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Goenka's Metta Meditation 10 Day Vipassana Retreat (last day)

Updated on October 2, 2016

The Metta Meditation

At the end of your 1 hour vipassana sitting, one is asked to meditate a few minutes of metta meditation as the closing part of the technique.
Metta meditation in general is about generating feelings of well-being, love, compassion and good-will towards yourself and towards all other beings. This includes humans as well as animals, insects and so on.

There are different kinds of metta meditation varying in length and style.

Some begin with you and then you expand your good wishes towards other beings. For example, you continue with loved ones, very good friends, family, then to people you feel neutral about and lastly to people you dislike or even hate.

The metta meditation given by Goenka is simpler in that regard and also shorter (after all, you have been meditating for 1 hour already and that's already quite a lot for most people.)
It is recommended to learn these few lines (see below) by heart, so you don't always have to look at the text. Also, before you practice a few minutes of meditation, make sure that you feel physically comfortable (no back pains, leg pains and so on) and that your mind is not in a emotional state (if it is, practice metta meditation nonetheless, but try to calm your mind first if a lot of anger or sadness arose during your vipassana meditation).

Recommended time: Only a few minutes (around 5 minutes). But as far as I know, you can always choose a longer metta meditation and practice metta for more than 5 minutes if you have the time of course.

Below, you will also find links to the website, where you can find a meditation centre and also Goenka's evening discourses.

Work ardently and persistently!

Goenka's Metta Meditation

May I be free from all the anger, hatred, ill-will and animosity.

May I develop Love and Goodwill, Peace and Harmony,
Love and Goodwill, Peace and Harmony.

May all beings share my peace, share my harmony, share my merits, share my dhamma, dhamma, dhamma.

May all beings be happy... be peaceful... be liberated, liberated, liberated.

May I generate love... pure love... compassionate love.

May all be happy, be peaceful, be liberated, liberated, liberated.

Goenka's evening discourse Day 1

Goenka's evening discourse Day 2

Useful links

Find a meditation centre:

This site contains almost all (if not all) teachings of the buddha and many other (free) books and commentaries.

I found this site very helpful to maintain the practice at home. It is to some extent a summary of what the discourses are about, but it also gives a lot of advise on how to deal with difficulties (like getting lazy, procrastinating etc.)

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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