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God's People Rapture into Heaven

Updated on August 31, 2016

God's People in the Body of Christ

This diagram portrays how the souls of God's people are contained in Christ. All who are in Christ have eternal life because they are contained in Christ who lives forever. They have eternal life through faith in the Lord Jesus.
This diagram portrays how the souls of God's people are contained in Christ. All who are in Christ have eternal life because they are contained in Christ who lives forever. They have eternal life through faith in the Lord Jesus.

Only those who believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior will rapture from the Old Universe into the New Universe.

Being Born again through Faith

Faith is the only means through which men gain entrance into paradise. No one who does not believe in Christ could make it to where Christ is.

All who believe in Christ are contained in the body of Christ through faith in Jesus Christ. When Christ entered into the womb of the Church (Mary) to be born, all Christians were contained in him as his body (somatic) cells. And when he was born by his mother, the Church, all Christians were born again in his body such that every Christian is himself Christ. He is Christ because being a body cell of Christ means that he is made up of the genetic information of Christ.

Christians Sat at the Right Hand Side of God

Christians are the somatic cells of the body of Christ. When Christ ascended into heaven, all Christians ascended into heaven in his body. It also means that, when Jesus sat at the right side of God the Father Almighty until God placed his enemies under his feet, all Christians sat at the right hand side of the Father until God crushed their enemies under them.

Being Born in the Spirit

Christians were born first in the flesh by an earthly mother. Then they were born the second time in the spirit by a heavenly mother Mary (the Church). During the first birth, they were born in any of the twelve months of the year; but in the second birth, they were born in any of the twelve tribes of Israel. It means that a man born in the month of January during the first birth is born in the tribe of Judah during the second birth or when he was born again.

“To be born again is to be born of the church (Mary)”

Every Christian belongs to a Specific Tribe

A Christian born in the tribe of Judah is a citizen of the kingdom through the tribe of Judah. As such, he is a subject of Peter who is the ruler of the tribe of Judah. The tribe of Judah is the Catholic Church, implying that Peter is the ruler of the Catholic Church.

This means that although all are lifted up into heaven in the body of Christ, each person enters into paradise through a tribe (a gate) corresponding to the month he was born during his earthly birth.

So, through faith, Christians rapture from the Old Universe into the New Universe. But all who did not believe in Jesus Christ were left behind in the Old Universe, and were destroyed with the destruction of the Old Universe.

Table Showing the Tribes and their Angels

Month (Earth)
Tribe (Heaven)
Ruler (Angel)

Every child of God belongs to a particular tribe in heaven and has an angel in charge of his tribe. You could determine your tribe through your month of birth on earth as shown above, and identify your angel from the corresponding ruler of the tribe.

Months versus Tribes

On earth; it is called month, but in heaven it is called tribe. There are twelve months in a year on earth. But there are twelve tribes of Israel in heaven. So we say Israel in heaven is manifested as a year on earth.

The twelve months in a year on earth are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. And the corresponding twelve tribes of Israel in heaven are Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, and Benjamin.

Tribes and their Rulers

A Christian born on earth in the month of February entered into heaven through the tribe of Reuben. He belongs to the tribe of Reuben and has the Apostle John as the ruler of his tribe.

A Christian born in the month of March on earth belongs to the tribe of Gad, entered heaven through the tribe of Gad, and has the Apostle James ruler of his tribe.

The Twelve Angels on the Twelve Gates

The twelve tribes are twelve gates into heaven, and each apostle is an angel manning a gate. It means that the twelve apostles are twelve angels manning the twelve gates. Each gate (tribe) has an apostle manning it such that Apostle Philip is manning the Naphtali gate. Manning a gate corresponds to ruling a tribe. When an individual born on earth in the month of September enters into heaven through the gate of Issachar, the Apostle James is there to welcome him into paradise.

We are the Children of Abraham in Isaac

We know that Abraham is the Father and Isaac is the Son. In the three persons in one God, Jesus is the Son, which means that Isaac is Jesus who was crucified on the Altar:

"The scripture predicted that God would put the Gentiles right with himself through faith. And so the scripture announced the Good News to Abraham:

“If you belong to Christ, then you are the descendants of Abraham and will receive what God has promised.” (Galatians 3:29).

Through Christ, all Christians were conveyed as somatic cells of the body of Christ into the womb of Sarah (Fatima) and were born as Isaac.

Now, we know that another name for Mother Mary is Lady Fatima, which means that the coronation of Mother Mary as Queen in heaven was the coronation of the Princess (Sarah) to become Queen Mother in heaven.

Sarah = Princess

= she who would be Queen

Sarah (Princess) became Queen because her son Isaac is King.


  1. Sarah = Fatima
  2. Mary = Fatima
  3. Since Fatima (1) = Fatima (2), Sarah = Mary

Because we were in Isaac who was born by Sarah, we are the children of Father Abraham who is the husband of Sarah and the Father of Isaac.

“The scripture predicted that God would put the Gentiles right with himself through faith. And so the scripture announced the Good news to Abraham: “Through you God will bless the whole human race.” Abraham believed and was blessed; so all who believed are blessed as he was.” (Galatians 3:8-9).

And in Isaac, we are in heaven with our Father Abraham. This is how we rapture into heaven.

“Now, you, my brothers and sisters, are God’s children as a result of his promise, just as Isaac was.” (Galatians 4:28)

Our Everlasting life

We were the ones who had been living forever. We disappeared when Christ disappeared, and we appeared when Christ caused himself to appear.

"If we endure, we shall also reign with him." (2 Timothy 2:12)

This flesh may waste away, but we never die. God could give us a new flesh and make us reappear. When this flesh grows old, crumbles, and disappears; we go back into the body of Christ; and God gives us a new flesh and cause us to reappear. He kept sending us back.

We were Strangers on the Earth

For us, the Earth was a temporary place. Our permanent home is heaven. When Jesus died, we died in him; when he was buried, we were buried with him; when he resurrected, we resurrected with him; when he ascended into heaven, we who are his body cells were lifted into heaven; and when he was crowned with glory, we were crowned.

The life of Christ was our story. We are Jesus Christ:

"For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ." (Galatians 3:7).

We are immortality, we were the Christians who were lifted into heaven and were caused to appear in this present time. We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. We are the ones who God has placed in charge.

The earth may tremble, the sea may roar, we are not shaken. For we are contained in God who lives and reigns for ever. He prepared a safe place for us, lifted us up from the earth, and caused us to appear when he caused himself to appear.

While we were dead, we were unconscious of our identity. Now that we live through Christ, we know that we were the early Christians who ascended into heaven alive. whoever is wondering whether the early Christians made it to heaven or where they went? Here we are. We were the ones who never died, and will never die.

When this mortal flesh crumbles and disappears, we go back to God. God prepares another flesh for us and cause us to appear. In this way, he kept bringing us back.

We are the Loud Voice of God

The sum of our voices is the voice of God. A mixture of our voices sounds like a rushing river or the sound of the roar of the sea. And the magnitude of all our voices is one loud voice, like the sound of a trumpet.

Now we are sons and daughters of God:

"Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Because of his great mercy he gave us new life by raising Jesus Christ from death. This fills us with a living hope, and so we look forward to possessing the rich blessings that God keeps for his people. He keeps them for you in heaven, where they cannot decay, or spoil or fade away. They are for you, who through faith are kept safe by God's power for the salvation which is ready to be revealed at the end of time." (1 Peter 1:3-5).



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