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Godmen and Hinduism

Updated on September 10, 2011

There are so many Godmen in India. The reason for this is two basic believes in Hinduism. Hinduism insists that every body should have a spiritual teacher (Guru) and Hinduism firmly believes that God will come to the earth and destroy the evils when they try to rule the world. Using this believes , some fraudulent persons self proclaiming that they are the real spiritual teachers and cheating the people. To make the people believe, they are doing some cheap magics like creating something from thin air and so on. Hinduism never admits all this. It strongly advice the people that the they should be very cautious in choosing their Guru. Saints of the ancient India never indulged in these kind of activities.. They never asked the people to worship them or they lived a luxurious life, like the modern Gurus. Ramalinga Adigalar , a great saint who lived in South India in the 19 th century, often wept when people tried to worship him. He continuously insisted that God only be worshipped and not others. All the great saints like Ramalinga Adigalar,Ramakrishna Paramahamsar, Vivekananda led a simple life and they never tried to lead a luxurious life by cheating the people, like the modern Gurus now doing.

Another kind of God men proclaim themselves that they are the incarnation(Avatar) of God, who came to the world to protect the good from the evils. These people are more intelligent than the false Gurus mentioned above. By some means they will make some foreigners as their devotees and the people of India begin to believe that these fellows have some super natural powers and that is why people from other countries also becoming their devotees. This fraudulent Godmen cash this belief and minting money. To avoid any doubts in the mind of their devotees, they build Hospitals, Educational Institutes and so on and try to project them as if they are very much concerned about the society. Mahatma Gandhi often said "Means are more important than the aims". One can not justify his fraudulent methods in the veil of social service. Devotees of this false Godmen should adhere to the advise of Ramakrishna Paramahamsar that " Nothing should be accepted without questioning" If these Godmen are real Gods why they are building Hospitals and Educational institutes? By a single touch they can cure the patients and make the people educated! Why they are not doing it?Thirumoolar, a saint of Tamilnadu , who lived several centuries back, insisted that it was the duty of the king to identify this type of fraudulent Godmen and Gurus and punish them. But many in the corridor of power in India are sincere devotees of this kind of Godmen! Then who will bell the cats?We have to do it.

Hindus must take a vow that we won't worship Godmen any more and we won't fall in the feet of this fraudulent persons.

"Offer a handful of flowers to God ,a handful of grass to a cow , a hand full of food to a starved man and offer soothing and kind words to the distressed persons, that will lead you to God" This is what Thirumoolar told and we should follow his words and not these so called Gods(Frauds)!


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    • profile image

      R.Nagarajan 5 years ago

      It is really a slap on the faces of the followers of God- men. Even after reading it, if they do not change themselves, they are no doubt incorrigible. let them go to hell

    • profile image

      KA.RENGASAMI 7 years ago

      The way to reach God is well explained in the last paragraph. Men are not actually cheated by this false Godmen (ofcourse there are some exceptional cases)They can't be cheated also. They join these Godmen only to become partners in his fraudulent activities. Mostly women are cheated by these fellows.

    • profile image

      dhanapal 9 years ago

      these fake godmen still live and more are mushrooming!!!

      what is the right method to eradicate them!!!

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 9 years ago from India

      I will never prefer MOBILE GODS...

    • profile image

      elizabeth 9 years ago

      uhhhhhhhhhhhh she is the most ugliest person i have ever seen bye

    • Rudra profile image

      Rudra 10 years ago

      yes its really sad and unfortunate

    • NOIDIAN profile image

      NOIDIAN 10 years ago

      Being a Hindu, I am really sad over the activities of these Godmen. They not only cheat but also exploit the people who come to them. What is really pathetic that even educated people become victims of this so called Godmen.