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God's punishment to man

Updated on April 2, 2015

How to escape God's punishment for man.

God's punishment to man. can it be escaped.?

It is often said who the Lord loves He Chastens

There are so many preachers preaching hell's fire and brimstone

indication of what God will meet out to sinful man for his acts of disobedience. Consider this


Who is a sinner? A breaker of God's laws

Don't we all know that? " Not really " ,

"Everyone should know", " I don't"

Do you know where to find them? " No"

"They are In the Bible. "OH, What is the Bible ?

It is the Christian Holy Book." I need a copy"

"Yes you should." "Then I will know if I am breaking God's Law ".

"You should know how to escapes God's Punishment to man"


The Bible is the Christian's Holy book of God laws and stories of his patriarch. It is just as how the Koran is the holy book of the Muslim's and the Vedas is the Holy book that of the Buddhist .However the Christian Bible is the world's most widely read book.

The Bible is deem to be the most significant of all since it speaks of a God who created heaven and earth seas and everything occupying space and time who is said to had chosen a particular race of people to show other nations what he can do for all the nations who believe serve.and trust Him.

It relates the story of how God having created man gave him a simple command of not to indulge in a particular practice. But man listened to another being who told him half truth. suggesting that god was not truthful.

In doing so man went against the simple command of God thus resulting in man experiencing though not instantaneous, physical and spiritual death .

The breaking of God's law resulting in a condition called sin which was deemed a great atrocity that needed blood to atone for it. Over many years man had to made atonement for sin by sacrificing animals .

However Jesus who is considered one of the three Gods of Heaven decided to stop all this sacrificing of animals by becoming an incarnate man, offering his life as the ultimate sacrifice by the shedding of his blood when he was crucified on Calvary.

The impartiality of God

Now any man who accepts this sacrifice by confessing his sin, accept Jesus as Lord and turn away from sinning through the process of confession, repentance and Baptism has the opportunity of gaining eternal life. Although man may die physically he has the hope to be resurrected as an immortal man in the earth made new.

These individuals though they are tempted to sin they are able to confess by praying . Through Jesus' sacrifice God is obligated to listen and forgive because He made a bargain a contract signed with the blood of Jesus who is one of the three God of heaven who through a miraculous conception became man..

In order to reduce incidents of sinning, the Ten Commandments which was given before Jesus came and died was sanction by Jesus along with the new command to love one's neighbor as one's self.

These commandments act as guides and sign posts letting us know when we are falling or have fallen off the right path and is sinning. You may read them in Exodus the Christian's Bible

Does God Want Us Feel His wrath

God is Holy just and good and has wrath for the wicked and sinners. Although he is loving he must get rid of sin and sinner But He extends mercy for those who repent and seek His forgiveness .

According to the Christian Bible it states that when Jesus makes His second appearance on earth He will come with Great power and people who have confessed and are still living will be spending a million years with him the He would send them back to a purified earth to live for ever as immortal beings. Then the people who have been disobedience will be destroyed at his appearance.

After that they will be resurrected to be judged by the saints.They will then sentence to eternal destruction. The book of revelation in The christian will give you and epic destruction.

The Lord does not leave us ignorant He told us in Matthew 24. to look for the signs of his second appearance earthquake.,wars, pestilence, men lover of pleasure than God. unnatural affection.


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    • profile image

      charles cherop 6 years ago

      wonderful sermon

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Very good, thank you for sharing it. creativeone59