learn from their life-experience what life and truth really are. God is aware, that we have to do mistakes sometimes, in order to learn lessons in school of life, God loves us with endlessness Love...and NEVER, NEVER punish!!! God always support us, and give us opportunity for spiritual evolution. We are God`s loving dreams, and consisted of the same substance as our Creator - we are also pure love, and we should learn how to overcome our fears.

My religion taught me many lies about God, as well as some truths. God did not create religion - people do that, because they want to describe the Creator of Universe on the way which is understandable for them. Religions and their dogmas are created by human mind only, not by Divine being.

I know now that God gives us freedom of choice and we can always choose. It is easier to choose, if you are free of fears, if you are brave and have open hearth. When you are full of love, you are connected with God, so you know then, what is the right choice for you.

There is no guilt, no mistake in God`s eyes. Eternal Love just cannot punish us for listening our hearths and using common sense in making important life - decisions. Everyone of us has right to love and express this love, live that love.

It is very wise to try to live with your boyfriend before the marriage...and see if you can be together, or just stay friends. Friendship is love as well. You will see your possible future, only if you give it a try. not do it if you are afraid of anything, do not rush if you are not sure that you really want it, from all your heart and soul. If you are ready, expect reward from God for your brave and wise decision. If you do not feel ready, God will be happy as well.

You are woman, decision is YOURS. God is on your side, and loves you tenderly till the end of time, never forget that.

Be blessed.

In this endless, eternal universe, everything is perfect, everything is in order, everything is creativity and miracle. No mistake can exist, no sins, no punishment. We can create heaven in our lives, if we decide to live in love for all, if we are free of fears. We have right to choose, we have right to change our minds. We have right to be free, because God is Freedom. Always. As well as forgiveness. We are all surrounded with God`s Love and Wisdom... all the time.

We just need to open our mind to this eternal Truth...and dare to live it.


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